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12 Free SEO Tools for Effective Search Engine Marketing

Allison Reed 21 August, 2017

Have you ever heard of search engine marketing? If not, it’s high time to get acquainted with this effective way of promoting your online business. Search engine marketing is your real chance to become noticeable on the web and thus grow your audience in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

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What Is Search Engine Marketing?

To begin with, search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Its main goal is the promotion of a website by increasing its visibility in search engine results pages.

The greatest strength of SEM is that it provides you with the targeted traffic. According to the statistics, the number of Google searches per second for today is 61,971. Furthermore, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. So, it’s quite possible that right at this moment some potential customers are searching for your products. However, whose website will they come across first – yours or your competitor’s? Effective search engine marketing is able to make you a winner in this race.

SEO is one of the most important integrative parts of search engine marketing. It’s all about optimizing your website to get higher rankings in SERPs. That’s why you just can’t ignore it paving your way to the top. By the way, if you don’t know much about SEO you are welcome to read our Swift SEO Guide.

Free SEO Tools to Bring Your Search Engine Marketing to the New Level

Frankly speaking, all of us, even the most experienced professionals, need a helping hand when it comes to SEO. Luckily, there is a wide range of tools at your disposal to successfully cope with this task. Moreover, many of them are free. You are just to take the advantage of these tools and watch your website rankings raise instantly.

SEO tools

In order to save both your time and money, we’ve made a list of some free SEO tools for effective search engine marketing.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools enable you to define the most relevant SEO keywords for your website content. If you use these keywords properly, it will help you generate and convert the traffic.



Ubersuggest is a convenient online tool that makes the process of keywords search easy and fast. It will take you just a couple of seconds to get a detailed list of the relevant keywords. As soon as the search is over, you can copy your SEO keywords or download them as a CSV file.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool offers you 750+ Google keyword suggestions on the fly. It bases the choice on the keywords that people are typing into Google Search Box. What’s more, you can choose a specific Google domain and one out of 83 supported languages.

Content Optimization Tools

Perhaps, even a novice on the web realizes the importance of relevant content. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly hard to come up with fresh and unique ideas all the time. However, it’s a must-do if you want to succeed. The tools below are your chance to optimize your website content both for your audience and search engines.

Outdated Content Finder

Outdated Content Finder

Outdated Content Finder is a content optimization tool from Greenlane. No secret that within a definite period some content of any website becomes outdated. Consequently, you are to get rid of it. The Outdated Content Finder will help you identify the data that is not relevant anymore by basing on the dates you enter.


Copyscape online tool

Copyscape with its free plagiarism checker makes it easy to find the copies of your web pages online. Besides, it provides you with a free tool to compare two web pages or articles. What’s more, Copyscape offers you free plagiarism warning banners for your website to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content.

Link Building and Removal Tools

Link building tools help you with “manual” link building. In other words, they enable you to find, analyze, and leverage new link opportunities. Link removal tools are highly useful for the websites that have got a penalty from Google’s Penguin algorithm. They are able to reinvigorate your website and considerably raise its Google ranking.

Check My Links

Check My Links

Check My Links is a handy Google SEO tool that helps you find the broken links. With just one click of a button, the link checker begins to crawl through your web page examining all the links. It highlights which links are valid and which ones are broken.

Disavow Links

Disavow Links

Disavow Links is one more tool from Google to improve your website rankings. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t control spammy or low-quality links from the web that lead to your website. Disavow Links enables you to “ask” Google not to take them into consideration while assessing your website.

Rank Tracking Tools

It goes without saying that everyone wants his website to have the highest possible search engine rankings. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to know where your website currently ranks. This knowledge allows you to see whether your online marketing strategy is effective enough or requires some reconsideration.

The Hoth

The Hoth rank tracking

The Hoth is an easy-to-use free search engine rankings tool. Undoubtedly, it’s the very tool you need to know how successful your SEO campaign is. The Hoth provides you with valuable information about what terms your website already ranks for. You are just to enter your domain and see the results.


Search metrics

Searchmetrics is a performance dashboard of your website search and social rankings. The free version of the Searchmetrics report suggests you a clear picture of how your website is ranking in search engines and on social. Besides, the competitor overview enables you to see all your real competitors in organic and paid search.

Page Speed Tools

It’s not a secret that Google has included website speed and, as a result, page speed into its algorithm for ranking pages. Hence, it’s a good idea to check up your website pages speed for effective search engine marketing. If the checkup shows that your website is slow, don’t get upset. MotoCMS will gladly help you find out how to boost your website page speed considerably.

PageSpeed Insights

Page Speed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a perfect tool for website pages checkup. Firstly, it measures the performance of the page for both desktop and mobile devices. Secondly, the tool shows how you can improve the situation. A priority indicator depicts the importance of each suggestion. So, you are able to improve the performance of the page simply by implementing the suggestions.


GT metrix

GTmetrix is one more effective SEO tool. Just as PageSpeed Insights, it measures how well your website loads and gives actionable recommendations on how to optimize it. Furthermore, you can analyze your website loading speed from different regions worldwide. Besides, you are able to schedule GTmetrix to test your pages daily, weekly or monthly to be sure that your website stays optimized.

SEO Analysis Tools

This category provides you with an opportunity of your website in-depth SEO checkup. To put it simply, these tools analyze whether your website is following both off-page and on-page SEO best practices.

SEO Rambler

The SEO Rambler is getting the top 10 results from Google, analyzes them, and it’s visually displaying the details. It enables quick access to a comparison with the results straight from Google Search.

Questions it might answer:

Why your competitors are ranking well on Google, and you are not?
You are on the first page, but you want to know how to climb among the TOP 3?
Wondering how optimized a page from your site is for a particular keyword?
Want to see how your SEO optimization compares to that of the TOP 10 from your niche?

Start testing to figure it out!

The SEO factors we are comparing:

  • readability ease
  • word counts
  • images on the page
  • external links from within the content
  • semantic relevance (TF*IDF)
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority
  • Google Pagespeed Insights scores

SEO SiteCheckup

SEO Site Checkup

SEO SiteCheckup is a free tool that offers its users professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring. It takes a few seconds and a couple of clicks to see how a search engine may interpret your website. As soon as the tool finishes the analysis it generates all the information in SEO report. The report covers any problems or technical shortcomings that may hurt your search engine rankings.

SEO Workers

SEO Workers

SEO Workers is a great free tool to fully check up your on-page SEO. It analyzes and measures the ranking potential of your website. The advantage of the tool is that it not only analyzes the Meta Tags of your pages. It also tries to use the same spider technology as the search engines do.

Of course, this is just a short list of free SEO tools for effective search engine marketing. Have you tried any of them? Or do you prefer some other tools? If you do, feel free to tell about your favorite ones in the comments section. Your personal experience will definitely help the novices who are just starting their online journey.

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