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Social Media Management Strategy – a Cornestone in Digital Marketing

Daniyal Wali 12 June, 2018

Taking nothing away from your physical existence, but unfortunately, today, if your business has no social media existence, then it’s conclusive that your business doesn’t exist for billions of social media users. Businesses think that running social media platforms is elementary stuff. However, their illusions will soon meet reality if they are not going to learn social media marketing and build the bright social media management strategy in the days to come.

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Living in a mobile-first era, businesses should go mobile at once to increase traction. With almost 82% of the world’s population being active on social media platforms, it becomes exceedingly necessary for businesses to ensure their footprint on social media channels.

Social Media Management Strategy Importance

In 2018, social media marketing trends will keep coming and new induction of different practices will take place, especially paid marketing and advertising on social channels. One of the most distinguished features will be the Content Personalization. Tech gurus suggest that only content with an emotional connection will win the heart of a reader and anything which doesn’t resonate with your brand voice or your reader’s expectation will perish, will be thrown away within no seconds.

For businesses no matter what size they belong to, outsourcing social media management in 2018 is going to be – the must-have strategy. Online users before making any purchase or acquiring any service tend to sneak into the social media platform of a business.

On most occasions, if a user finds no online existence of a business, then it puts that business under a serious question mark. In short, it is your social media hype and consistency that will allow users to consider you as a trusted and a reliable source to do business with.

Do We Really Need Social Media to Exist?

At times, having an online existence is not merely for your own business sake, but your customers also expect you to have an online presence. People have no time to visit your business outlet now. All they prefer is to have an online access to your digital outlet which includes your website and your social media channels.

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By emphasizing on social media, businesses should clearly understand that social media vs knowledge management is not a new debate in the corporate culture. Yet, both these elements with their integration will hopefully be the future of customer engagement.

Now, to really answer whether your business needs social media management or not, you first need to understand the pre-requisites and later consequences of having a social media management strategy.

In the beginning, you will be required to set up your own social media strategy or simply outsource one. But, prior to that planning, you must convince yourself that having a social media management strategy is more rewarding than to just build brand awareness with your website.

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Can Social Media Marketing Replace Other Marketing Channels?

Social Media is no more a handicapped platform today. Interestingly, it has turned into a power-packed marketing platform for businesses with its features-rich capacity. Marketing through Social media channels allows businesses not to rely on multiple marketing channels. For instance, social media platforms now have the tendency to run organic campaigns, along with paid advertising & marketing campaigns.

All leading social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, and others offer their platform for businesses to market themselves to their target audience. With constant innovation, social media platforms have enhanced their marketing tactics. And we all knew that social media always had the potential to expand & pave ways for commercial businesses to get maximum customer reach.

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The question again arises. Can social media marketing replace other marketing channels? Just to wake you up & give you a reality check, we would like to put it very bluntly that Social Media Marketing has already replaced other modes of marketing. Since all marketing tactics have come under one roof of social media marketing, businesses can now deploy an all-in-one strategy to market their brands.

Is Social Media Search Engine Friendly?

After the Panda, Penguin and other updates by the Google – all quick and spammy ways to increase search engine rankings have become almost impossible now. According to leading marketers, your social media content sharing can drive direct traffic to your website.

Social Media Management strategy allows your business to have its say on the social media upfront and as a result, you can gain brand visibility among all social media users. Marketers and businesses spend hours in designing their social media marketing campaigns to create engaging and valuable content.

Once a content turns out to be of a significant value, then people will certainly share it with their social circle. The more your content gets shared, the more traction you get to your business.

Search engines, especially Google take social media sharing as one of the foundational elements. We all know that social media platforms are highly optimized. Most social channels have Domain Authority nearing almost hundred or slightly less. In fact, by sharing your content on social media, you not only spread brand awareness but also get important backlinks to your website.

How Social Media Improves Your SEO

Both SEO & Social Media are organic and inbound strategies.

They both can exist without each other. However, social media and SEO can complement each other big time – if merged together with industry best practices.

If social media rely on high-quality content and strong online presence, then SEO can provide you with an audience reach that can read your content and optimize your posts for search engines to display.

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Again, if you exist as a brand on social media platforms, you will still need better search engine rankings to get visibility. Social media in comparison to other customer-engagement channels promises to deliver a better user experience. The Google algorithm update works in accordance to place content on top that provides quality user-experience with its appropriate information on a search query.

Wrapping Up

All B2B & B2C businesses should get their marketing strategies right before it gets tough for them to compete. Social media marketing is here to stay and your online standing is heavily dependent on it. We have discussed in great detail how your survival revolves around your social media existence.

Don’t take too long to design your social media management strategy. Quickly seek for a digital marketing agency that caters businesses with social media management strategy. Your business can now practice result-oriented marketing with the help of social media marketing tools. These tools can help you stay abreast in the constant battle of the social media warfare.

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