Medical Website Colors that Work for Perfect Designing

Allison Reed 5 May, 2021

The impact of medical website templates is woven around the color combinations used in them. Thus, every color has significance and an effect at the psychological level. Moreover, the colors used in adoring any particular website determine its acceptance across cultures, so the same color might have different meanings and have a specific effect on your visitors. All of that makes medical website colors a crucial factor in the success of any online global brand.

When working with a website builder for therapists , it’s essential to consider the colors that help visitors focus on the website’s main message. Don’t you agree that the site color combinations used for a fashion web template would not do a great job for a daycare website design, don’t you agree? That’s why we’ve dedicated this research to the best color combinations for medical websites to reduce mistakes and unsuccessful decisions.

White as the Primary Shade

When we visit a website that belongs to a physician or medical consultant, we expect to see something that would calm and reassure us of our well-being if we take aid from the concerned person. What could be calmer and more soothing than white? It positively affects our brains and indicates pure healing energy without clutters. When you create a medical website with a medical office website builder , the white hue is a must.

White Medical Website Colors


However, shades of white are important to look out for. The white color spectrum generally traverses from a reddish to a bluish range. So there is a warm orange white (specifically, a tinge of creamy white) and a cold blue-white. Medical websites stand a good chance of success if the warm white shade is used. So any background that uses ivory or creamy white can do well!

Dental Clinic Website Template for Dentistry Services


Secondly, cold white is a color of mourning in many cultures. As such, this primary color should be used wisely. Don’t forget to consider the location of the culture that you’re targeting.

How White Effects

It evokes such emotions as kindness, purity, and availability. Thus, white is an ideal decision for the main background. It can be combined with any dark or bright tones, allowing you to make accents with their help.

How White Effects


Besides, this color creates the effect of minimalism but at the same time, makes the site stylish. Today, such a solution is the most fashionable.

Medical Website Colors: Blue as a Complementary Shade

Blue is one of the rare shades with an overall positive connotation throughout all cultures. Blue induces calmness, confidence, reliability, seriousness, and serenity. That apart, no matter how much you shift the color focus around the blue spectrum, all the shades depict a positive attitude.

Still, depending on the saturation of the color, it can be perceived in different ways. For example, light colors are used as a sign of trust. Dark blue shades create a sense of reliability. In this example, the company’s website perfectly reflects professionalism(CTA, highlighted Skype account, logo, and doctor’s clothes) and reliability(light background). The blue color looks rich and luxurious here.

Blue as a Complementary Shade


Medical web templates need to radiate trust and the capacity to heal. When a visitor scans through the services of a medical practitioner online, he expects to find the confidence that he would be treated well. No other color can pull up that kind of picture. Blue has been an all-time favorite amongst medical web template designers. Take a look at some designs powered with a physician website builder . They have an optimal combination of colors and hues and boast a neat look that evokes clients’ confidence.

Blue Medical Website Colors


You can use sky blue, ocean blue, or any other light shade of color to impact your website positively. Darker shades are not very widely embraced, though! Darker shades of blue, like indigo and purple, indicate royalty and prosperity in many cultures unrelated to health and fitness. On the other hand, the lighter shades belong to primary survival elements like water and the sky.

Medical Website


Somehow, our subconsciousness is wired to perceive light blue shades positively. It is also the color of survival and life support. Possibly, that is one of those many reasons that surgeons and hospital staff generally sport blue aprons.

Diagnostic Center


All in all, blue is one of the most appropriate colors for a medical site. It causes such emotions as calmness, openness, and safety and is subconsciously associated with reliability, confidence, and life support. At the same time, it does not matter what shades will prevail on your resource – they will all look attractive.

MotoCMS Pharmacy Website


Medical Website Colors: Green as a Complementary Shade

Light green is another shade that is extensively used on medical websites. Green depicts prosperity and well-being. While core medical websites are not inclined to use this shade, websites dealing with peripheral medical services like power yoga, health, and the like, go for green as a complementary shade with white. Green is soothing to the eyes. Using a soft shade of green on white, with sparse use of any other tertiary color, can keep visitors on a page for longer. It feels good and effortless to the eye to go through each aspect without getting tired.

Green as a Complementary Shade


Darker shades of green are not much favored because they do not stand as an excellent combination with white. Dark green on cream or ivory white would look like a disaster, and designers face difficulty deciding on the color of fonts. Secondly, dark greens pierce the iris, irritating me to read through the written material. In a nutshell, it is incredibly tiring.

Besides, green will look good with white and yellow – this design is widespread among the websites of medical institutions and pharmacy web stores. It makes your platform look professional and trustworthy and presents more chances to attract new clients and overcome competitors.

Medicine Store


To sum up, shades of green calm and soothe – this is irreplaceable regarding health. It causes such emotions as well-being, growth, and stability. As green is between blue (the relaxing color) and yellow (the color of energy), it means the perfect balance for your website design .

Pink as a Complementary Shade

While pink does not apply to every medical website, it’s an excellent decision for baby care and maternity homes. Pink depicts innocence and bliss as well as indicates sweetness. That is the reason light pink shades do extraordinarily well for these websites.

Pink Medical Website Colors


The darker pink is a strict no-no. The reason is again the same. Dark pink looks bad on white unless it is related to lady fashion or beauty. Secondly, it is hard on the eyes and is not very retina-friendly (we mean the original retina of the eye, not the Apple screens retina).

Bright Medical Website Colors – Yellow and Orange

Bright colors are always about emotions – they affect the mood, create a unique atmosphere on the site, and evoke positive associations.

Besides, website templates for doctors have various sub-genres. The colors specified above are the most common ones that are being used. It is nothing of a trend, more of a convention. Colors like bright yellow and mild orange are being used late for websites dealing with childcare. The reason is that these color shades are bright and bubbly, convey more life, and are extremely reassuring.

Bright Medical Website Colors - Yellow and Orange


These are the color of the sun and childhood. As the warmest shade of the red palette, orange means positive emotions, friendliness, movement, and youth, while yellow is all about joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. Yellow invigorates and adds energy to the site. You can compare its perception to red, but the associations will be softer. Consequently, the site will be perceived differently by the user.

Pediatrician Website Design for Kids Clinic


Whichever color is used for medical website templates or website designs, remember that you should use light shades of the color. They blend well with white and are better to read; people do not quickly scan a page and exit just because their eyes get tired of browsing through.

All in all, bright colors are great for medical websites for children.

How to Choose the Perfect Color Combination

Medical website colors should match the target audience, mainly patients’ requests. Now let’s talk about which color scheme is better to choose. In fact, the process of identifying matching colors is not that difficult. The main thing is to adhere to the color theory and principle of simplicity – do not use more than 3-4 different colors, and choose matching shades.

When defining a color palette for your site, select each color in stages:

  • First, you need to determine the primary color. This color is usually the most used one and can highlight major headings or essential information;
  • Choose a secondary color that will highlight information of secondary importance;
  • Accent color is the most crucial tool for grabbing a visitor’s attention. It should be contrasting, standing out on both the main and the background color;
  • Background – the color prevails on the site, filling the free space. Should interact with all selected shades, not attract attention.

Summing Up Medical Website Colors

Medicine is about trust, confidence, and positive associations – owners of effective clinical websites can’t fail people. If you still don’t have such a one or want to renovate your business and increase your income, MotoCMS has a rich catalog of medical web layouts.

We hope this article will help you pick the best medical colors for your healthcare website, both simple variations just for mere presentation of the institution or doctors and a more sophisticated option with full functionality and a WordPress scheduler plugin embedded. If you’re still struggling to choose a color palette, consider using a color palette generator.

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