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5 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2021

MotoCMS Editorial 30 August, 2021

The current digital era has been a backbone in shaping up modern civilization. Yet social media plays an important role in each and every development that is happening. Be it in personal or professional life. Under such a situation, the continuously changing trends of social media are something you must keep an eye on. In this article, we’ll look into the top five social media trends for 2021 that you should watch if you are a digital marketing agency.

Before we try to delve any further, a small word of caution. Don’t try to follow each and every trend that comes each and every time. Following too many trends might sound cool, but it might not work out with you in case your business goals are not supporting that trend. Without further delay, let us look into the five trends that you must watch out for in 2021.

1. The Time of the Micro-Influencers Is Here

As per the recent research, it has shown that the audience is not much receptive to flashy advertisements which are not personalized. What this specifically means is the attraction towards TV commercials that star TV actors or actresses don’t just appeal to anyone.

The age of micro influences has just started and the main reason for the same is the ease of the Internet. The economic feasibility followed by the increased reach amongst a much more diversified demographic group has led to the increased use of micro-influencers in social media marketing.

Social Media Trends – Trend #2. Video Content Has Become Sounder

The dynamic nature of video content is one of the main reasons why people are slowly shifting towards it. People are getting busier. Time is getting limited and it is where video marketing comes into play.  Studies have shown that more than 35% of businesses have slowly shifted towards video marketing, and they have seen extraordinary results. And increasing the impressions, click-through rate and even the bottom line is why video marketing is slowly taking this social media world over.

3. More Personalized Content, More User-generated Content

The main advantage that user-generated content brings is the personalized touch. In the world of Social Media, trust is a very important factor and it is where testimonials come into play. Combining it with the second point, video testimonials are the next most important thing that the social media world is going through. An increase in video-generated content by a whopping 75% over the last couple of years is proof of how video content is getting much more leverage.

Being a consumer, I personally would like to read the reviews or watch the video reviews while purchasing any new product.  Similarly, stats have shown that there is 2.4 times more inclination towards video content, which is user-generated while purchasing a product, and this is why it is time companies should focus on UGC.

4. Stories and Going Live

At first, it was Facebook to bring about the concept of stories. It was followed by WhatsApp, Instagram, and now even LinkedIn. It goes ahead to show the craze that stories have when it comes to the digital world. The bigger question that we want to ask is why? The answer to this can be either engagement or the nature of the story itself. Stories generally are crisp, delivering a very important message, and can reach out to a larger audience compared to what a post might have.

Going live has also shown a higher customer engagement when it comes to businesses. It creates a sense of connecting with the customers as well as creating a value of trust and mutual understanding. For these reasons, these are going to remain alive for a longer time than expected in the social media marketing domain.

5. Optimize the Content for Mobile

Making a website is not only about responsiveness, but it is also about optimization. The fine line of difference between optimization and responsiveness comes with the fact that how friendly your content is on mobile. With 2021 signaling mammoth growth in terms of digital users, thanks to the pandemic, we can see that businesses need to optimize the content and not just make them responsive.

Social media companies Melbourne have gone ahead to implement the optimized content from mobile and they have seen excellent results when it comes to user engagement and lead generation.
These examples go ahead to show that content for mobile is not just responsive, but it has to speak to its own audience.

Social Media Trends – Bottom Line

The key understanding out of this entire article is that the trends are supposed to change. If we delve deeper into it, we realize that some of the major trends today did not exist five years ago. As a digital marketer, it is his sole responsibility to stay aware of what’s the next trend and stay ahead of your competitors this way.

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