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Social Media Marketing Trends 2018: Sharpen Your SMM Weapons and Observe

Nicolas Finet 10 January, 2018

Businesses in more ways than one are exerting great efforts for their online marketing. The connection towards a target audience is created across multiple social media platforms. Social Buddy claims they provide expert service for Instagram growth. However, it is not a good recommendation. The attention span of consumers online is getting shorter, from the year 2000 we went down from 12 seconds to an outright 8 seconds. Let’s take a look at ten social media marketing trends.

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Overview of Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

Social trends in business are giving consumers 300 feet of content material every single day. Now it is much necessary to start building a plan that would work for the speed of the feed. To help you do it right, I have conducted research and singled out 10 basic trends which will rule the world in 2018.

1. Content Personalization Is More Convincing than Anything Else

Nobody likes reading content that doesn’t resonate with the brand that they patronize. Generic content and other materials that don’t give benefit to a consumer are quickly thrown away. Hence, content personalization has now become one of the new social media trends.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018 - content personalization

Improving personalization on a consumer level is a major trend in online marketing. There is a distinct evolution in social media platforms as it now contains business-specific features and analytical tools that are well detailed. These tools and features provide results which you can monitor and test. Afterwards, one can now verify which of the personalized content resonates well with the intended consumer. To see the data effectivity of the content, we then organize it into separate categories: Persona specific, Segment-specific, Account specific, Stage-specific, and Lead specific. In this manner, it would be easier for us to analyze the data and interpret it much better and incorporate it as social media trends in business. 2018 is the year wherein we can engage consumers on a personal level.

2. The Rise of Chatbots for Better Service and Efficient Management

The chatbot makes it to the list of social media trends 2018. Incorporating chatbots makes customer service efficient and faster. The integration of these AI-powered bots is in the following sectors; banking, customer service, payments, and ever for personal entertainment. Advancement possibilities for chatbots are endless as AI is not stopping its technological growth and achievements.

Chatbot Social Media Marketing Trend 2018

Chatbots in use for businesses is one of the latest social media trends. Maybe that is why we have almost 100,000 active bots running on Facebook messenger. Thus the exchange between the consumer and the business is made easier and more accessible.

3. Facebook and Other Websites Are Becoming More Mobile-friendly

Social media marketing trends 2018 include websites or social media platforms to be more mobile-friendly. By a prediction, the forecast is that once we get to the year 2020- 59 percent of American users will access Facebook and other apps via mobile exclusively. This entails that the majority of the company’s ad revenue will come from its mobile ads.

New social media trends include mobile optimization. Savvy online marketers have been using this mostly. Google has a tool that tests mobile usability while Search Console can provide a mobile usability report which can detect problems and provide details on a page-by-page setup. These are critical tools when you want to set up a website that would be mobile-friendly.

4. Live Streaming Technology Explodes

Social media marketing trends 2018 will definitely include live streaming still. A lot of social media influencers will be maximizing this avenue as it always works out and consumers love it as well. There is more to live streaming social trends in business. For 2018 it will be all about the technology behind it that makes it work. Year by year newer and better phones arrive, so as a user one would likely avail of the more modern models. Current mobile apps can fine-tune or easily adjust with every new technology that comes up.

live streaming Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

Data speeds and smartphones are a hundred times better than what they were five years ago. Social technology uses live streaming as a medium to reach out to each, and everyone’s intended customer. 2018 will see a lot of hardware upgrades such as better image resolution and better video processing. Such updates will make live streaming much enjoyable and engaging.

5. A Focus on Generation Z Instead of the Millennials.

Generation Z folks are two- to three times easier to influence especially with the use of social media. Apparently, they are the only generation wherein online marketing about sales and discounts does not appeal to them when deciding on buying or making a purchase.

generation z on social media

Research from Fluent reports data which states that Generation Z, a staggering 81% would watch an average of one hour of online video every day. The oldest Generation Z is at 22 years old. These people are now entering the labor force, and their buying power will be something that brands are looking to get.

6. Messaging Platforms Make Brands More Accessible

The United States is lagging in this part; overseas counterparts are way ahead. Chinese messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat are near the 1 billion mark before the year ends. They are dominating social media with their functions such as; purchasing, direct messaging and e-commerce. Messaging platforms are going to catch on as one of the social media marketing trends 2018.

messaging platforms 2018

As one of the social trends in business, the increase of brand engagement in messaging platforms for 2018 will rise. Year after year Millenial and Gen Z have a stronger buying power online, and these are the people who prefer talking to a brand in their native language using messaging platforms. We expect that online marketing next year will see advancements in Artificial intelligence on chatbots and voice assistants. Consumers will now have a much personalized shopping experience with these updates.

7. Instagram Stories Drive Upcoming Instagram Trends

Instagram trends from Instagram stories still make it as one of the social media marketing trends in 2018. Instagram story viewers surpass those of the daily viewers of Snapchat after a year of its launch; we expect more online users to be using it this year. Instagram stories are the most successful change in the Instagram universe.

Instagram Stories Social Media Marketing Trend 2018

A plus factor with Instagram Stories is this: all accounts that have over 10,000 followers have that ability to add a link within. It is a great new feature as the only place prior that you can put a link is the one buried in your profile page. It became a huge deal in the latest social media trends, as it multiplies the sales opportunities in a high magnitude. To sum it up Instagram stories outperforms its rivals when it comes to content.

8. Revamping Twitter

Twitter needs a significant change but might not know just how to do so yet. It will surely be one of the social media marketing trends. Twitter has been slowly dropping its game for quite some time now. This year alone produces no impact in the social network arena. To stay in the game alongside its rivals, Twitter must make massive changes to remain relevant.

twitter socia media 2018
For Twitter to be in the social trends 2018, possible changes might include selling the company to the private sector. Something new may be a subscription or a new feature that should happen for the consumers to stay loyal to Twitter.

9. Digital Hangouts Becomes a Norm

Live streaming and Online hangouts are like two peas in a pod. Both seem to become social media marketing trends in 2018 as well as with Generation Z. Consider Houseparty- it is an app that has over one million users every day. It enables multiple to engage in a FaceTime sort of setting.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018 - Houseparty

Houseparty is another tool that will be part of the social media marketing trends 2018. The platform started just this year, and it is continuously growing with followers. Coincidentally Facebook is not one to be left out; they now came up with their version which is Facebook Spaces. The trend of online hangouts will cross paths with VR which is another new social media trend. Hence this year a lot of brands are incorporating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality within their social media platforms.

10. Social Media Platforms Gets More Hardcore Moderation

This year shows a very high and active role in content moderation. Responsible for such are several tech companies and social media giants who intervene and make things happen. The social media marketing trends prove to be the best avenue in generating those much-needed sales and leads for every brand in the market.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018 - Moderation of Platforms

We see a significant increase in content for this year, and it feels more of a temporary fix instead of a final solution to decrease in a brand’s sales. Big brand names are sure to revisit this for next year to implement content moderation. Social media outlets take a first look at to what are the social trends 2018 to plan out the marketing guidelines for next year and prolong the brand staying power.

Summing Up

The social media marketing trends predict that social media platforms will get more user time. It means that brands will have to step up their online presence for the upcoming year. It will be another year of beta testing for new features and programs plus technological advancements will be abundant. Brands and online digital marketers must plan on how to take these trends and implement them for their marketing via the different social media platforms available. Social media is the fastest way still to become successful and known in each and everyone’s respective industries.

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