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MotoCMS Online SEO Audit Offer: Get Ranked Higher!

MotoCMS Editorial 7 April, 2016

Everyone must know that getting a cool-looking and highly-functional website is only a small step for you to gaining customers, traffic and popularity. To make a giant leap you should be noticed well on search engines. That’s why you need your website to be perfectly optimized for search.

Online SEO Audit Offer from MotoCMS - main

SEO analysis helps you to understand what your website already has and what should be improved in order you to appear on top positions in SERPs. Here, in MotoCMS, we understand how it is important to get a high-ranked website. So we are proud to offer you a new but highly recommended service – Website SEO Audit.

Online SEO Audit Offer from MotoCMS

From now, every MotoCMS customer can get a profound online SEO audit offer for just $49. In this report you will get a comprehensive data of your website performance in search engines. This will include a list of your website issues and points to consider to take your website higher in rankings. You get a clear and complete explanation on how you can fix every of these issues to make your website perform better in organic search.

One of the best things about this offer is that you can order it any time you wish. Of course, it’s better to purchase SEO audit report after your website is already published and indexed by search engines for a while. Thus, we can gather more profound info about the website and provide you with more comprehensive recommendations on what you can improve or change.

What you will get in the report:

  • Deep keyword analysis that will help you to choose relevant and competitive keywords to use in your website metadata and content;
  • URL-structure audit, recommendations on redirects and broken links fixing;
  • Internal and external linking recommendations;
  • Analysis of page loading speed as of one of the major ranking factors. Recommendations on how to increase loading speed;
  • Duplicate content identification and advice on its removal etc.

You can be sure that the report you get after a complete SEO analysis of your website is aimed to fix your issues specifically. It’s not some general recommendations you can find on Internet but a thoughtful and tailored audit of all your optimization points to consider.

You should be aware that your SEO audit report is provided in English only. So, please, take this point into account when you order this offer.

Get a SEO audit for your website now to improve its performance and get more traffic and higher SERP results. It’s a great opportunity to beat all your competitors with your hands behind your back!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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