Workarounds and Alternatives for Testing on Internet Explorer

MotoCMS Editorial 14 June, 2024

Testing websites on old browsers like Internet Explorer ensures compatibility across different user bases. Although most users have moved to modern browsers, some still rely on Internet Explorer. This is why online testing on Internet Explorer continues to be important.

Internet Explorer, particularly its older versions, often presents unique challenges for developers. The quirks and inconsistencies can lead to unexpected behavior in websites. Understanding these issues and finding effective ways to test for them is essential for maintaining a smooth user experience.

In this blog, let us explore various workarounds and alternatives for testing on Internet Explorer online. We will also look at some best practices to ensure your websites function correctly on this legacy browser.

Why Test on Legacy Browsers?

Ensuring your website functions across all platforms and browsers is crucial. Legacy browsers like Internet Explorer still have a significant user base in corporate and institutional settings. Testing on Internet Explorer online is essential to uncover compatibility issues that could affect user experience.

Developers can preemptively address issues related to layout, functionality, and performance by testing them. This approach helps maintain a broader reach and ensures that your website remains accessible and usable to all users regardless of their browser.

Workarounds for Testing on Internet Explorer Online

Explore alternative methods to test and ensure compatibility with Internet Explorer online effectively.

Internet Explorer browser

Virtual Machines

It provides a practical method for testing different versions of Internet Explorer without impacting your primary operating system. This requires setting up a virtual environment on your computer and installing the required version of Internet Explorer. This approach allows you to isolate the testing environment to ensure that any issues encountered are specific to the browser and not your main system.

This method offers flexibility and reliability for testing purposes. Developers can accurately simulate various IE environments, which is beneficial for identifying compatibility issues early in the development process. Maintaining separate virtual environments ensures that your primary system remains unaffected to enhance overall system stability.

Using virtual machines is a flexible and reliable method for testing different versions of Internet Explorer Online without affecting your main operating system. It isolates the testing environment to ensure that any issues encountered are due to the browser itself and not your primary system.

IE Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge includes an IE mode that mimics Internet Explorer’s behavior. This feature allows developers to test their websites without having to switch browsers. The mode is integrated into Edge. This makes it convenient for quickly checking and debugging. Although it is not a perfect replica of IE, it is close enough for most testing scenarios and helps to catch many compatibility issues early.

Microsoft Edge’s IE mode allows developers to test their websites without switching browsers. Integrated directly into Edge, this feature is ideal for quick checks and debugging. While not a perfect replica of IE, it closely approximates its behavior in most testing scenarios, which is valuable for identifying compatibility issues early in the development process.

Developer Tools Emulation

Modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox include developer tools that can emulate Internet Explorer online. These tools provide a good approximation of how your site might behave in IE. They are useful for quick checks and initial testing phases.

Modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox are equipped with developer tools that can simulate Internet Explorer’s behavior. These tools offer an approximation of how your site might perform in IE but they are not perfect. They are useful for quick checks and initial testing stages. For comprehensive testing, it’s advisable to use an actual IE environment to ensure all potential issues are identified and addressed.

Local Installation

Installing Internet Explorer Online directly on your machine can be an effective workaround. You can accurately assess how your site performs in a real-world scenario by having the actual browser. This approach does require maintaining older software versions which can be challenging but it provides the most accurate testing environment. Regularly updating your testing setup helps you discover and resolve new issues as they arise.

Installing Internet Explorer on your computer allows you to observe how your site functions in various conditions. This method is useful for ensuring accurate testing of compatibility and functionality. It may involve managing older software versions but maintaining a current testing setup is crucial for catching and resolving any emerging issues.

Remote Access Services

Remote access services provide a convenient way to test websites on various versions of Internet Explorer without the need for physical machines. These services allow you to connect to a remote machine running different versions of IE and enabling comprehensive browser compatibility testing. This approach is cost-effective and scalable. This makes it perfect for testers and developers needing to test across multiple browser environments.

You can access and test your website on different versions of Internet Explorer remotely using remote access services. This allows for smooth testing across various environments. It also provides flexibility and ease of use to ensure comprehensive testing coverage.

Alternatives for Testing on Internet Explorer Online

Modern browsers

Explore alternative methods to test and ensure compatibility with Internet Explorer online.

Using Browser Extensions

Modern browsers offer extensions that can simulate Internet Explorer environments. These tools approximate how your site behaves in IE. It makes them convenient for quick initial testing. Browser extensions provide a practical solution for developers needing to verify compatibility without switching browsers.

They are user-friendly and accessible making them suitable for developers at any skill level. For comprehensive testing, This ensures that all potential compatibility issues are identified and addressed to maintain a consistent user experience across all browsers.

Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Various tools are available for cross-browser testing to test their websites across different browsers like Internet Explorer Online. These tools provide virtual machines or real devices to simulate various browser environments. They are essential for identifying and resolving issues early in the development process.

Developers can ensure their websites function correctly on all targeted browsers and operating systems using these platforms. These tools offer scalability and convenience for teams and distributed environments. Integrating cross-browser testing tools into your workflow ensures thorough testing and a consistent user experience across diverse browser environments.

You can maximize testing speed with LambdaTest, an AI-powered test execution platform. LambdaTest stands out as the quickest and most effective cross-browser testing platform, enabling you to assess browser compatibility across an extensive range of over 3000 browsers, operating systems, and combinations:

  • Conduct real-time browser testing across 3000+ browsers, operating systems, and device combinations.
  • Test your website on real devices available in the LambdaTest device cloud.
  • Reduce execution time significantly by running parallel tests.
  • Expedite execution with HyperExecute, which can reduce execution time by up to 70%.
  • Keep track of and gather test-related data using LambdaTest’s test analytics.

Cloud Testing Platforms

Cloud platforms provide a scalable option for testing websites on different browsers like Internet Explorer Online. These platforms offer virtual environments where developers can test their websites without the need to maintain physical machines or installations. It includes multiple browser versions and operating systems. It allows for comprehensive testing across different environments.

Developers can access and test older versions of Internet Explorer using cloud-based solutions. This approach saves time and resources for teams that require testing across multiple browser configurations. These platforms often offer features like automated testing, detailed reporting, and collaborative tools to enhance the efficiency of the testing process.

Setting Up Test Environments

Setting up dedicated test environments is crucial for accurately testing websites on Internet Explorer and other legacy browsers. This involves configuring separate systems with specific browser versions and operating systems that you want to test against. Developers can identify and address issues before deploying updates by replicating different user environments.

Maintaining these test environments involves regular updates and ensuring that they reflect the current user base. This allows developers and testers to validate website functionality across various configurations without affecting production systems.

For comprehensive testing, it’s essential to establish a process that includes automated testing, periodic checks for updates, and systematically tracking compatibility issues. This approach ensures that your website performs reliably for all users.

Legacy Software Support

Testing on Internet Explorer and other legacy browsers is essential to ensure that websites function correctly and maintain a positive user experience for all users.

To support legacy software, developers must maintain a testing strategy that includes dedicated environments with the necessary browser versions installed. This ensures that issues are resolved early in the development process.

Regular updates and monitoring of user feedback are critical to addressing new issues that arise in older browser environments. Collaborating with quality assurance teams and stakeholders helps ensure comprehensive testing of website performance across all supported browsers and operating systems.

Best Practices for Testing on Internet Explorer Online

Ensure efficient and effective testing of your website on Internet Explorer and other legacy browsers.

  • Regularly update test environments with security patches and the latest versions.
  • Use real devices for accurate testing results.
  • Automate repetitive tests to improve the testing process.
  • Document testing procedures for repeatability and consistency.
  • Prioritize testing on high-traffic pages of your website.
  • Monitor user feedback to identify potential issues.
  • Utilize built-in developer tools for debugging and performance analysis.
  • Test your site across different network speeds.
  • Perform security testing to identify vulnerabilities in older browsers.
  • Review your website for accessibility to ensure it is usable by disabled people.
  • Compare different versions or features of your website using A/B testing.


In conclusion, it is important to test your website on Internet Explorer and other older browsers to make sure all users have a good experience. Setting up separate test areas, using browser imitators, and using tools to test across different browsers are good ways to find and fix problems early in development.

Regular updates to your testing setups and collaboration with Quality Analysts and development teams are essential for maintaining website security and functionality. Monitoring user feedback and prioritizing high-traffic pages for testing further enhance your website’s reliability.

Following these best practices and staying vigilant will help you effectively support users who rely on older technologies to ensure your web application remains accessible and usable for all users.

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