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Daria Kosych 13 January, 2022

MotoCMS clients appreciate its intuitive admin panel. Even without any experience of website creation or customization, they can easily build and launch their site based on a ready-made template. In addition, it is in great demand for web developers as they can add a piece of code if necessary and get a unique platform with lots of new successful decisions without wasting time on the “site engine”. As our team strives not to fail customers and works every day to improve their experience, we’ve decided to improve the design of our control panel and add the opportunity to switch between dark and light modes. Today, we offer you to learn more about redesigned Moto CMS admin panel, compare the previous and current versions visually, consider its main features and key emerging issues.

Control Panel

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What’s New In the Admin Panel for Website?

Besides a new modern design and the light/dark modes, we’ve updated the Moto CMS dashboard. Now it shows our fresh blog posts, so you’ll get the news and helpful information about website building, marketing, and social media promotion first. Also, it includes all the necessary guides so that you won’t have problems at any stage of template installation, customization or launching.

New Dashboard Design

Content Store

By clicking on the yellow button, you’ll be linked to the store where you can download for free:

  • unique blocks for general content/galleries/testimonials/pricing tables, etc.;
  • pages with a user-friendly layout and structure tailored to a specific business niche.

In addition, you can purchase some extra services here. There are five categories, namely All Services, Get Started, Go Pro, Design, SEO&Copywriting. Each of them includes a clear description and the price.

Content Store From Moto CMS


New Design Affects Website Performance?

It’s the first question that comes to the mind of every other client. The answer is NO – whether you’ve edited something or purchased an ecommerce plugin or advanced contact form, for example, we will adapt all the changes to the new design. Thus, it won’t influence website performance.

Also, some people think that it’s become more difficult or, vice versa, easier to use the new Moto CMS admin panel. It’s a misconception as the stuffing is the same – just more user-friendly and convenient.

Visual Difference

As we promised at the beginning of the post, let’s compare how the previous and current design for the admin panel differs so you can ensure its awesomeness even without trying the free demo version.

Pages Section


Pages Section


Section Pages

Design Section


Design Page


Moto CMS admin panel: Page Design

Media Library


Media Library

NOW(dark mode):

Library Media

NOW(light mode):

Light Library Media


Blog Section


Blog Section


Moto CMS admin panel: Section Blog

Store – Ecommerce Section


Store Section


Section Store



Moto CMS admin panel: Settings Section

NOW(light mode):

MotoCMS Admin Panel - Section Settings

Updated Moto CMS Admin Panel Is the Same Constructor

As you see on the screenshots, the Moto CMS admin panel is still an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder. Every client can delete or add any block, widget, or element on the page to get the site that meets the requirements of their business sphere.

For example, suppose you have a medical website. In that case, in the admin panel, you can: set medical website colors(in the design section), add appointment form thanks to the appointment widget, place real eye-catching photos of your team with the help of ready-made Gallery blocks, and so on. Thus, it includes all the necessary tools for a fast and hassle-free website launch.

Features of Ecommerce Admin Panel

Unlike common company sites, the engine of an eStore template also includes the sections for managing the flow of orders(order ID, status, name, email) and customers, adding products(images, descriptions, prices, details on shipping, etc.), setting payment gateways/currencies/taxes and more. If you want to transform your site into an online shop, you can install our ecommerce plugin. It takes up to three hours, and only your site’s URL and FTP access details/hosting control panel login details are required.

SEO Optimization in the Control Panel

By filling in the necessary fields for site optimization in the Moto CMS admin panel, you can create easily:

  • metadata to each page;
  • URLs that Google would appreciate;
  • tags;
  • image Alt attributes.

Also, it’s possible to generate a sitemap and robots.txt file just in a few steps, set up redirects, indexing, and Google Analytics to track the results.

Read the Guide

How to Access Website Admin Panel?

By clicking on Try For Free button, you get access to it in a few seconds. In the Moto CMS admin panel, you can start editing the template and monitor the changes on the website right away. You’ll get a 14-day free trial, and if you decide to continue working on it, we’ll save all the transformations. Only your email is required.

How to Access Website Admin Panel

Niche-Oriented Website Templates

First, we have three website types – One Page, Multifunctional Website, eStore. Second, we offer a wide variety of categories; therefore every business owner will find the product that meets their needs:

  • Industry;
  • Business&Corporate;
  • Food&Restaurant;
  • Fashion&Beauty;
  • Hotel&Travel;
  • Home&Services;
  • Technology;
  • Holidays&Events, and much more.

Browse Admin Panel Website Builder Now

Reliable Support

Our managers will answer all the questions that may arise and help you cope with any difficulties on your way to the fast-loading adaptive website. You can submit a request right in the admin panel or start a live chat to get a free consultation.

Also, there is a Help Center where you can find various valuable guides on Moto CMS 3, Moto CMS Ecommerce, Blog, and Moto 4.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section below if you have tried using our admin panel. Your opinion is essential to us!

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