How To Create Newsletter For Email and Profit From It?

MotoCMS Editorial 15 September, 2021

An email newsletter is a simple yet effective way to reach new customers and build an audience for your business website in a short period of time. It is sent regularly and for specific purposes, both for existing and potential clients. Thus, one of the key tasks of a newsletter is to attract regular traffic. This type of “communication” pursues specific goals and desires, which must be considered when creating a network marketing strategy. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to create newsletter for email, use a combination of tools and services to achieve your goals and get acquainted with the tricks that will be useful to your business.

Email Marketing Today

Email marketing is one of many types of advertising your product, blog or website. However, in the era of modern marketing and the popularization of eCommerce, such a tool as an email newsletter is an integral part of the strategy of any project, especially if to consider more popular and at the same time more expensive ways to attract an audience and customers.

Newsletter in Email

Still, everything new is well forgotten old. The rule that expensive means high quality and efficiency does not always work. With experience and skills, you can support and develop simple and inexpensive marketing tools and get maximum results. This method is suitable for a business start-up and operating eCommerce or even a non-profit website. As newsletters are designed to be interactive, stimulate action, get to know and win over the client, their implementation ultimately makes the company more developed and responsive to the client management.

Email Newsletter As Part Of Communication

Almost any strategy or evolution form of network marketing had phenomenal potential in its early stages of activity, but here one of the seven deadly sins has emerged – GREED. Newsletter for email has a bad reputation because it was the excessive spam on the email that branded this service as one of the most annoying and not worth customers’ attention. In pursuit of maximum profit, it is highly ineffective to use the same method of obtaining it actively. Even though it has a low cost and high income, it has a short-term positive effect if you do not develop it and use it thoughtlessly in unlimited quantities. Nevertheless, you can easily solve this problem if you understand the whole nature of this phenomenon or rely on a team of professionals.

Where to Begin?

First of all, you need to understand what to spend your resources on:

  • information;
  • lead generation;
  • selling something;
  • increasing the audience of a site or product;
  • maintaining or stabilizing traffic, etc.

For all this, development paths and attributes have already been created. Once you have all the necessary tools for implementing mailing, it is important to understand that the result will depend on the strategy you choose or the experts select.

Use Cross-Platform Support

The most important thing is to provide a multiplatform so that your email newsletters open and display on any device identically to each other. Not everyone is critical of the lack of a mobile version of the letter, but this feature will never be redundant if you use the resources correctly.

Multiplatform Use of Newsletters

Mobile phones have become a priority device for surfing the Internet, searching and viewing information, so cross-platform newsletters should be mandatory in the current state of affairs. It is logical to imagine that most likely, letters that came to the mail will be viewed through a smartphone, like a morning newspaper over a cup of coffee. The development of technologies has given the right to use opportunities limited only by imagination, and the rest will be done by algorithms and those who understand how to develop in this direction. Сonsequently, how to create newsletter for email question falls within the standard SEO email marketing.

Test Different Browsers

In addition to testing on different devices, it is vital to test the display on different browsers. Like many sites, browsers have their built-in design, and the look of your email can be very different from each other depending on which browser the action is taking place in.

How to interest a client in 7 seconds using a newsletter?

How To Create Newsletter For Email

Attracting Attention In A Short Time

The next step after opening the letter is studying the information. The key to success lies in the design and quality of the embedded content. Technically, how to create a newsletter for email is not difficult, although in this case, you sometimes need to resort to the help of professionals. The other side of creation is filling this letter. Like any content, it should be informative and significant. The average time to view a letter is 7 seconds. Our task as a sender is to make sure that these 7 seconds turn the reader into a client while existing clients need a completely different style and content.

Title Creation

Let’s imagine that we have reviewed and provided multiplatform, and our emails are displayed perfectly. What’s the first thing the client sees on site? It’s the title! As a result of the successful development of events – the client opens the letter since initially, he sees a catchy headline that prompted him to do it. His expectations should match the content, or at least the letter should be interesting. After all, the time available to analyze a topic that may consist of several words is minimal. Remember yourself when you open another mailing letter; how much time do you spend on watching? One of the main tasks of this service is to make the time spent on viewing information crowned with at least a transition or feedback towards the sender.

Text and Content

For mass mailing, a short text, a subject line with visual content and a clear presentation structure: subject – content – link are suitable. There are several other ways to grow your email list that can also help you achieve your goals. But the elaboration of the content should be competent, logical and catchy as if enticing with its name and cover ‘bestseller’. Also, ensure that everything is accurate so that an attractive picture and text respond to what is inside, not just a text that will leave negative impressions and wasted time for the recipient. But there is the fact that one letter is practically not enough in 90% of cases.

Сonnection With Customer

Often the client leaves his contacts, but he does not intend to purchase for several different reasons. The main one is that he is at the stage of searching and selecting several similar options. Therefore, the main direction of content in the letter is creating an impression and acquaintance. You can use the settings of letters on topics and interests of the clients, services or products that they can choose from available points. In this case, it is better to use a light reminder of yourself in the form of promotions, valuable articles or bonuses.

Your letters can occasionally appear in the mailbox, so there is a high chance that the client will remember the product he needs and pay attention exactly to you. Subsequently, communication can move from the stage of acquaintance with a product or service to the purchase and regular cooperation stage.

How To Create Newsletter For Email With Tracking

Everyone can be confident in their mailing list, mistaking a bad result for an accident or a human factor. But it’s better to make the most of your resources and track your traffic with special tools for this, such as Google Analytics. You can start with the number of emails sent and the percentage of their received. As a rule, 90-95% of letters come to the mail, and the rest are rare cases of blocking or deleting a client’s mail.

Tracking Statistics

After that, we are interested in the percentage of open letters. It is very optimistiс, which is certainly not a bad thing to assume that every second email sent will be opened, but if we achieve 45% of the percentage, this is a success. But it is worth paying attention to the next indicator.

  • The total number of contacts. These numbers will also allow us to understand the total number of letters that have been sent. As a result, for example, you can see that too many or not enough letters were sent to a certain amount of clients. And referring to the previous indicator – 45% open from a total of 10,000 contacts, a pretty good result.
  • The number of transitions. Sometimes a client, even a regular one, is not interested in what is in the letter, sometimes he understands it from the title, and an average of 20% of addressees make a transition to a website, product or service.

But this is all a brief mathematical analysis, which can be even deeper and more informative, mainly if you depict it visually. The online marketplace is full of surprises, ups and downs, or phenomenal breakthroughs for your brand.

The Two Most Common Mistakes

Contact List

The most common mistake that all entrepreneurs, beginners and experienced ones face is the careless handling of the contact list. As the simplest example, this is the division into new and regular customers. The content of letters and mailings, logically, will differ. The user list is one huge social network linked by at least one thread – that’s you.

In this case, an individual approach refers to a separate group of clients with their subscriptions to the newsletter or a specially generated letter on the topic of interest to the client. For new customers, receiving mailings with new information can be a standard procedure to familiarize themselves with the site, service, product, etc. It’s another matter when regular customers receive such letters. Once – randomness, twice – coincidence, three times – systematic.


Not many people have the patience to cooperate with those who litter their inbox with mailings that came to them through the fault of senders who do not know how to create a newsletter for email and set up the correct mailing list. Getting emails into the spam can be a reason for zero activity and the effectiveness of mailing.

It’s not that the content looks like spam. It’s an email. Suppose the mail with which you are sending letters now was previously used to send spam or malware. In that case, the mailbox algorithms will independently identify this letter to the appropriate storage, remaining there. Some sites warn in advance that an email confirming the registration, information or promotions may come to the spam folder.

Not all users trust sites with such a feature, firstly, it may look suspicious. Secondly, not everyone is attracted by the tendency to check received letters and the spam folder, intended for unnecessary or suspicious letters. To do this, you can create a business email address so that your letters are confirmed and always get to the right place.

To get familiar with the process of creating a newsletter for emails, you can use the free newsletter templates to see how it gets created and works.

How to Create Newsletter For Email – Final words

Initially, this type of communication between you and the client was characterized as spam and the maximum accumulation of information. Therefore, sites where business owners/managers didn’t know how to create newsletter for email or did it wrong only repelled future and current customers. Even today, there is such a stereotype when cooperating with stores, businesses, and websites in the Internet space. The problem is that those who decide to use such a website promotion tool face a human factor that pushes them away from cooperation. All this is a consequence of the previously developed methods of attracting customers and audiences. As everyone acts depending on their capabilities and, as often happens, uses one available development tool too actively, it leads to a decline in activity and stagnation.

Email Marketing

This article aimed to reveal a very subtle but extremely large-scale and voluminous network marketing tool and how to create newsletter for email for value. At first glance, it may seem that email distribution in the modern world will not bring any results but will only be a wasted resource. In defence, I would like to say – any tool requires competent handling, regardless of the scope and type of application. The key to successful business development is strong management and resource allocation.

A combination of instruments can bring even more profit. For example, if you own an online store, you can also come in handy for maximum productivity in combination with a newsletter to achieve increased performance.

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