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Social Media Marketing for Small Business – 2020 Tips and Strategies

Ravi Sharma 18 December, 2019

Are you going to commence your new business very soon? Then always remember that any type of business, be it small, medium or a large one, nowadays requires the digital marketing platform for it to thrive in the world of digital marketing. Hence, if you are also quite confused about the fact that how social media marketing for small business can help your small scale business to thrive amongst your fellow competitors, then you must understand the importance of social marketing media in our daily life.

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Lyfe Marketing infers that at least 71% of customers have given a positive response particularly to those businesses that are thriving in the digital marketing media and have also recommended their different brands and products to several of their friends and family members.

Also, at least 97% of the total global population learns about different types of budding businesses online itself. Hence, social media marketing for small business can indeed be a boon for those business aspirants who are looking for brand awareness and tracking ROI for boosting up the overall integrity of their small scale business up to a reasonable extent. Hence, without wasting any longer time, let’s check out the different tips and strategies that will be of great help to you in boosting up your small scale business up to an optimal extent.

Frame a Proper Brand Identity to Do Social Media Marketing for Small Business

If you are really ardent about turning your small scale business into a major breakthrough then you also require necessarily to build an impressive brand identity for your online business which will not only help you to stay ahead from your other competitors but at the same time, you will also be able to garner oodles of customers as compared to others.

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A study conducted by Facebook shows that at least 77% of the entire world population relies upon brand as their mere way to find the related business company trustworthy.  Hence, to build a good brand identity for your online business no matter what, you will be able to gather legions of customers from different parts of the globe than any other business would do.

To say in a nutshell, your brand identity will determine how effectively you are going to thrive in the arena of digital marketing. This may include elements like various aesthetic facets, brand name, logo and the design for the different assets that your company has. It has to date been considered as the best small business social media marketing tips as compared to anything else.

Decide upon Your Buyer Persona

The time you are designing a website for your company, you must always remember that you need to create some of the things that are required indispensably by your fellow customers. What your customers actually want from you? What are their individual demands from the different services and products of your company are some of the few things that you need include while creating your own version buyer persona for your small scale business.

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Always remember that your customers are the most essential components that form an indispensable part of your business. Hence, if you ignore to stress upon their individual needs and what are the things they can actually look for while surfing through your website, you won’t be able to thrive in the world of the digital marketing world to the fullest.

With that said, if you create a systematic and well-planned buyer persona, you will not only be able to understand the different needs and requirements that your future customers might feel abruptly but at the same time would also be able to include those essential components in your website which are missing for your customers to avail the privilege of.

Create Associated Assets and Logo

Well, for beginners using the social media marketing for small business may seem a bit tricky at the beginning, but once they will be successful in creating a reasonable digital platform for themselves, they will be able to thrive in the social marketing media to the fullest without any obstacles coming in their way.

And being an aspiring small business entrepreneur if you are all set and ready to take your business up to a thriving extent, then it’s very first step should be that making your company’s logo in an aesthetic manner as well as the other elements which are required essentially for any sort of business to thrive in the social marketing media in a substantial manner.

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This can include elements like the inclusion of the proper color schemes and a reasonably ritzy appearing logo that will get a brief idea to your fellow customers of what your company is all about. In terms of color inclusion, you can take the help of Coolers or Abode Color. For that, you can create your own version of logo color schemes or choose any of the color schemes that best fits your website designing from the different color palettes out there.

On the flip side, if you want to create an impressive website for your small scale business, you can now also do that through the means of Freelancer or Upwork or else you can get in touch with a marketing agency.

However, there are cheaper and even free logo maker tools available online that will charge the much lesser price as compared to these. However, getting in touch with an eminent marketing agency or any of these social media platforms will bring out the finest products in terms of framing the perfect logo for your company.

Always Use a CMS Template in Social Media Marketing for Small Business

When you are looking for an effective social media marketing for small business, it will always be judicious to build your own company website in accordance with your own personal preferences. So, if you are an ardent tech-savvy person and have finally decided to commence your small scale business in a fully-fledged manner, then to the best of suggestion, it would be the best idea to choose the CMS (content management system) template in order to do the same.

More often than not, most of these CMSs offer you pre-made template options for you that will make content management easy. All you need to do for that is just to customize your template and incorporate the products and features for which your company stands out from others. Also, there are several cheap options available as well and at times you can get these various CMS templates absolutely free of cost.

After that you have created your website methodically, these CMS templates will also offer you plug-ins in order to assist you in skimming through the different features and services of your newly started business. For this, you can also search for SEO tools that will help you to a great extent to rank better in Google as compared to the rest of your competitors.

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Opt for Analytics Tools to Improve Social Media Marketing for Small Business

If you are a beginner in the world of web designing and are attempting to design your website for the very first time, then no worries at all. For, there are a plethora of tools and virtual components available on the internet that will help you to a great extent in commencing the entire web designing process in a successful manner.

These tools and components will get you a step by step guideline in framing your website effectively but at the same time, you will also be able to understand that what are the different aspects that are worth considering while building a website.

Google Analytics in social media marketing

For this, you can take the help of HubSpot Marketing and Google Analytics and both these options are entirely free of cost. Hence through the means of these, you can keep a regular track on the different customers who are visiting your website on a regular basis.

Get in Touch with Freelancers or Agencies

Well, if you are entirely ignorant about the fact that what is the role of social media marketing for small business is all about, and also how to get a website framed for your recently started small scale business, then don’t get on your nerves for that. All you can do is get in touch with either a freelancer or a marketing agency who particularly holds a sound understanding in the realm of web designing. And also this is one of the finest small business social media marketing tips not only for a small business but at the same time for those companies who have already built a website but wants to get it improvised for increasing their SEO rate in order to enhance their Google ranking reasonably.

Use SEO to Enhance Your Google Ranking in Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Since you are now already an established business tycoon and are wondering that why the heck my business doesn’t come online in relation to the different products and services of your company, then there is probably one particular reply to it. You mustn’t have verified your Google ranking through the means of an SEO tool as called search engine optimization. And if you haven’t gone for it yet, then it’s probably high time you need to deliberate upon this.

Besides, there are actually a number of factors that are responsible behind the fact that how swiftly and effectively your company’s website comes at the forefront of the Google search engine results page (SERP). And for this to happen effectively there is a particular site named Backlinko which reports about the different types of factors to Google that your company is displaying to it to the fullest.

A few of them can be the inclusion of relevant keywords and their apt usages on the different portions of your website, the length that each of your website contents consists, the speed at which your website loads a page, inclusion of high-quality content, so on and so forth.

Considering all these factors, Google will choose the finest content amongst all, which they will find the most lucrative in terms of putting it across for search results for the different customers out there. And in this regard, to take the help of SEO is the finest way to boost your Google ranking up to a reasonable extent.

Go for Keyword Research in Social Media Marketing for Small Business

To say in a nutshell, keyword research is nothing but an extension of the persona research itself. For this, you can put across the different personas into Google that you had created while creating your buyer persona and then search for the various keywords related to it that best suits your brand. And for this to happen effectively, you can use tools like KW Finder in order to find different types of relevant keywords in relation to your target audience.

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Hence if you are also looking for the finest small business social media marketing strategies, then opting for this particular strategy is perhaps the best option to go with. And also you can indulge a few ‘on-page SEO research’ sessions and optimization and thereby put the various keywords accordingly in their individual suitable places on your website like that in the page titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags.

Use Your Website Effectively for Mobile Gadgets

It has been inferred that at least 91% of the total global population do their Google searches through the medium of different types of mobile devices, be it their smartphone or any other mobile phone that grants the facility of internet. In fact, mobile phones have become an effective social media marketing for small business and if your website has not been designed in a mobile-friendly manner, then you are likely facing a sudden commercial fiasco in the digital marketing arena.

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If your company is possessing a mobile site, then there are benefits aplenty which you can certainly get if you are having the same. First of all, a mobile will increase the chance of getting oodles of Google ranking rates since most of the customers search on Google by searching on their mobile phones itself.

And Google will also get you rewards for your increased number of Google rankings if you are having a mobile site framework for each of the users to avail the privilege of. For that, you don’t need to be a technological scholar and in fact, most of the CMS platforms like HubSpot already contain the provision of mobile-optimized templates to avail the privilege of.

Try to Write High-Quality Content

Well as a matter of fact, when it comes to optimizing social media marketing for small business to the fullest, then writing high-quality content and blogs can be a second to none option for each of the persons to avail the privilege of. If you incorporate the different SEO keywords optimally while writing the contents and blogs for your website then you are having an optimal scope to stay in the leading position in terms of Google ranking.

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If you really want to acquire a sound knowledge in your arena of business, then the best way to do it would be writing blogs and create shareable content in relation to it. You also need to keep one thing in mind that when you are blogging for the different contents for your own area of interest then you must do that by keeping the SEO aspect in mind that will help you to a great extent in boosting up your Google ranking up to a reasonable extent. For this, you can avail of the facility of a plug-in like Yoast, etc.

Choose Video and Photo Content

Well, when it comes to the arena of social media marketing for small businesses, one of the key strategies that it conforms to is that of the inclusion of different videos and pictorial contents. Also, most of the popular social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc preferably like different types of pictorial contents and their inclusion in their sites.

video marketing statistics - influence on decision-making

On the flip side, it has also been inferred that at least 50% of internet users like to have a glimpse of a video when they are searching for any particular company. Hence, to the best of suggestions, creating different types of video content and images for your company would be the finest option to opt for and if you do this it will also prove to be way more cost-effective as compared to any other option.

Consider Freelancer over a Full-timer

If you have started your business quite recently and do not have any concrete ideas about how to write impressive blogs and content for your website, then it would be best to hire a freelancer rather than a full-timer to do the job cushy for you. For this, you can give Upwork a quick try either to hire a freelance photographer, videographer or that of a blogger.

And opting for this particular tool can be the best way to optimize social media marketing for small business as compared to any other option out there. On the contrary, if you have a larger project to complete, then you can do that as well by getting in contact with a marketing agency.

Incorporate Business Pages on Social Networking Sites

If you are indeed looking for a lucrative platform to make your business thrive on the digital marketing media to the fullest, then nothing can be a better option other than creating an eminence on the different social networking sites like Facebook, Yelp, Quora, Google to name just a few. Getting high review rates from any of these sites can get you very good scope to boost up your company’s reputation on the digital marketing media itself.

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When it comes to the two consecutive sites like Google and Yelp, you will get the finest scope to get registered over there that also entirely free of cost. On the flip side, you can also create a Facebook page in relation to the business that you are doing and let customers understand the location of your company and the apt timing during which it gets its various facilities out there.

Having a social media account for the variety of these sites will not only increase your prospects to thrive successfully on the digital marketing media that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social networking sites but will also help you in reaching your targeted audience effectively. So, to use social media marketing for small business quite meaningfully you can this particular strategy effectively and enjoy its various benefits.

Frame a Reasonable Social Media Platform

Apart from the fact that you can use Yelp and Google as effective marketing strategies to boost up your company’s eminence reasonably, at the same time, you can also use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, as well as Instagram, in order post the various updates and nitty-gritty of your business that are taking place on a regular basis.

This is perhaps the choicest way to optimize social media marketing for small businesses other than opting for any other option. If your different customers are able to shop online, then these sites are the best platforms to help them gather some information about your company. But make sure you don’t hook-up with too many social media platforms at a go which might reduce the chance for you to stay at the forefront.

Build Compelling Landing Pages

A landing page is nothing but a competent virtual page for your customers to avail of where they simply have to fill in a form by putting across their full contact details against a free resource that they are going to get after that. After they have received the concerned resource, they will now be even more satisfied with your company and would wish to buy the different products and services that it offers.

But, the task is not as easy as it may sound. There will be oodles of other business aspirants who will be creating similar types of landing pages that are compelling to lag you behind the race. And you must always ascertain this that the kinds of landing pages that you are offering to your customers are unique enough to stand out distinctly from that of others.

creating landing pages for small businesses


Social Media Marketing for Small Business – the Bottom Line

So, if you are also looking for a way out of how to make the best use of social media marketing for small business, then all you can do is to follow the aforementioned tips and tricks and become a successful digital business professional.

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