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Blogger Outreach Tools – 15 Free and Premium Solutions

Allison Reed 1 February, 2020

You have established your own blog. You share new pieces of content on it frequently. You also run your own social media profiles but you cannot boast impressive results of your online marketing strategy? What went wrong? Is there anything that you missed (like the affiliate campaign and backlink SEO)? What about the blogger outreach tools that will help you establish long-lasting relationships with influencers from your industry? Then the time for changes has come until it’s not too late.

In this post, we are going to help you build an effective blogging strategy as you reach the right influencers from your niche with the best blogger outreach tools and email verification tools.

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Top 15 Blogger Outreach Tools

#1. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is one of the best blogger outreach tools for everyone looking for the best solution to build a successful online marketing strategy. This is more than just a valuable source to find expert writers and order posts. This is also a source of ideas on the top trending topics in specific industries. This increases the chances that you will update your blog with articles that appeal to your readers, thus increasing traffic flow.

ClearVoice is one of the best blogger outreach tools for finding influential authors and experts from different niches. The advanced search allows you to search for specific authors, sites, and topics. ClearVoice is an effective outreach tool for brands, agencies, and freelancers.

The blogger outreach tool lets you identify influential authors quite easily. Each writer has his score based on the criteria like the number of people sharing his content, the number of sites he contributed to, the frequency of sharing new publications, etc.


  • Dashboards & calendars – a single place to access your content, teams, activity, progress, approvals, and funds.
  • Content creation blogger outreach tools to streamline workflow and communication.
  • Automated workflow is designed to help in-house writers and freelancers to automate the workflow.
  • In-app messaging allows you to leave comments to the writer in real-time.
  • Receive pitches from writers.
  • See reports on the top-trending topics in your industry.
  • The tool is integrated with the most popular CMS and payment methods.

Pricing: Brand/Agency/Managed plans (prices delivered upon request).

#2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is undoubtedly one of the most popular blogger outreach tools available on today’s web. With its help, you will be always aware of the top trending content on the specific topic or from a certain industry. Using this outreach tool, you will be aware of the content that is most shared on social media, find cool post ideas, receive alerts on keywords, etc.

Buzzsumo blogger outreach tool image

Buzzsumo will help you find great ideas for future publications. Unlike other blogger outreach tools, it will help you keep a close eye on the posts that receive the maximum number of shares on the popular social media networks. Moreover, using the advanced search, you can discover the topics from your industry that receive the maximum number of shares on the particular platforms. For example, you can see what’s trending on Facebook and share the respective pieces of data with your followers.

Reaching out influencers is part of any blogger outreach marketing strategy. With Buzzsumo, you can find the top trending content that is similar to the one that you have created. You will also see a list of influencers who shared those posts on Twitter and build up links with them.

We always want to perform better than our competitors. With this blogger outreach tools, we can research the top trending topics on the competitors’ domains, see their most trending keywords, etc.


  • See the most shared content on a particular topic or from a specific industry for a specific period of time.
  • Track the top-performing content based on the number of shares in social media.
  • See the top keywords used by the competitors.
  • The ability to filter users by type/location.
  • Export results to CSV files.

Pricing: $79/month and higher

#3. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is one of the most useful blogger outreach tools intended to help bloggers create connections and partner with the top influencers via the search engines. The tool is integrated with the leading SEO providers like Moz, SEMRush, and LRT, which grows the chances that you will be able to reach the top-performing publishers.

Pitchbox blogger outreach tool image

Pitchbox is one of those ultimate blogger outreach tools to find targeted information in multiple niches. For example, you will be able to discover contact details, social media profiles, website URLs, and other information about the top performers from the industry.

In addition to the advanced blogger outreach options, the tool includes regular performance reports. In such a way, you will be aware of the techniques that are effective for your online campaign. You will also discover the approaches that are less effective than you suggested. This will give you an idea of the possible optimization of your blogger outreach campaign optimization.


  • The ability to find targeted opportunities in the micro-niches.
  • Features built-in email clients in order to keep the outreach campaign more organized.
  • Automatic follow-ups.
  • Performance reporting.
  • Relationship manager intended to keep all information about each relationship in one place.

Pricing: $194/month and higher.

#4. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is one of the most effective blogger outreach tools, as well as online marketing and lead generation solutions. Developed by Dave Schneider, it allows you to do the research and find influencers as you simply type in the search request in the respective search form. In the search results, you will find a long list of the top influencers from your industry. You will also reach the detailed information about their contact details, traffic, engagement, social media profiles, and much more.

Ninja Outreach blogger outreaching online tool image

With the help of Ninja Outreach, you can search for the niche blogs that accept guest posts, host giveaways, and publish product reviews. The functionality of the app allows you to connect with the influencers, unite them in groups, leave notes, and much more.


  • The ability to create and manage personalized templates to send to the top influencers.
  • Automatic email outreach campaigns to send custom HTML templates and track their opens/clicks/follow-ups.
  • Detailed email statistics, including open rates, click-through rates, reply rates, etc.
  • Autofill contact form to put templates and personal fields into the contact forms.
  • A built-in outreach inbox syncs with your personal email client, which allows you to view the influencer outreach history and follow up.

Pricing: $69/month and more, 14-day free trial available

#5. Buzzstream

Buzzstream will help you promote your brand through an effective email outreach campaign. Trusted by a number of digital marketing professionals, the tool includes a number of features to research, connect and manage the email outreach strategy.

Buzzstream online blogging outreach tool image

One of the best things about this email outreach tools is that Buzzstream automatically searches the contact information on the site that you have reached. In case no contact details are found, the tool will search for social media profiles and contact forms. You can save the contact details of the websites that seem to be more reliable to you, making the entire list of the save links accessible to the rest of the team. The tool also gives you a chance to work with the email templates. This will save tons of your time and help you focus on the essentials.


  • This is a web-based tool, which allows multiple users to log in and use Buzzstream in their browser winders.
  • There is a possibility to multiply campaigns to better handle your outreach efforts.
  • The tool contains the features needed to check out the domain authority, track post frequency, relationships stage, and the overall ranking of the specific brands.
  • You can record the relationship with other bloggers and influencers while tracking the email outreach.
  • There is the ability to filter influencers by website type, tags, ranking, etc.

Pricing: $24/month and higher, free trial versions available.

#6. Traackr

Traackr is one of the most popular tools to manage influencer relationships. This is a way for users of different social media platforms to measure the reach of their posts. The influencer relationship is the main focus of Traackr. With the help of the influencer discovery feature, one can search influencers from specific industries and filter them by gender, location, social channels, and other criteria.

Traackr blogging outreach tool image

Traackr provides you with explicit information about each influencer whom you have reached. You will be provided with information regarding their audience, reach posts, contact details, social media profiles, and much more. You will also see a list of the most trending hashtags, conversations, and stats.

As soon as you add influencers to your list, you are given a chance to organize them, creating groups as per different topics, tiers, etc. The tool also segments influencers depending on how close you are. Has he mentioned you in one of his latest posts? Did he provide a reference? Have you developed a rapport or not?

There are two tools intended to manage the influencer relationship. One of them is social listening, i.e. tracking the influencer in real-time. The second one is network visualization, which reveals the way the influencer connects with people inside and out of your network.


  • Upload influencers and manage your global network.
  • Track conversation and validate real influencers.
  • Grow your influencer network while uncovering influencers who influence your influencers.
  • Track influencers’ content and conversations.
  • Target influencers based on their location, gender, language, and other criteria.
  • Import existing contacts.
  • Run network analysis.

Pricing: contact for pricing plans

#7. Little Bird

Little Bird is an effective influencer identification platform, which allows you to find the right influencers that match your target audience. The tool works through the identification of the “topic insiders” across multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+. LinkedIn, YouTube, and Slideshare.

The tool is perfectly visualized, letting you find the right niche communities based on the color in which they are painted.


  • Find influential blogs from your industry.
  • Discover connections within influentials.
  • See influential’s location on the map.
  • API integration.
  • Social network visualization.

#8. Epic Beat Epictions

Epic Beat Epictions will help you find click-worthy content and the most influential people from your industry. It works pretty much similar to Buzzsumo. All that you need to do is to log in and type any topic in the search bar. This will take you to the “overview” section containing insights on the selected topic. These include the popularity of any post that matches the search request, the number of shares that it has received, comments, etc.

Epic Beat Epictions blogging outreach image


  • With the Applause feature, you can track the top-performing content from any topic that is of interest to you. Displaying the most popular and trending posts, the feature also shows the number of shares and comments that each specific publication has received.
  • The tool will also inform you about the best time to publish your content, the best topics/length for posts, as well as the top platforms to which you should better contribute your articles.
  • With the Epic Beat feature, you will be able to search for the top influencers from any niche. You can also look for the communities that are related to your topic.

Pricing: $49/month and higher

#9. Follow Up Then

Follow Up Then is an email reminder system, with the help of which you will never forget to send important emails to the top influencers or simply to follow up.

Using this tool, you can forget about messing up with dozens of emails in your inbox that are kept there “in order not to forget”. Follow Up Then the tool will send you a notification whenever necessary. In such a way, you will never forget to run a specific task.

Follow Up Then blogger outreach tool image


  • Compatible with any desktop or handheld device.
  • Doesn’t include additional downloads or app install.
  • Scheduled reminders.
  • Includes task-based reminders.
  • Supports SMS reminders.

Pricing: free; premium plans start from $2/month

#10. Social Animal

Social Animal can become the most reliable content marketing companion with advanced search capabilities. With its help, you can see the detailed analysis of the searched keywords. With the help of this tool, you will receive explicit information regarding the performance of the content optimized under a specific keyword. You will be also advised when it’s better to get your content published, recommendations regarding the optimal length of your posts. The most common keywords used in the posts related to similar topics, etc.

As you run the search, you can narrow down the search results by thy keywords, domain, publication date, shared date, etc. There is also the ability to combine several search criteria in order to track down the specific kind of content that you are interested in.

The tool will also provide you with suggestions regarding the most effective headlines for your articles. You will also discover the top trending publications for specific keywords.

The influencer outreach tool will help you find the most relevant influencers from your industry and track your competitors.


  • Detailed results about the performance of content and target keywords.
  • Deep insight into the way the chosen keyword performed historically.
  • Advice on the best time for publications, article length, headline, etc.
  • Compare articles, analyze the keywords they use and the topic they cover in combination with the main keyword.

Pricing: $49/month and higher

#11. Yesware

Yesware is one of the best sales tools ever found. It will be especially useful for effective blogger outreach. With the advanced tracking techniques, it allows you to keep an eye on the stats about the email openings, attachment openings, clicking on links, etc. There is also the ability to send emails at later dates and receive notifications with reminders to follow up on specific emails. For the convenience of the blogger outreach managers, the tool is also integrated with the most popular email clients like Gmail and Outlook.

Yesware blogger outreach tool image


  • Advanced email tracking tools reveal who’s opened emails, links, attachments in real-time.
  • The ability to create email templates in Gmail and Outlook.
  • A meeting scheduler lets you agree upon the time for the future meeting without the need to send dozens of emails to the invitee. He can simply select one of the suggested times, and the tool will add it to your calendar automatically.
  • Use the Reminder feature to remember the emails that you want to follow up on.
  • Phone Dialer makes it possible to dial a person right from your inbox.

Pricing: free trial; $12 per user/month and higher

#12. Right Relevance

Right Relevance is the proven tool to search for the popular articles that are relevant to the topic that you specified in the search field. It’s set to the default settings that you see the search results displayed by time. There are additional settings, making it possible to filter the search results based on any other criteria like location, relevance, topic score, etc.

You can also run a localized search while specifying the city that you want to target. The advanced filters are included to let you run the search by person or organization. You can also check out their followers and the content they have shared. The Conversations feature is added to reveal what topics the users from particular niches are talking about.

Right Relevance blogger outreach tools


  • realtime searchable content;
  • market research of emerging technologies;
  • risk and communications management;
  • monitoring, polling, and predictive analysis;
  • search topical influencers.

Pricing: $500/month and higher

#13. Nimble

Nimble is a customer relationship management tool. With its help, you will gather together all contact details from the email list, social media profiles, social messages, your personal contacts, and activities in a single place.


  • Includes Chrome, Safari, Firefox add-ons;
  • Integrates with Gmail and Outlook;
  • App Store and Google Play apps are available;
  • Reveals who in your team is connected to your contacts;
  • Displays when was the last time that you contacted someone;
  • Features integrated task manager.

Pricing: $9 / $19 per month, free trial available

#14. Julius Works

Julius Works’ influencer outreach tool is impressively clean and easy to understand. It includes more than 30+ data points, making it possible for you to select the specific influencers that speak to the right audience, age, location, pricing, engagement, etc. One of the best features that are included in the tool is the possibility to compare up to 5 influencers at a time, which allows you to contact the right person who reaches the target demographic.

Julius Works blogger outreach tool image


  • 30+ searchable data points;
  • explicit information about each influencer, including reach and engagement stats;
  • create, save & export influencer lists to share with the team;
  • influencer real-time performance metrics.

Pricing: Available upon request

#15. Klear

Klear is one of the best blogger outreach tools, which lets you access the target audience directly through social media influencers. Using this tool, you can reach the right contacts from your niche as you monitor social media conversations and receive feedback as to how your brand is being talked about.

In order to use the tool, you need to complete 3 easy steps, i.e. select your niche, find influencers in your industry, manage contacts for guest blogging. As soon as you see the results, you will realize that there are lots of people who can help you to advance your online marketing campaign.

Klear blogger outreach tool image


  • Select the target audience on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or blogs;
  • Filter the results by gender, engagement levels, etc.
  • The unique Klear People Rank algorithm uses 100+ social signals to select the top influencers in social media.

Pricing: free and advanced plans

#16. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a leading tool for blogger outreach. Bloggers can send personalized mass emails using custom mail merge fields from uploaded CSV with advanced 9 stage auto follow-ups. SalesHandy has a wide range of features in its growth stack. They provide Email tracking, Document tracking, Email scheduling, Email templates, and advanced engagement analytics to track the behavior of prospects.


  • Personalized mail merge campaign
  • Automated email follow-ups
  • Email tracking
  • Email template
  • Email scheduling
  • Document tracking

Pricing: Free. Premium Accounts start from 9$/month.

#11. Respona

respona blogger outreach image

Respona is the all-in-one PR and blogger outreach tool that combines personalization with productivity. Instead of using multiple services for the different aspects of outreach, Respona looks to centralize the process in a single platform. Users can choose between creating a campaign from content found with Respona’s content search engine or by importing a CSV file from a pre-made list.

After choosing or importing your content, Respona provides templates for different opportunities with tools to help increase the chances of receiving a response. Another feature tool provides users access to a database of over 250 million contacts (direct email addresses, Linkedin profile, etc.) To finish your campaign, Respona helps you take personalization to the next level with AI article snippets, scraped straight from the content you chose.

Once the campaign is activated, Respona tracks your campaign metrics along with any brand mentions resulting from your outreach. For future opportunities, Respona offers the ability to automate the content search step by setting up a periodic scraper. With the scraper, the content search step becomes more efficient and helps maintain a steady flow of opportunities.

#12. is an outreach platform that can help you easily scale your blogger outreach while making it feel personal. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps you find and validate email addresses, build personalized outreach sequences, track your progress, and analyze your results. You can automate your outreach across multiple channels (e.g., email and social media) or use manual, custom touchpoints, and tasks to add an extra layer of personalization if needed. also has a smart Email Assistant powered by GPT-3 that allows you to generate outreach emails in just a click (just make sure to add some bullet points to make your email feel more relevant and personal). The same AI-powered tool will assess the “quality” of your email and suggest improvements to help you get more replies.


  • Multichannel outreach (email, LinkedIn)
  • Email search on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • AI-assisted email writing and email quality assessment
  • Email warm-up tool for better deliverability
  • In-depth reporting and analytics

Pricing: $70/month per user and higher

Final Thoughts About the Top 15 Blogger Outreach Tools

Coming across and connecting with the right influencers from your niche is easier than it seems. Simply select the right tools, apply the necessary filters, and examine the search results carefully. When you reach the top influencers, establish better connections as you provide them with some help. This will help you to avoid looking spammy. You can ask for help afterward.

Now, we would like you to speak up. Which of the blogger outreach tools that we mentioned on this list have you ever used? Are there other suggested tools that you think are worth to be mentioned here?

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