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Backlink Checker SEO Tools 2019 – Top 9 Free Solutions

Allison Reed 15 May, 2019

Backlinks are quintessential for boosting your page rank and enlarging the visibility of your Internet presence to crawlers. In 2019, backlinks still positively influence the organic ranking you get from search engines, ensure faster indexation and drive referral traffic to your page. So, it’s important not only to create awesome content that drives backlinks but also to supervise your advancement with backlink analysis. This is the point when backlink checker SEO tools come handy.

backlink checker SEO tools

Today, we invite you to make friends with the top 9 free backlink checker SEO tools. Using these top-performing tools, you’ll get a chance to get an insight into the effectiveness of your own backlinking efforts, as well as uncover new backlinking prospects by examining your competitors’ websites. Fortunately, all this is available without breaking the bank.

Backlink Checker SEO Tools

It’s worth mentioning that the majority of backlink checkers work only partially free of charge. Their full version is typically available for a monthly fee. When using a costless version of such backlink checkers, expect to face some limitations in your backlink analysis. That’s why, looking into the top 10 free backlink checker SEO tools, we deliberately point out the boundaries of the free accounts and set down the tools that bring you the biggest amount of useful data free.

#1: Sitechecker

Link Extractor By Sitechecker

Link Extractor By Sitechecker helps you extract URLs, meta tags, and images from a specific web page on your or another site. After scanning, the extracted URLs are displayed in a list format that you can copy for future reference.

Link Extractor will be able to email addresses and URLs from websites and files. It will start navigating through all the links to extract URLs and domains from websites.

Since Sitechecker is all-in-one marketing software, starting a free trial version, you get not only link extractor, but also Keyword Rank Tracker, Website Audit, Backlink checker, Site Monitoring and much more.

#2: Ahrefs

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

One of the most widely accepted backlink checkers, Ahrefs tells you a full tale of your backlinks (or the ones of your rivals) free. Expect to get hold of new, broken, and lost backlinks with their loss reasons, metrics to estimate their quality, anchor texts, first seen dates, and much more. Whenever something changes in your or your rivals’ backlink profiles, you’ll promptly receive an email alert.

When you find backlinks with Ahrefs, the backlink analyzer lets you filter them by several categories. They include a backlink type (dofollow, nofollow, redirect, etc), platform (blogs, ecommerce, comment systems, etc), and language. With a free ride account, you can see just the top 10 links in each category. No doubt, the paid version ($99/month) lets you see all of them.

So, if you need a good website backlink checker, Ahrefs is a must-have. With a blazing fast crawler processing 4.1 million pages per minute, it gives much more up-to-the-minute results than any other backlink analyzer. Ahrefs’ crawler is also the first to detect backlinks in JavaScript, while others still crawl HTML pages and call it a day.

#3: Majestic SEO

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

The biggest competitor of Ahrefs, Majestic SEO offers you great service with its free version. It’s worth mentioning, that Majestic SEO is unique as it uses its own crawlers and does not rely on third-party data. As a result, this gives you accurate and unbiased backlink analysis results that you’re bound to appreciate.

Similar to Ahrefs, Majestic SEO breaks down your backlinks into several categories. More importantly, this website backlink checker lets you download your own backlinking data or a full profile of one of the competitors. Having this data on hand, you get a chance to analyze and learn from the backlink strategies of your opponents. What’s also great about the free version of Majestic SEO is the fact that it brings you an unabridged list of backlinks you have.

#4: Open Site Explorer

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

The authoritative offers you its own set of backlink checker SEO tools within Open Site Explorer. With a no-charge version, you can check backlinks and see a full list of them. The additional data that the Explorer provides comprise the newest links, page authority, spam, and domain score. If you’re eager to find backlinks to your contender’s site, you can filter them by page authority, as well as by anchor text. What’s more, the tool allows you to compare the results of a couple of websites to single out the most widely used strategies.

To sum up, Open Site Explorer is a reliable website backlink checker that gives you some nice extras on top of seeing a list of backlinks free. However, it fails to duly filter spammy links. So, you have to keep a watchful eye and discard these links yourself.

#5: SE Ranking

se ranking backlink checker

SE Ranking offers an advanced backlinks checker tool to discover the backlinks of your and your competitors’ websites. The tool allows you to get a full list with one click, analyze them, learn the backlinks strategy of your competitors and build your own. The software allows getting into the backlinks analysis that provides complex information about your inbound links and your competitor’s.

You may know if a backlink is follow or nofollow, index or noindex, cached or not cached, date discovered, Moz Domain Authority, anchor text, Alexa rank, Ahrefs rank, social popularity and more.

Since SE Ranking is all-in-one marketing software, starting a free trial version, you get not only backlink checker but also Keyword rank tracker, Website audit, Keyword suggestion tool and much more.

#6: OpenLinkProfiler

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

If you want to keep away from unexpected restrictions and still resort to backlink checker SEO tools that are totally free, you’ll probably fall in love with OpenLinkProfiler. This free service does not curb a number of sites you check backlinks for. Moreover, the service allows you to obtain a backlinking report in form of a .cvs file for subsequent reference. If you want, you may opt for being notified about new links by e-mail, which is also a handy feature.

So, OpenLinkProfiler appears to be a fresh and simple solution that’s not talking you into buying its full version. If you’re completely satisfied with elementary backlink analysis, this is a delightful checker to adopt.

#7: Google Backlink Checker

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

Google Backlink Checker is a part of Webmaster tools, provided by the search giant Google. The information bestowed upon you is up to date and comes at first hand. The data are accurate and let you see not only the whole set of your backlinks but also the content that receives the largest amount of backlinks, the sites that favor backlinking you and the most used anchor texts.

However, with Google backlink checker you get no chance to tap into the backlinking master plans of your contestants, as Google allows you to find backlinks just for your website.

#8: Backlink Watch

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

One more free solution that you can use as often as you wish. The website’s underdeveloped design unmistakenly hints that here you get answers free. To check backlinks with no limitations, you should download SEO SpyGlass software to your PC. If you’re not into this, your search results will be limited to 1K links. The additional information to discover comprises the types of links used, page ranks, anchor texts, etc.

Backlink Watch is good as one of the complimentary backlink checker SEO tools. If you use a couple of free tools, it’s bound to cope handy and do a good job for you.

#9: Rank Signals

 Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Top 10 Free Solutions

To use the full potential of this free backlink analyzer, you just have to register an account. By doing so, you get access to lots of useful data. Rank Signals not only does its main job, by also shows the number of your subscribers in social networks, as well as covers such popular ranks as Alexa and page rank.

This free buddy is more of an all-in-one solution that saves you from using a couple of websites to see the full stats.

#10: Small Seo Tools

small seo tools backlink checker

The last, but not the least backlink checker from our collection. It can help you create a custom backlink report for your website in a couple of seconds. One of its advantages is the tool`s integration with Ahrefs. Therefore, you can perform a check for your own website or check the referring sites of your organic competitors.

#11: Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker Pro backlink tool

One more professional way to explore your backlinks profile is using a free backlink checker tool from company. This service has very serious functionality that analyzes your backlinks in order to a wide range of factors. Information is displayed very quickly and shows the total number of parameters included:

  • Total External Backlinks;
  • Total Referring Domains;
  • Dofollow/Nofollow Backlinks;
  • Referring IPs.

Wrapping Up

If you’re into backlink analysis, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this. The free backlink checker SEO tools do a decent job and complement each other. So, if you use a couple of top backlink checker SEO tools, you’re bound to accumulate all the needed data about your website’s backlinking performance. Moreover, you’ll learn the existing backlinking opportunities by spying on other websites in the area. If you represent a small business, this should be more than enough for you.

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6 responses to “Backlink Checker SEO Tools 2019 – Top 9 Free Solutions”

  1. Some powerful tools listed here!

    I am currently using Ahrefs & Moz – I feel they are 2 most reliable tools for me. Help me do all the research & analysis.

    I am using Ahrefs to analyze competitor backlinks & keywords they are ranking for.

    And, Moz to check how authoritative competitor web page are. This helps me estimate the time I will be needing in outranking them.

    Rank Signals is another tool which I use to use earlier but stopped using due to some reason (don’t remember). Will start using it again, this is also a good tool.

    Overall well written post.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Allison! There are so many SEO tools on the market. Based on my experience, the best are Ahrefs, SE Ranking and MOZ.

    • Allison Reed says:

      Thank you Matthew 🙂 I absolutely love Ahrefs, SE Ranking is something new for me, this audit tool is quite multi-functional and with a cool interface.

  3. Joyce del rosario says:

    This is very informative. Good to know the specific boundaries and great service of these SEO tools.

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