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Build Brand Awareness with Your Website in 8 Efficient Ways

Michael Evans 18 November, 2014

It is not the product that you sell; rather it is your brand that you are selling. Smart marketers know how important it is for a business to strengthen its brand image if it is to reinforce its market position. Businesses spend with abandon on their marketing plans hoping to capture the attention of their targeted audience; however, there is no such a need to go extreme to build brand awareness. By making some changes in the existing design and structure of their website, they can boost the brand of their business organization.

Build Brand Awareness Main

Wondering how? Well, here are some tips:

#1 Create a Mascot

Have you ever wondered why big tournaments like FIFA World Cup or Olympic always have a mascot? Yeah you have got it right, it represents the tournament itself. The concept of mascot is not limited to tournaments or events though; some big corporate brands have already embraced it to carve out a niche for their brand on the web. Now, please don’t confuse mascot with a logo. Mascots are mostly characters that are made to represent their brand. It is like a representative of the business. It can be awkward, funny, etc. but make sure it is unique. You can even use inanimate object as mascot if you wish so, but you need to imbibe human characteristics in it to create an impact and to connect with the targeted audience.

Build Brand Awareness Mascot

Template Monster has done an incredible job by creating a mascot for its brand. This little monster with a kind smile illustrates the company’s name and so becomes a perfect tool to build brand awareness.

#2 Consistency is the Key

Your offline and online presence should not clash. If your brand has some offline recognition already, your website should be an extension of that recognition. However, some designers do just the very opposite. They use different color combination, different font types or take completely different approach when they move from online promotion to offline or vice versa. It makes sense to be consistent with your marketing approach otherwise there will always be conflict of interests.

Building Brand Awareness Tips

Blake Rigler brand maintains a perfect balance between its offline and online branding building initiatives. The essence of the business is reflected on both its website and its offline counterparts like business card, envelop design, letter pad and other aspects of its corporate identity design. Logo forms take the central part of both online and offline designs.

#3 Copy

Contrary to popular perception, people do read things online. But to make them read, the copy has to be exceptionally good. Now, just making a copy grammatically perfect or structurally correct is not the end of the job. The write-up has to capture the users’ attention or the imagination, otherwise they will not stay on the website for long. Your website copy should correspond to your brand. Say for example, if you are selling tech products, a funky or informal approach is going to cut the ice. Whereas, if your brand has something to do with women beauty products, you need to make sure that the copy is graceful and has a feminine charm. Try not to offend anyone via your copy. They are not just simple words; bad words can ruin the brand image of your organization forever. So be careful what you are putting on your website. Hire a professional to get it reviewed before making the copy go live.

Adidas Brand Building Website

Big brands like Adidas always use copy that reflects its brand. Its copy is crystal clear and crisp. It uses unique teaser for each single page and this is what propels the brand on the web. The copy is friendly yet powerful, concise yet well-crafted.

#4 Value proposition

‘A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered’ – says the Wikipedia. Now, you might be wondering how this can be related to your effort to bolster brand image. Well, it is highly likely that you are not the only businessman who is trying to sell his products/service desperately; there are other people targeting the same group of audience. Therefore, the only way you can make your service appear unique is by focusing more the value your product/service offers.

Value Proposition can be anything like 24 hours Customer Service, Zero Question Return Policy, Free Home Delivery, 20% Discount or anything else that reflects the uniqueness of your brand. You need to help the visitors make a decision and therefore, the value proposition of your business should be placed all over your website so that people notice it easily. It is another method to persuade users without pushing too hard.

Inflowapp Building Brand Website

Inflowapp propagates its value proposition clearly by using some simple words – ‘Inflow is a simple web application to organize your project leads’ but the impact is palpable. Since it has used simple words to describe its value, it makes it easier for visitors to understand its meaning and make a quick decision.

#5 Uniqueness of Your Business

If your business has nothing unique about it, you have to fake it. Well, this might sound rude but this is the hard cold reality. Just put on the shoes of a regular visitor and then you will realize why you need to show the unique aspects of your brand on your website. You simply can’t think of bolstering your brand presence via your website if you fail to focus on the uniqueness.

#6 Use Interesting Images

Words are powerful; however images are even more powerful. Use of evocative and unique images will help you immensely. You can even make people trust your brand by using high quality images of your staff, product or office. It helps you connect to your audience. Please for Christ’s sake don’t use cheesy stock photos; they are horrible [as these stock images are not unique and multiple website owners use them on a regular basis].

Building Brand Awareness with Your Website

Shorelineofny uses images of common people on its website’s home page and it helps the website to capture the attention of the audience easily. The use of big and bright image definitely works in its favor.

#7 Impressive About Us Page

Most website designers believe that their creativity starts with the Home page and also ends with it. We tend to neglect the About Us page of the website but this can cost a brand immensely. People are in the habit of browsing the About Us page to get to know more about the organization. Therefore, the About Us has to be as good as it can be. As a designer, you have to rise above mediocrity and come up with something creative for the About Us page too. We are not asking you to reinvent the wheel rather we are asking you to give some creative attention to the About Us page so that it can stand out of its own.

Building Brand Awareness with Website Design

The About Us page of MailChimp looks really cool. They have included huge amount of information and the use of large image, featuring its founders, has added to its charm.

#8 Color Combination

Colors are not just what they appear to you and me. It is more than just aesthetics; use of proper color can evoke strong emotion. Different colors can affect people differently. For example, red is associated with vitality and energy whereas black is associated with elegant and luxury. Read this Color Combination Guide to know more about different colors and their impact on visitors.

Moreover, there are some rules of thumb that you should be following carefully. Like if your business is related to financial industry, you should be using green color predominantly in the design. However, if you are selling women beauty products, you should be using pink throughout the website. However, it is you who will have to take the final call.

So, these are the few considerations that you need to keep in mind while trying to build brand awareness by harnessing the power of your website.

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