Using Proxy Servers: How Does It Work and Why?

MotoCMS Editorial 23 April, 2024

Recently, we’ve been paying more and more attention to online security and anonymity. As users, we are more aware of the importance of the trail we leave online. That’s why solutions aimed at keeping Internet users safe while surfing the web on a daily basis are becoming increasingly popular. One of them is a video streaming proxy – what is it, what is it for, and is it really safe? We tell you everything you need to know about video streaming proxy server and what it do when you use it.

What Is a Proxy? What Is a Proxy Server Used for?

An intermediate server, often called a proxy server (also known as a proxy gateway), is an intermediary when you connect to the Internet. This means that all request(s) created by the user when opening a website are first sent to the proxy server, which requests the display of the website on our behalf (but anonymously). Thanks to this, the user leaves virtually no trace behind, including the IP address.

Why using proxy servers is beneficial?

A proxy (intermediary server) operates outside the user’s local network and ensures that the user’s identity is hidden on the Internet. When using proxy servers, the intermediary server sends a request to open a website – on behalf of the user, but without leaving any trace of the user (in theory, as in practice, it varies).

A proxy is also designed to store the saved websites in memory. Thanks to this, opening them can take much less time and thus optimize computer performance. If the page is not yet saved in the resources, it will be saved the first time it is accessed (through a proxy).

Using proxy servers can be described in a few words. The intermediate server provides anonymity on the network so that the user does not leave traces that would allow him or her to be tracked, and it also improves the performance of websites by storing them in its memory.

Who Uses Proxy Servers?

Using proxy servers provides fairly basic protection on the Internet, and their use is mostly recommended for people who occasionally need to become anonymous on the Internet by changing their IP address.

An intermediate server will be useful for people who want to bypass geo-blocking. Some portals block access to users from certain countries, and proxies can bypass these filters.

Proxy security shouldn’t be a problem if we use a reliable provider. As a rule, paid proxies should be more secure, but there is no reason to consider free proxies unsafe.

Proxies are often used by companies that are engaged in so-called data collection, search engine optimization, or checking ads in a particular area.

The dangers of using proxy servers of uncertain origin include:

  • the possibility of monitoring the user’s connection by the proxy provider;
  • no HTTPS protocol, so the data entered by the user is not encrypted;
  • infection of the user’s computer with viruses;
  • interception of cookies, which often contain confidential data.

The use of a proxy server is completely legal, so there is no reason to worry when connecting to an intermediate server. Of course, they cannot be used for illegal activities.

Types of Proxy Servers

There are three types of proxy servers:

  • fully anonymous proxies – in their case, the target website treats the proxy server as a regular user, without any intermediaries
  • anonymous proxy – the user’s IP address is hidden, but information about the use of a proxy to connect to the site is provided
  • transparent proxy – the user’s IP address is fully visible when connecting to the site. This type of proxy is treated as a cache.

It is quite impossible to choose the best type of proxy. Each type is designed for different applications in which it will work best. If we expect pages to load faster, transparent is a good choice. On the other hand, if we want the highest possible anonymity, it is best to use a fully anonymous proxy.

How Do I Set Up a Proxy on My Phone?

Setting up a proxy server on your phone shouldn’t cause any problems for Android, iOS, and iPad devices.

Setting Up a Proxy on Android

  • Open the settings.
  • Select Network & Internet and then Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi network to which your device is connected.
  • At the top of the screen, tap Edit and open Advanced Settings.
  • Find the Proxy menu, expand it, and select a configuration type.
  • Confirm the changes.

Setting Up a Proxy for iOS/iPadOS

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Click the i (more info) icon next to the Wi-Fi network your device is on.
  • Find the HTTP PROXY section, select Configure proxy, and choose a configuration type.

Note that setting up an HTTP proxy for one Wi-Fi network will be unique to that network. If you use the same proxy server on another network, you will need to reconfigure it.

Are Free Proxies Safe?

Let’s clarify why you should buy video streaming proxy.  Free proxies are dangerous. It is not the price that determines their security, but their origin. Many free solutions on the Internet are very popular (e.g. Hide.me) and you can’t trust them completely.

A free proxy server doesn’t have to be dangerous. However, you should pay special attention to its reviews, which are worth checking before connecting to a proxy server. The more popular it is, the more likely we are not to run into problems.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that by using proxy servers, you risk infecting your computer with malware.

In addition, many of these types of proxies do not use an encrypted HTTPS connection, so the user’s sensitive data is not sufficiently protected. Therefore, the iProxy.online team is strongly against logging in to banks and other websites that store our sensitive data.

Finally, video streaming proxy server is most often used by professionals who generate high data transfer using proxy servers. Their use is often for activities related to search engine optimization, controlling local markets, checking advertising in a selected area, etc.


Android and iOS users can equally benefit from increased productivity online: hide their identity while remaining completely anonymous, control access to their children’s web content, administer access for their friends, and more. While free proxies may not be reliable, it is important to choose leading service providers to ensure maximum security and efficiency. Block unwanted resources, bypass geographic restrictions, and find the information you need more efficiently!

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