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Artificial Intelligence in Web Design, Development and Marketing

Bharat 17 October, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a tech buzzword but it is now a massive reality shaping our digital world and maneuvers in every possible way. AI is actively being used in manufacturing, transport, aviation, business intelligence and most notably in all sorts of web and IT solutions. AI at present offers the promise for more sophisticated website development with chatbots, artificial intelligence in web design, AI-powered search engine optimization, and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Web Design

Latest artificial intelligence research has come up with many unprecedented ways to boost user experience. Let us explain in the course of this post how AI is really shaping web design, development, SEO, and marketing.

Implementing AI In Website Development

 AI In Website Development
Artificial intelligence in web development
can really have a surprising outcome for building web experience that helps quicker business conversion. Just think of browsing a website and when you have shown interest in certain products, the web interface automatically offers you some promotional offers to give you more reasons to go for buying it then and there. AI can help to decipher buying intents based on user behavior and boost conversion. Here are some of the ways Artificial intelligence in web development can help benefit the user experience.

Predicting reply better

The communication process between computers and users is never natural because machines fail to understand human emotions and respond accordingly. New chat bots powered by artificial intelligence can communicate more effectively leaving no scope for misunderstanding or lack of communication. The web users of the coming time will have the more proactive response from the apps and websites thanks to AI bots.

Improved user experience

 Thanks to AI adapting to the user needs became easier than ever. Through Artificial intelligence in web development, one can understand user preferences, moods and accordingly can judge the context of the user. Obviously, by understanding the user context and situations customer service and user experience can be given a boost. When it is about judging the user based on a complex and large volume of data, user analysis can be better with the analysis of contexts and situations.

Voice-based search

Deciphering user intents and preferences based on the voice and tonal differences of the user is the latest frontier to be achieved by the artificial intelligence. Earlier, understanding user’s spoken the language was problematic because of differences in pronunciation. Now, thanks to natural language processing technology user intents can easily be deciphered. AI bots powered by voice command and search will only take this technology further ahead. A vast majority of artificial intelligence research projects seem committed to making voice search more intuitive and humanely.

Augmented customer experience

Just think of seeking help from department store staff while shopping. What do you do in case you need the same kind of help while shopping online? In spite of continuous insistence and repeated effort to make the web shopping experience better, sometimes simply it lacks the human help and guidance. This is where AI-powered chatbots can really play a positive role. While shopping on a web store you can seek help from an intelligent bot.

Artificial Intelligence in Web Design

Artificial Intelligence in Web Design

If you look at the evolution of web over the years you are bound to realize that it is no longer just about work but increasingly about the experience that encompasses every sphere of life. It has become the source of entertainment, pastime, communication, shopping, relationships, community and many other aspects of daily life. Naturally, web experience deserves to be more human, responsive and engaging. Artificial intelligence in web design paved the way for designers to transform the web experience with many new elements. The previous design of the web has now hot the boost of artificial design intelligence.

Machine learning in web design

Machine learning technology, the predecessor to artificial intelligence in web design has come a big way allowing scopes of customization for websites. The designer will no longer decide on the web layout, images, color scheme, CTA button shape, and typeface. The software by analyzing the user inputs will decide which elements can work best for engaging user experience.

Deciphering user preference on the basis of user activities and interactions can help to make design easier. Based on the device in use, user intents and typical needs of access images can be cropped automatically with an AI-powered design decision. Contents can also be customized based on what user needs. For instance, knowing that a user is diabetic recipes can be shown by a food website accordingly. More personalization through artificial intelligence in web design will help to make the web experience more engaging.

AI’s Role in SEO

AI’s Role in SEO

For every web venturing hitting search engine ranks is more important than anything else. Businesses depending heavily on web traffic SEO is akin to their bread and butter. SEO is more about serving contents that the user needs and user likes. In this respect deciphering user preferences is important and AI can really play a crucial role in it. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can help webmasters knowing least competitive and opportune keywords and contents to drive traffic. Artificial Intelligence typically tries to find out the reasons behind every search and accordingly offers solutions delivering to those needs.

Enhance video contents

 These days video contents are very popular and one of the few leading content niches helping websites and web ventures getting viral. Interesting, intriguing and provocative video going viral can bring you huge traffic overnight.

But most web ventures till this day remain clueless about the virality of a video. In this context, Artificial Intelligence can play a hugely important role. Based on the user interactions and on the basis of user signals with similar videos, the AI-based software can suggest changes to video contents that can make them more popular. Moreover, video recognition content analysis opens new horizonts to smart user searches and better UX.

Boosting the quality of contents

Content quality is undoubtedly central to search engine ranks. Moreover, higher the quality of contents is, better chances it deserves for search engine ranks. Even after doing everything in your capacity you sometimes remain clueless about the key elements that make a web content stand out from the others.

Robust analysis of contents from competition, user demands, key triggers of engagement and delivering contents based on user interactions are important to ensure the quality of contents that users feel attached to. AI-powered software can guide you with suggestions to deliver better contents and hit search ranks more frequently.

High-quality links

Apart from the quality of contents link quality plays a great role in hitting better search ranks. A good link leads to the high domain authority and can engage your audience. Finding such quality links based on user interest and domain reputation is not an easy task. In that respect, AI-powered software working in the backend can help a lot in finding good links that users are interested with.

Final Words

AI is an advanced and crucial technology which adds value to the user experience and business. AI influences that through context-aware web design, SEO and web development. The role of artificial intelligence in web design and in bringing web further closer to the user will only get stronger.

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  1. Thank you for sharing informative article. Artificial Intelligence has increasingly become one of the trendiest topics among the app development companies. It improves the user experience of web.

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