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Marketing Strategies to Turn Your Website into a Lead Machine

Phil Singleton 27 October, 2017

Your website isn’t just for displaying information about your company. It’s a dynamic entity meant to help deepen brand awareness, generate leads, and measure the effectiveness of all of your marketing strategies. Here are some search engine marketing ideas on how to transform a static website into a lead-generating marketing platform.

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Website Marketing Strategies Must Include SEO

It’s not enough to have a great message; you need to search engine optimize your content so that people can find you to hear the message. Zopto is a kind of company that helps with LinkedIn growth. Here are Zopto reviews to know more in detail.

Some easy ways to optimize your site for SEO are to identify a targeted list of keywords and phrases and implement them naturally in the text. You should also have page titles that use keywords and be sure to use meta descriptions.  But remember that you should always write for the user first. At the same time, you should naturally weave your business marketing ideas and SEO goals into the content.

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Websites as the Referral Source for all Content Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategies encouraging people to visit and spend time on a website. Instead of posting content via social media, post content on your website and then share that through social media. This goes for written content but video and audio as well.  For example, if you host a podcast show, be sure to lead listeners back to your website to listen instead of a third-party audio platform. That way people will be directed back to your website to get access to this content, where share your business ideas and lead them into your sales funnel.

Blog on Your Website at Least Once per Week

For your website to be a dynamic and successful business marketing platform, it has to be current. After all, by sharing your best business ideas and providing educational content to prospective customers, you are proving your authority. That means that you can’t let blog posts go stale. Aim to publish once a week, as a minimum, and get help from blog writing companies if you need it. If that is a challenge, you can always re-purpose existing content (which can help SEO) or invite guest bloggers to help create content.

Add Call-to-Actions with Special Offers or eBooks

In order to really charge up your search engine marketing strategies, consider adding value for users with more substantial content in an eBook format. To use the eBook as a way to generate leads and improve conversion rate optimization, make sure that you’ve strategically placed a call to action throughout the text. To be effective for e-marketing, the CTA has to be natural within the context of your content.

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The same goes for offers. Enhance your web advertising by compelling your users to act by extending special offers, whether through form submission or a downloadable takeaway for them. This is an effective way to track leads for the future.

Add Newsletter Subscriptions

Email marketing has been a core e-marketing tactic since the beginning. Having your users subscribe to your newsletter is a way to keep your conversation going, with your content regularly delivered right to their inbox. It’s also a reminder for folks to click back through to your site for current offers, etc. Beef up your web advertising by offering incentives to people to join your newsletter such as a one-time discount on a purchase or service with a subscription.

Leverage Online Marketing Services from Facebook & Google

You can make your website and web advertising more relevant by having a greater understanding of your targeted user with online marketing services such as Facebook pixel and AdWords remarketing tags to track who’s visiting your site. You can determine if you are reaching the right people and narrow down how to improve your campaigns.

Online Marketing Services from Facebook

Add Testimonials, Case Studies, and Trust Badges

All e-marketing strategies must include social proof to be effective.  Testimonials are short and sweet but are very effective at lending another dimension to your business in the eyes of others. It also personalizes your marketing efforts and gives consumers confidence in you.

Trust Badges

Case studies accomplish a similar goal. They give more depth and a different context to your content strategy, namely social proof of your value. You can also utilize case studies to boost your SEO because much of the language lends itself naturally to keywords.

Another way to increase consumer confidence is through the clever placement of trust badges. They can be really useful in boosting your conversion rate.

Make Sure That Your Offline Advertising Contains Call to Action

To achieve the greatest reach, multiple forms of traditional business marketing and online marketing services are good but leverage your offline advertising to boost your online presence. Ensure that each ad has a specific call to action that leads them right back to your website.


At the end of the day, your website is not a “set and forget it” business marketing asset.  You need to leverage the above marketing ideas and tactics in order to turn your site into a lead machine.  To maximize your marketing ROI for all the online services that you use, you need to maintain your website’s SEO. Moreover, you should invest in search engine marketing, create content and participate in social media, now – and forever.

One response to “Marketing Strategies to Turn Your Website into a Lead Machine”

  1. Overall well written post.

    I would like to add 1 strategy I am using & getting good results, i.e., – using Q&A site like Quora.

    You can find threads related to your niche & answer them. This will help you attract qualified leads. Make sure you are not just dropping your website or product page link, rather clearly give solution to the query asked.

    Try to answer atleast 1 Quora thread a day, within couple of months you will see more number of leads for your business.


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