Top 8 Free Logo Maker Tools to Create Free Custom Logos within Minutes

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Sophia 7 May, 2020

Creating an original, personalized, captivating, and free logo that helps to establish the brand identity and distinguish you from the mass is not easy. To help you do it like a pro we have created a list of free logo maker tools.  Feel free to use them to build your own logo without wasting much time and installing specific programs.

free logo maker tools

Why Your Logo Is So Important

Your logo is the face of your business. It’s more than a simple image, but a graphical display of what your brand stands for. For some new bloggers and startups, a logo is a need. However, they don’t have any idea about where to start. Moreover,  they don’t want to spend a limited budget to hire a professional. In this case, free logo maker tools from our list can help a lot.


logaster image

Logaster is another one of the most popular logo maker tools to build truly appealing logos with many existing models, also a simple web service with a pretty clean UI that will make the process of logo creating super fast and efficient.

To create a professional logo, just go to Logaster, enter your brand name, and click on the Start Branding button. On the next step, it’s possible to choose your activity, add a slogan, choose a color palette, etc.

If you want to make some changes, here goes the editor.  With its help you can set or change icon, text, layout or color, so your brand will match your needs and taste. The result will help your company win the business


turbologo logo maker
Turbologo has become quite popular in the world of logo maker tools, which is due in no small part to the fact that it was designed with ease of use in mind even for those who have no background in graphic art. Small business owners simply have to visit the developer’s site, type in their brand name, and then pick what colors they’d like to have featured in their new logo.

The app will then produce around 5-10 different potential options, which users are free to customize by selecting a few different choices from a menu. The process generally doesn’t take much more than maybe a few minutes. Those who know just what they’re looking for can have a professional-looking corporate insignia finished in less than 60 seconds.

Frequent users can store favorite logos in their accounts. Once they log in, they can download any of their choices as PNG or SVG files. Those who elect to download universal vector images from Turbologo can use them both on the web and in print without ever suffering a loss in quality due to scaling. They’re even suitable for making t-shirts or putting on coffee mugs that you’ll use around the office or give away to your loyal customers as a promotion.

Best of all, the developer has already licensed all icons and typefaces used in the construction of the icons under a Creative Commons document, which helps to virtually eliminate any questions surrounding the use of anything created with Turbologo. Since the app runs in any modern browser, you won’t even have to worry about the type of device you’re accessing it on. Managers could potentially create a logo on the go with nothing but their smartphone.

Free Logo Maker Canva

Free Logo Maker Canva 

Canva is not only a graphic design tool for social media but an excellent logo maker tool. By adding lots of elements and styles, text and backgrounds, icons and frames, you can turn your brand identity into visual art easily.

With these steps, you can build a professional logo without difficulty:

  • Create a new Canva account to get started.
  • Choose from a library of professionally-designed templates.
  • Upload your own graphics or choose some free elements to use.
  • Touch up your graphics, edit text and make other adjustments as needed.
  • Save and share.


Placeit Logo Maker tool

Placeit’s logo maker is super simple to use and lets you create bold and professional logos in seconds. With its smart interface and thousands of options, an amazing logo is just a few clicks away.

Placeit’s Logo Maker has more than 4600 different professionally-designed logo templates to choose from. From Basketball team logos to Japanese restaurant logos and everything in between. Super easy to make and edit, simply type in your brand or company’s name, choose your colors then click and drag the elements around. With Placeit, you can also find videos, mockups, and design templates to brand your business like a pro.



DesignEvo is a new logo maker tool that provides over one million icons, a wide board of free fonts and vector shapes. It’s easy-to-use and intuitive that everyone can use without registration AND without installing any software.

To build a unique and professional logo, you just spend a few minutes on the site and with only need 3 steps:

Choose an icon and edit its position, size, rotation, color, etc.

Add logo text and customize the font color, size, style to have unique typography artwork.

Preview how your final logo will look like on a series of scenarios and download instantly in high-quality PNG and JPG files, which you can use for your website, business card, social media, letterhead, shirt, etc.

 Designhill AI-Powered Free Logo Maker Tool

Designhill Free Logo Maker Tool image

Designhill’s artificial intelligence and machine learning-based logo maker tool create a cool logo easily within minutes that says a lot about your brand.

Best of all, you don’t need to have any graphic design experience to make your own logo that you can be proud of – our amazing logo generator makes it easy.

This logo generator uses premium fonts, icons, and graphics and constantly learns which designs work well together, so every time you use, our logo maker gets better.

With 3 simple steps, you can build a professional logo with powerful features:

  • Start with Inspiration (Enter your company name and select logo design styles, colors and icons you like).
  • Browse & Customize your design.
  • Get Ready-To-Use Files.



The fourth service I am proposing to build a logo is perhaps more interesting, especially for those who have a site or blog, as it allows you to choose between a larger number of fonts, and the results are great.

The name of this free logo maker tool is Supalogo. Enter the website of Supalogo, insert the text you chose for the logo, then adjust with other customizations, including the choice of font sources, the text size, border thickness, color, and transparency. Finally, download the logo in .png format.

Cool Text

Cool Text

Cool Text is a fabulous text logo maker to create logos with many effects and variations. On the front page, you select the type of images you prefer and then personalize with your own style; If you want, you can change color, size, shadow, and many other effects.

This logo and graphics generator site is really within the reach of everyone, even for computer novices. As well as others, it’s free and no registration required.


For those who want to start building a logo, these five free logo maker tools provide a fantastic and easy way of building unique and professional logos that speak for your brand. I hope the above-mentioned logo and graphics generators would help you build logos of your choice that make you stand out from others.

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  1. Cool Text – is what I was using when I got started with internet marketing years back. That was the time I hardly new anything about it.

    Moving on, now I am using Canva for all my design related needs. Canva is one stop destination if you are not well verse with designing.

    It has really cool & easy features to make stunning graphics, ofcourse without need of learning designing.

    Initially people may be overwhealmed with the amount of tools or features Canva has, but I will suggest you to spend sometime learning this tool, and once you have a good hold on this tool your designing needs will be taken care of forever.


  2. It takes a professional design craft a meaningful brand that best represents your company. A brand is a LOT more than just a logo of course, but the logo is a very important. If you think your company is well represented by a thoughtless online random shape generator.

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