Medical Website Design: A Simple Guide To Effective Platform

Daria Kosych 30 September, 2021

FHMore and more people are going online to search for different kinds of services, and medical ones are no exception. A recent study states that 83% of internet users search for healthcare information online. Therefore, it’s essential to realize the power of the internet as a healthcare provider in your quest to reach a more significant portion of your target clientele. As there are things that you should pay attention to when you go about creating your medical website, this post will highlight a few invaluable tips that will reveal the secret of a successful medical website design.

Medical Website Design with MotoCMS

Pharmacy Store

Creating a medical website can seem daunting at first. However, MotoCMS can make the process easy thanks to our wide array of medical website templates, all going for an affordable price of $9.9/month. Every theme includes an appropriate structure able to reach your goals. Moreover, they’re easily customizable so that you can make any necessary adjustments and build the site your business niche and target audience require.

KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet)

In the beginning, it’s vital to ensure that your website’s layout is simple and easy to navigate through. An intuitive navigation system will make it easy for your prospective clients to find the information they’re looking for without jumping from one tab to the next.

Thus, the proper structure of the site created to promote medical services or products is half of a successful project. Moreover, it improves on-page SEO and brings new traffic. The right accent on semantics, categories, and subcategories guarantees users’ convenience.

Sell Medicine Online

Medical website design consists of a mass of information that you should introduce to visitors properly. How fast they’ll find what they’re looking for depends mainly on structure and navigation. If it’s easy to do in 2-3 clicks, users will most likely stay on site. Otherwise, they leave it. Please, check common problems not to repeat the mistakes:

  • users don’t understand what page they use and how to proceed to another one;
  • visitors need some time to understand where and how to find the information they need or can’t find any valuable data at all;
  • your site differs by some unique scheme unknown and incomprehensible to visitors.

Use handy features of the physician website builder to link pages so that website visitors can track their steps back to the homepage if they need to do so. Also, take care of search engines algorithms and make sure they see your pages and content. To manage it, create a sitemap automatically in the MotoCMS admin panel.

Functionality of Medical Website Design

The functionality of sites varies depending on the business niche. It’s obvious that pharmacy web design differs from the diagnostic center.

Appointment Forms

Appointment Button On Site


The system of online appointments is a must for medical websites. Thus, the users choose available and convenient dates and time and make doctors’ and managers’ lives easier. In the MotoCMS admin panel, you can use an Acuity Scheduling widget to manage your workflow. Please, have a look at our detailed guide on its creation and design:

Patient Forms

A medical website needs to have patient forms and interactive forms that prospective clients can fill into schedule appointments, send through a concern, or access before they arrive at your practice. Make sure to place these forms in an easy-to-find place such as the welcome tab.

You can use patient-friendly colors such as green to attract and hold users’ attention so they can find these forms easily. When performing it with the therapist website builder of your choice, you’re creating a sense of caring for a patient’s welfare. These little things can add up over time and set you apart from the competition.

Personal Account

This medical website design feature is an excellent decision for a superior user experience. Therefore, clients will check their appointments, recommendations, and prescriptions of a doctor.

Live Chat Tool

This 24/7 support makes interaction with clients more accessible and improves conversions. It’s a great way to impress users by responding quickly and appreciating their time. To create such a chat, we recommend using LiveChat software as a MotoCMS reliable helper for recent years.

All in all, for medical website design, the described functionality is required. The primary importance for online stores focused on selling medicine or equipment is the product card, search by categories, filters, and various payment gateways.

Contact Information Displayed Clearly

Medical Website Design Header

An excellent medical website design also should include contact information prominently displayed on the homepage. A great place to put this information is at the top of the homepage. Ensure that you specify the medical practice’s number and the numbers of different specialties if applicable. These phone numbers may be invaluable if an individual has an emergency and needs to get to your hospital, clinic, or doctor as fast as possible.

Also, it’s essential to add your address. In MotoCMS admin, you can easily add a GoogleMaps widget and inform visitors about your location.

Create An Information Portal

Text for medical website design should be precise, easy-to-understand, and evoke trust. Don’t forget about:

  • keywords;
  • various subheadings and listings;
  • licenses and permissions;
  • information about doctors, their education and experience;
  • contact details;
  • working hours.

Present Services

An easy-to-find Services page is a must for medical website design. It ensures users have a clear image of your offers with detailed descriptions.

Don’t Hide Prices

There is no reason not to show the prices. In most cases, it only irritates visitors and makes them find the site with a detailed pricing list. Moreover, they’ll call and discover prices anyway. If it depends on the state of health, try at least to indicate an approximate cost.

Medical Website Design - Pricing


Please note that quality medical website design helps you sell services. Texts and visuals should highlight the professionalism users are ready to pay for. Make sure they can pay online. Please note that MotoCMS supports almost all payment gateways(PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Authorize.NET, LiqPay, Stripe, 2Checkout, etc.).

When working on your website, you want to consider a multitude of factors. Which plugins you’re going to use to enhance customer experience and interaction. What integrations will you use? For example, think about payments. Using a third party may freak people out if they try to pay and are immediately sent to another website. Why should they trust it? How do they know they aren’t being scammed?

An easy solution is to find online payment software that will integrate seamlessly with your website. Look for something that complements your CMS and read reviews from other professionals who have tried the software. Don’t be afraid to ask for a demo or free trial.

Add Blog Posts

Blog for Medical Website


Ensure that you have a reservoir of information via a blog that can help give your clients up-to-date information on the goings-on of the field that you’re in. For example, if you are a cardiologist, you can have a blog that gives your patients information on eating well to ensure optimum heart health. Other things to add to your blog include updated information on what’s going on in their community and the latest medical discoveries. These tactics will help you rank higher in search engines and foster trust between your practice and clients.

Generate Leads

To make users buy your product, book an appointment or consultation, place CTA elements and pop ups on site. With convenient blocks and context, lead generation buttons increase website conversion and profits. To succeed, consider your target audience’s requirements and business aims in the website planning stage.

Besides, it’s beneficial to add users’ reviews and create a newsletter. It’s proven that 88% of visitors trust positive reviews and tend to purchase more, while email marketing can improve sales and generate traffic.

Suppose content creation seems too tricky for you. In that case, you can order a web copywriting service, and the MotoCMS team of professional writers will provide you with texts tailored to your business niche and brand.

Style Points

As far as layout is concerned, please take care not to use jarring colors or overcomplicated things by using a variety of stylistic web design aspects. For example, you can use neutral colors such as light green, tan, blue, and lavender associated with good health; limit animation, and use multimedia where it’s necessary. It will increase your website’s speed, making it easier for your visitors to access information much faster. Lastly, don’t forget to use white spaces liberally; this will give readers’ eyes a much-needed break as they go about navigating your website.

A medical website design doesn’t have to be daunting if you know what you’re doing. These tips may help you create a highly-rated website, leading to more traffic that you can convert to potential clients.

Social Media Importance

Next, please make sure that you have a social media presence. Social media is no longer used for informal communication or connecting to people; it can also be invaluable for reaching the masses. At the very least, make sure that you have Facebook and Instagram accounts. Encourage communication and answer your fan’s questions promptly. The idea here is to build trust. Once prospective clients believe you, they are more likely to seek out your medical services in a habit-forming way and recommend you to their friends and family.

Tip: Please, review our blog post on Instagram promotion guidelines to learn how to get profits from social networks.

Guarantee Security

As you’re going to operate users’ data, it’s essential to have a trusting resource. Nowadays, there is no professional site without an SSL certificate that guarantees website security. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure your URL includes https and there is a privacy policy.

Choose One Of Our Medical Website Templates Today

MotoCMS medical office website builder has a range of stunning medical website templates available for you.

Medical Centers Medical Website Design for Diagnostic Center


This template is highly responsive and presents all the elements and information users are looking for. It’s an excellent decision for those who want to introduce their medical services to the target audience and increase the client base. In the admin panel, you can change colors, fonts, blocks, elements, texts, and visuals if necessary to get the website of your dream.

Optometrist Websites

Optometrist Website


The template includes all the successful features we’ve discussed: contact information, details on services and doctors, a blog, CTA, appointment and newsletter subscription forms, and social media icons. Regarding the colors, blue and white ideally match the theme, call trust, and don’t bother visitors so that there is a remarkable harmony. Also, a good role visuals play here – high-quality photos show clients what to expect and ensure that they get professional services.

Nursing Agencies

Nursing Website


In this template, every detail is perfect and extremely lovely and pleasant. Please, check:

  • the convenient blocks for presenting information about your offers;
  • unique icons for the benefits of your quality care(f.e. resort-style living, nursing staff, safety, and security, help, and control);
  • CTA buttons like Learn more, Contact Us;
  • all possible types of galleries;
  • advanced contact form;
  • detailed FAQ section.

Dentistry Sites

Dental Medical Website Design


This template is all about building your brand identity. Add a unique logo on the left, and choose the style of the website that supports it. Also, try to avoid stock photos of dentists and think how to stand out, take live but quality photographs and place them on pages.

Pediatrician Clinics

Kids Center


With its help, website owners can quickly tell what makes their clinic different, specify the advantages of their services(f.e. certified doctors, advanced equipment, affordability), and share some essential tips for parents. A colorful palette(especially a green color) creates a friendly atmosphere where doctors love children and care for them.

Nutrition Templates

Nutrition Medical Website Design


Healthline is an ideal example of a valuable site for visitors. Besides presenting nutrition certification programs, benefits, consultations, and all the essential features most of our themes boast of, it allows users to sell products, share upcoming events and add ebooks for downloading. Every detail looks harmoniously: logo, icons, fonts, and visuals match the same style, which is essential for promotion.

Pharmacy Business Niche

Pharmacy Site


Present pharmaceutical services and products, share what you specialize in, where your office is located, what your goal is, and how competitive your team is. A separate testimonials page prepares the ground for sales – various positive reviews along with images guarantee 18% upsale. Also, with the help of this theme, you can look for professionals by placing a job opening and a button for adding resumes.

You can also try out a template for 14 days for free so that you can determine if it’s the right one for your practice. You can contact us using our chat functionality in case you have any questions. Thanks for choosing us!

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