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How SEO Email Marketing Automation Changes the Ranking Game?

Emily Bartels 1 October, 2018

With the coming out of diverse channels of marketing like database marketing, search marketing, telemarketing, sales, social media, direct mail, and online promotions, email marketing is one of the methods that are oldest. The digital communication method is not only powerful but also benefits in engaging with the existing customers and new customers. In this era of digital marketing, marketers have ranked the SEO email marketing at the top among other channels.

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SEO email marketing is useful in taking the lead for return on investment as per the study of Marketing Charts. Believe it or not, but email marketing automation is one of the best additions to the strategy of SEO. The primary goals of the business include building a loyal audience and changing the ranking game.

According to the research of KissMetrics, email has around three times (around 2.9 billion) more users than any other accounts on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  It is essential for every online marketer to integrate the use of email marketing automation as it is the critical approach for increasing the awareness of a brand and enhancing the ranking of the site.

Marketers need to keep in mind that emails alone alone cannot do much for SEO as it doesn’t affect the rankings for the keyword. But it has the power to influence the behavior of users, like content sharing, leaving comments linking them, etc.

If you want to know more about SEO email marketing and email marketing automation for boosting the ranking game, then let’s begin with the basis of it first.

Understanding Email Marketing and SEO

Below is a brief intro for email marketing and SEO so that comprehending the ways later on gets easier.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is identified as one of the most efficient channels that owners of business and marketers use for promotion, reaching to customers, engaging acquiring, retaining, maintaining and building relationship with customers. As the customers opt-in for receiving emails, guides, articles, newsletters, promotions, and offers businesses can gather information to provide them with the content. It compels them and entertains them.

It is an aspect that would help the businesses gain credibility and effectively attain higher rankings.


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Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique that helps a website to get ranking in the results of search engine. It is beneficial to overpower the competitors and gain more popularity. Many factors determine the rankings of the search engine, including the ability of a search engine for website crawling. Once the crawling for each page is ensured, then the pages are indexed in the mass database.

As search engines are going on with the website crawling for pages and new content, the critical factor in both Email marketing and SEO content is SEO. You require good content for each site landing page with the keyphrases that are targeted.

In a nutshell, for successful and efficient SEO email marketing, it is vital that there must be appropriate content to gain higher rankings.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is one of the most proficient ways for SEO rankings because it allows the user to send out messages to the customer without any hassle. If we take up an example, small business is the best. The owners of small businesses don’t have much time to send individual messages to their customers. So, in this case, automation is an aspect that is helpful in saving time by setting up the platform of email. This allows them to send messages to their customers for the actions that are specific.

Automation is something that is robotic and is all around in this era. It permits the owners of businesses to develop close associations with their customers by maintaining communication that is effective, which leads to awareness for the brand.

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

Here are some of the reasons that one must invest in the platform:


Email marketing automation is effective without any doubt. Even in the age of digital advancements, it is one of the renowned and efficient forms of promotion for businesses. Around 90% of the users in America use email regularly; it is 40 times more important to gain customers daily than social media.

Saves Time and Money

Email marketing automation is one approach that is useful in ensuring high returns for less time investment than emails that are written manually. It helps in saving around 80 percent of the budget.

Consistent Branding

Email messages help business owners to ensure that they are consistent and help in branding their products and services.

Engagement of Customer and Retention

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Email marketing automation is an aspect offering a quick and straightforward way to maintain touch with customers and encourage them to make additional purchases that are additional.

Segment Customer Lists

For creating emails that are more engaging for the groups of customers, email is something that helps in message segmentation by location, demographics, age, and gender.

Why Integrate SEO Email Marketing?

It doesn’t matter how big your newsletter base is or how many words you include in your emails because then it is not indexed by the search engines. But this doesn’t mean that SEO has nothing to do with email promotions. Newsletters can bring traffic to the website and enhance the business rankings. So, it is vital to integrate the marketing strategies like email marketing automation.

Why Is Email Marketing Optimization Required?

The email marketing and SEO combination rely on transmitting the content from emails to the website and vice versa. It is something that works on both channels. A lot of businesses fail to comprehend why email marketing is required for an effective SEO strategy.

Here are some of the main reasons stating the requirement for email marketing optimization:

  • Link building is one of the primary reasons for requiring email marketing optimization. It is useful in enhancing the authority of the site and motivates the users for linking to the posts.
  • Engagement with customers nowadays through traditional methods has become tough. So, email marketing is the best method used for the purpose.
  • Another main reason is the promotion of content. Email marketing is the method that allows businesses to link their blogs. It encourages the customer to go through the content, and if they like it, they share it further.

Ways to Integrate SEO Email Marketing for Higher Search Engine Rankings

SEO email marketing is the strategy that helps businesses in reaching the goal of top search engine rankings. Linking both SEO and email marketing is something that can significantly assist in changing the ranking game proficiently. There are many ways that can help the business gain search rankings. The methods are as follows:

The Subject Line

It is essential for a business to understand that the subject line plays a relevant role. If the subject line is not useful, then it becomes very complicated for a business to reach the customer. If any business intends to gain a high search ranking, then SEO email marketing is something that can prove to be a great help.

Business requires an understanding the subject line must include short and sweet keywords. Also, if the keywords are not appropriate for the subject, then considering it useful is improbable.

Using Keywords through the Emails

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Once the subject line’s effective integration is ensured, the next step is the accumulation of the appropriate keywords through the emails. The attractive and noticeable keywords should be included because that is the best way of ensuring that the SEO email marketing is proficient.

 Make Your Emails Searchable

If the emails are not searchable, anticipating a high ranking is not probable. If the business wants to reach the goal, it is necessary to make the emails searchable. Clients can use both manual email search and email finder tools, so such data should be available. If the customers cannot search your emails, it is difficult to get any SEO ranking for the website. Hence, including this way in the SEO email marketing strategy is imperative.

Turn your emails into a blog post

Another way of gaining high rankings is turning emails into blog posts. Initially, businesses can find it a little complex, but then it is one of the beneficial ways to follow. Turning emails into a blog post is an efficient method because businesses can ensure that high search rankings are attained as per expectations.

Use Email for Inbound Links

Inbound links are a life of the excellent campaign of SEO, and it is something important that businesses must use. Inbound links are very useful in gaining high search rankings. So, if businesses want to grow more, then ensure to use email for inbound links.

SEO Email Marketing Automation Is Changing the Ranking Game

The search engines do not do the ranking of emails, and the aim of the email campaign is getting the opens and clicks through, not boosting SEO. But if considered, then around 51& of individuals discover new websites through emails, and it is something that helps in leveraging those visits. Here are some of the primary benefits of SEO email marketing that are changing the game of ranking for businesses:

Improving the Rates of Bounce

The search engine is very well aware of the fact that how people prefer for staying on the site and how many people leave the site instantly which is known as bounce. Such people don’t even bother to check the content of the site. The bounce rate is an element in the SEO strategy that plays a significant role in the complete search ranking.

Even after having the best SEO in the world, bounce rate has the power to kill rankings. So, if you are someone running your online business and have included the SEO email marketing strategy, then make sure to analyze your bounce rate.

SEO email marketing is useful in ensuring that the website is not going through the bounce rate. So, all you need is to keep a check on this and follow the right strategy. Ensure that content creation is outstanding and link it to your email newsletter.

Boosting the Social Engagement

SEO email marketing is helpful for the business in linking the social engagement as it links the content to promote the business across the social channels. Business needs to assure including the CTA, asking the visitors to share the new content.

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The first loyal readers can help the business make its content viral, leading to organic engagement. With the help of email marketing automation, businesses can easily connect with their existing customer and prospective customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. If social engagement is high, then naturally, businesses will gain top rankings for the website.

Helps to Target the Content

Email marketing automation is a strategy that is helpful in targeting content. Targeting the content is something that comes in handy with email segmentation. With the use of demographics, information from the list of emails allows the business to deliver the content directly to the people who find it interesting.

In the modern environment of email, it is something significant. Around 65 percent of the marketers are leveraging the email content. Targeting the content is useful in ensuring that the business will gain high rankings in search engine results.

Through email polls and surveys, the business can ask their subscribers about their requirements, build content as per their interests and needs, and deliver the content in emails. Email segmentation is something that allows the business to deliberate about content relevance, and it is known as the SEO pillar.

Create a Content Hook

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Email is one of the fine ways for people to read a post and is also an excellent approach for distributing the content piece. It is something beneficial for SEO email marketing.

Businesses must focus on using the campaigns of email for cross-promotion the services on social media channels by asking the visitors to subscribe to your social accounts. These are the efforts which will benefit the business in growing organically and enhancing the rankings as well.

Boosting the Engagement with CTAs (Call-to-Action)

The personal behavior of email makes it the perfect piece for CTAs, so when it is about comments and sharing, then you need to ask the visitors with a content that is compelling. Later, you can make use of the segmentation for targeting the contributors that are active within the feed of comment. If your CTAs are effective in the email, then it is evident that the more and more visitors will visit the website.

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You require focusing on the reviews part because according to the report by MoZ 2017, reviews have around 13 percent of impact on the search results that are local.

Gives Content a Second Life

We are aware of the fact that if the business doesn’t have a nice place for content then succeeding in the digital marketing world is something next to impossible. It is relevant that the business must comprehend the significance of email marketing automation for SEO email marketing.

If your emails are beautiful and are packed with the excellent content piece, then you should get the most out of it. The inbox is the beginning only, and later you can ensure re-purposing it from the emails.

Measuring Is Easy

Most of the businesses fail to measure their rankings and growth because of using the other platforms of automation. But with the email marketing automation, this is not the case as any business can effectively measure their success.

The email marketing initiated for SEO is helpful. It can be used to identify the rank in search engines. Further benefits the business to put in more efforts for gaining more ranking.

Wrap up

If you are a businessperson who just got involved with the SEO strategy, then it is essential for you to think of email marketing. It is the best way of connecting with the visitors that are of high-quality with the content that is also high-quality. Search engines are becoming better every day.

It is because of the platforms like email marketing. Email marketing represents the best content to the probable visitors or audience, and tools of segmentation identify the target audience. Email marketing automation for SEO is the best strategy that any business can integrate for changing the game of ranking. The only requirement is that it must be initiated efficiently so that the consequences don’t persist.

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