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19 Tried and Tested Ways To Grow Your Email List

Stefan Smulders 29 March, 2021

With so many modern marketing tools, many entrepreneurs and marketers undermine the potential of good ol’ emails. So, is email marketing no longer effective? That’s not true! According to a study by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media. In addition to this, the buying process happens three times faster via email marketing than social media. Has your email list reached a point of stagnation? Whether you are struggling to grow your email list or it’s full of unresponsive contacts, it’s time to reform your email marketing strategy. This post shares some tried and tested strategies to grow your email list. Take a look.

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Strategically Placed Pop-Ups

If your website has no subscription pop-up, it’s time to add one. It should be visually appealing with a persuasive copy to compel website visitors to join your mailing list. You also need to find the perfect time to show the pop-up. Ideally, the pop-up should appear after a visitor has spent 60 seconds on your website.

Grow Your Email List – Exit Intent Pop-Ups

You can see a boost in your subscription rate with an exit-intent pop-up. This pop-up style appears when visitors move their cursor to the top pixel of a landing page or blog. Before visitors can exit or click on ‘back,’ they are interrupted by an exit-intent pop-up.

Multiple Signup Forms

Just a single pop-up is not enough to catch the eye of your visitors. For the best results, your website should have multiple signup forms on different landing pages to encourage visitors to sign up. However, refrain from adding too many signup forms, making it difficult for visitors to browse your website.

Grow Your Email List – Try Slide-In Forms

Visitors often fail to notice a static sign-up form in the corner of a website. Instead of going for a static form, grab visitors’ attention with a slide-in sign-up form. That being said, you should ensure this feature doesn’t block your website content.

Incentivize Signing Up

Why should a visitor who has just seen your brand for the first time sign up for your email list? Start the right foot by incentivizing signing up for new visitors. You can offer visitors discount codes, special prices, and promotional merchandise to get their contact information.

Create Shareable Email Content

Just growing your email list is not the end game. Your email marketing campaign should aim to attract leads and keep them engaged with valuable content. That’s why it’s a good practice to focus on creating exciting and shareable content that will encourage subscribers to forward your emails and blogs to their contacts.

Utilizing Social Media

You can efficiently utilize social media platforms to increase your subscribers. One of the easiest ways to make your sign-up form visible is by adding it to your Instagram bio. You can also add a customized Sign-Up button to your Facebook page.

Grow Your Email List – Run Twitter Ads

Often, people don’t mind signing up for a newsletter but don’t want to go through the hassle. Twitter ads allow users to sign up without leaving the site.

Leveraging LinkedIn Contacts

The prospects you have discovered and connected with on LinkedIn can become valuable additions to your email list. You can learn how to export Linkedin contacts and use these contacts for your email marketing campaigns.

Partially or Fully Gated Blogs

Partially or fully gated blogs give visitors access to content only after sharing their contact information. In particular, partially gated content can capture visitors’ interest and encourage them to sign up.

Create Gated Visual Content

Like gated blogs, you can create gated visual content for platforms such as Pinterest. This is a reliable strategy for generating leads and growing your email list. Use List-Building Tools: Invest in list building tools to quickly build targeted email lists for your marketing campaigns. These tools offer features like customizable sign-up forms, automated data collection, and segmentation to help you efficiently gather and manage the contact details of potential customers.

Grow Your Email List – Run Contests

Online contests and giveaways are an excellent way to boost your email list. You can host giveaways on social media and ask people to share their contact information to participate.

Use Contact Form

You should consider adding a subscription checkbox on your contact form. Since visitors already share their email addresses, they don’t have to type it again to join the email list. All they need to do is check the box.

Share a Free Online Resource

You can create a free online resource for your target audience, such as an ebook or a niche calculator. And give access to these resources in exchange for their contact information.

Use End Cards on Youtube

Are you creating content on YouTube? You can use ‘end cards’ on YouTube to link your sign-up landing page. Links to your sign-up form and website should also be mentioned in the description box below the video.

Conduct A/B Testing

Some elements on your website successfully encourage visitors to subscribe, while others aren’t as effective. Take the guesswork out of email marketing with A/B testing. Compare different modifications to determine which version of your website drives traffic and persuades visitors to subscribe.

Grow Your Email List – Try Guest Blogging

You can create content for blogs that are popular among your target audience. In guest blogs, include a link to your website or a sign-up landing page.

Make Short Videos

A video is at least ten times more if a picture is worth a thousand words. You should include a short video on your website to give visitors an insight into your brand and increase subscribers.

Referral Programs

You can encourage your existing customers to become advocates for your brand. People often trust recommendations from their friends and family. Design a referral program that offers customers gifts or discounts in exchange for getting their friends and family to sign up.

Grow Your Email List – In Conclusion

To curate the best strategies to increase your subscribers, you need to understand your target audience and determine their response. Growing your email list with new contacts is a coveted opportunity for generating leads and nurturing long-lasting relationships with your customers. Sharing relevant and engaging emails is crucial to minimize the unsubscribing rate and boost revenue. We hope the above tips will help you build an impressive mailing list.

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