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Marketing on Quora – Digital Strategies and Tips to Use in 2020

Loius Martin 23 October, 2019

Quora came out as a unique platform where knowledge and experiences are shared. Today, it’s gaining traction. It’s getting bigger. It’s expanding. With that, marketing on Quora is the new ‘thing’. Any user can witness the promotional content from a company based on the first weekday (you know what we mean if you use Quora).

Marketing on Quora main image

While that’s one part of the story, Quora became an active pursuit. Instead of finding people with dubious names and anonymous profiles approaching you for answers, you can tap right into a question of your interest and find professionals from the relevant industry with their original names and titles, such as Founder, XYZ Company or Web Design professional with +10 years of experience.

Besides its function as the Q&A community, the culture of content ideation and creation has propelled serial marketing on Quora. It’s much more of a smart playfield where marketers, advertisers, and businesses find user-generated content to create their strategies.

If you’re a professional marketer looking for new ways to expand your digital footprint, Quora might be the right place. As you read on, this article will allow you to explore how the world of Quora and marketing intermingle to create diverse opportunities for businesses.

Quora Can Increase Social Media Traffic

Aside from the naysayers, intelligent marketers have involved Quora in their strategies. Not only do they get exposed to the treasure trove of relevant knowledge, but they also find many opportunities to increase their audience base.

getting social media traffic with Quora

And that is how Russ Heddleston, Co-Founder and CEO of DocSend, used Quora for marketing to shooting his social media traffic up to 45%.

He used the Quora snowball effect as his primary Quora marketing strategy to earn over a million views on the answers he provided. Today, Quora is a significant player for DocSend, and Russ now believes that businesses invest more of their time on Quora to reach their prospects finely.

Like the one above, businesses using Quora have found success with about four times the conversion rate as compared to any other social media platform. With all the adult population and mostly-expert-curated content, businesses from any niche can explore over 400,000 topics and use numerous strategies and tips to reach their prospects, increase conversions, and boost their sales.

10 Digital Strategies For Trailblazing Marketing On Quora

Let’s explore the most successful strategies that will help you with marketing on Quora.

1. Build a Credible Profile

As we mentioned above, it all starts when your profile is a sound one, since credibility comes with genuineness. You will find many profiles with complete information about who they are, where they studied, what their area of expertise is, and how many years of experience they have. Let’s consider a famous profile below.

Neil Patel profile

Neil Patel has quite a reputation on Quora. He uses his recent headshot, his real name, and a brief description that describes him and his line of work. On the right side, you see the credentials that give you insights about his company, location, and the number of views his answers have attracted in a month.

Plus, you also get to know that his area of expertise is digital marketing, SEO, and backlinks, and so on. So, where does all this information take you? The one reason why anyone would think this profile credible is that users looking for answers would consider the responses seriously when you have a more profound link with their question.

If Neil Patel is asked about improving SEO and site ranking, he will give you a better answer than anyone with experience in the medical industry. Here, you can also see that personal branding comes as the rule of thumb for marketing on Quora. Your profile becomes the brand because the information you provide as an individual brings serious users close to you.

2. Stick to Your Niche

This is strictly critical to your presence as a marketer on Quora. And since you specialize in a specific field, you must maintain that approach throughout the entire course of your activity. Even a slight deviation from your answer’s purpose can trim down your credibility.

ideas and answers for a business niche

The way you answer the question in your areas of interest and expertise highlights your efficacy. For instance, a creative design manager belonging to a professional logo design company will deliver the same kind of information as per his role. He can share his experience along with thoughts on leadership in logo design and related ideas instead of directly promoting his services. Or an eCommerce marketer can engage with questions like “What’s best Valentine’s day gifts for her?” or “How to plan a surprise party for your Valentine’s” before Valentine’s day.

You must lean on the ‘knows about’ section and explore those domains to the point of detail – only if you know about it that well.

3. Track The Top Answers In Your Field

You may come across many Quora questions on LinkedIn that have more than 1k upvotes. Here’s the thing: the more the number of upvotes, the more the public desires to see your answer. Open notepad and start noting the points about the top answer.

identifying popular answers for marketing on Quora

You may want to ask yourself the questions below.

  • How effectively has the top answer contributed to the question?
  • What are the main areas touched?
  • What is the type of content shared in the answer body?
  • What kind of information does it provide?
  • What is the length of the content?

With questions like these, see if you have an idea of contributing more or if you like to add something that’s missing. Prepare a more extended and detailed answer than the topper one. Make sure it is highly relevant to your niche and gives more insight into answering the questions. You can also view your performance via Quora marketing analytics, which we’ll discuss later in this post.

4. Link to Long-Form Content

Most of the marketers follow this super Quora marketing strategy. Why? Because by sharing links to the insights or detailed answers or blog posts, you can attract traffic to your site or social media. How?

using links for marketing on Quora

Imagine you have created a detailed post and you luckily find a question that aligns perfectly with it. To begin with, write a brief description and paste the image and link below. If you think links aren’t your forte, paste your blog content in there and let the audience know where they can find more relevant information. This type of strategy tones your experience of marketing on Quora.

5. Keep an Eye Out for the Analytics in Marketing on Quora

Like other social media sites, Quora marketing analytics is an excellent way of analyzing how your answer has been doing. You get to see how many views your answer has attracted over time by visiting the Quora stats page.

marketing on Quora - analytics

Here, you can gain an overall assessment of who has viewed, upvoted or downvoted your answer.

Using this information, you can rearrange your Quora marketing strategy. It’s advisable to focus on answering the questions relevant to the ones getting the most positive response. After all, the whole point about gaining the marketing edge on Quora is to increase exposure and influence people by providing valuable content.

6. Find Unanswered Questions and Get Instant Upvotes

Quora automatically lists the relevant questions in your feed. Yes, the questions are all those asked in the topics you have followed. The more you follow spaces and topics, the more you get exposure (maintain your focus though). In the answer tab, you will be notified if there are questions related to the ones you have answered.

The best Quora marketing strategy here is to see what time is a question posted. The fresher it is, the best it is to answer it that instant. As soon as people start searching for the keyword relevant to that question, it will grab their eye, and your exposure will grow.

Since upvotes aren’t promised with the first answers, you can always edit your responses if someone else gives a more detailed version. Edit and format your content consistently to make it easier for the reader, hence easing digital marketing on Quora easy for you.

7. Join Quora Spaces for Marketing on Quora

Another way to gain exposure is to use Quora spaces. These are communities suggested to you based on your interests. Once you join one, you get a greater reach to the people in the same niche. Thus, you have a chance to get better exposure (even if you have a lesser following).

At these spaces, you can post your blogs (text and link) and ask questions. The primary key here is to increase interaction and engagement, which can only be accomplished via content sharing. And as soon as you integrate other practices here, using Quora for marketing gradually levels up.

8. Use Quora Ads for Marketing on Quora

Quora population has witnessed ads now, and with time, marketing on Quora with paid advertisements can help you get a strong lead with in-page ads. Here’s the trick: the advertisements display in the form of answers to questions in your feed.

quora - using ads for businesses

According to Arnie Gullov-Singh, Quora chief revenue, “Much of the knowledge that’s shared on Quora is actually about products and services and brands. The reason people are using Quora is that they are making some considered purchases. It’s a great place to be because you can influence a consumer.”

Using Quora for marketing not only gets comfortable with these ads, but you can reach the non-target audience, such ads promoted by Monday or DuckGoGo. You can read more about advertising and managing your strategies.

9. Follow the 90-10 Rule in Marketing on Quora

Since Quora is a platform where consumers are looking for valuable answers and products, you must be aware of the 90-10 rule. This is that one standard that defines marketing on Quora is that you keep your content 90% informational and 10% promotional.

If the users find value in your content, they would want to learn more about who you are and what you offer. At this point, getting too promotional might not be the best idea because it will do nothing else except lauding the users.

10.  Re-Use Your Old Content

using old content on Quora

If you’re an old Quora user, open the stats tab and go through all-time the Quora marketing analytics. Here you will notice content performance, ranging from best to worst. Pick the best content and use that for roundups. You can edit them further, and reuse them in the new relevant questions.

Marketing on Quora – Conclusion

Marketing on Quora isn’t a conundrum. There are various ways how to get traffic from Quora. Although it has progressed far better in its initial stages, it is surging amid the social media central. The shift is gradual, but for marketers, consistency and deployment of many tips and strategies can help engage the audience, regardless of the niche and industry.

Did we miss something? Or do you have something to add? Just Quora it then!

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