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High Performing Email Marketing Program – 5 Awesome Tips

MotoCMS Editorial 14 January, 2021

It’s rough being a marketer these days. Heavy competition, a lack of resources, a seemingly continuous fight for each client… I know I haven’t started on a very optimistic note, but it’s for the best, I promise. Stick with me ‘till the end, and you’ll thank me later. I chose email marketing because it’s by far the handiest and efficient way to create a long-term partnership with my clients. It is also a modern way to keep in touch with my audience and to develop new relationships. So, I put all my effort into creating high performing email marketing program.

The result? The number of guests keeps growing, which makes me think that I am doing the right thing. After all, I’ve been in the business for quite a while. For all new marketers out there, though, this communication channel might be a complete mystery. Not for long, my friends!

Email Marketing Program – How and What to Do?

OK, so one of the biggest concerns (if not the biggest) is finding the answer to the question How and what to do? With so many options to promote a business today, which one should we choose? How do we implement that solution correctly afterward? Here’s a set of relevant chained questions that you should ask yourself for a start. The answer would be creating a coherent email marketing program, and by that, I mean not putting equality between strategy and tactics. A strategy is much more complex and durable, while tactics are lower level reactions, like ‘We should post on our blog more often.’ Don’t get me wrong. That’s good, that’s helpful, but it’s not the strategy itself. Know what I mean?

Defining email marketing practices helps us organize our marketing efforts, see what we need in terms of resources, come together as a team, understand our mission as a business, speak the same language, and focus on the same goal. Which reminds me, before anything, I would like to stress two rules of thumb:

Rule no 1 for Email Marketing Program

Following the pattern of which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s the email marketing program that follows the business strategy. To be more specific, before thinking about your email marketing strategy, you should set your goals; you should know very well where you want to go with your business. A clear direction is exactly what’s gonna help you create a reliable email marketing strategy.

Rule no 2 for Email Marketing Program

An email marketing strategy is neverending. I didn’t see that coming, huh?! Well, you got that right. A strategy has to be done by observing your business daily by analyzing your business’s current state by establishing your target, setting your marketing goals, and then defining them by anticipating the risks you are about to take. By establishing the resources, you might need. Basically, always be one step ahead. I know it sounds tyrannical, but it’s not that bad as it sounds. Good planning will make things clearer and easier.

The Process Itself – Best Practices

Since you came here today to learn a few awesome tips for a high performing email marketing program, I’m about to list the five steps that will make you stand out from the crowd:

Write Down Your Marketing Goals

I mean, before anything, you should know where you want to get. It will help you funnel your efforts towards the real target. It will also ensure a coherent content of the email marketing program. Here is an example: I want to obtain a 30.000 dollar profit in sales in the next 6 months. Voila! Target settled.

Carefully Observe Your Competitors

What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? How well-prepared are they? What seems to be their strategy, short and long term? Believe me; it will help you shape up yours. Please keep track of their evolution by comparison with yours and seek improvement. Aim to be in the top 5 best marketers in your industry. Yeah, why not aim that high?!

Know Your Clients Well

I mean very well. Put yourself into your clients’ shoes, start anticipating their needs, create client records, try understanding each client in part, and give them what they need. Personalize your email marketing programs based on your segmented list of clients. This way, you make sure that maybe not all, but most of them will click on your links and probably buy from you. And they might also recommend you to other potential clients.

Define Your Brand

Create your identity, make yourself noticed through your unique value-added proposal. Use the right words, not necessarily the most creative, but with significant impact. For instance, how does it sound like “The widest range of products”? Not very poetic, I know, but who needs poetry when doing business?! Those powerful words will increase your sales and will bring you more clients, and that is all that matters.

Measure, Adapt, Improve

After implementing an email marketing campaign, you might discover some new data about your audience, so you should get back to your working table and rethink your strategy based on your findings. This is not a sign of weakness, but on the contrary, it’s a sign of professionalism. After all, the internet is continuously changing, the needs of the clients tailor to those changes, so keep yourself updated. Always be ready to make the necessary adjustments to become better on the market.

Email Marketing Program – Wrapping up

So, next time you decide to launch an email campaign to announce your latest product, I hope these five awesome tips will help you create a high-performing email campaign that actually gets opened and clicked. But if you think you won’t be able to do it by yourself, don’t worry, you can always start your journey alongside an email marketing agency like CodeCrew that knows about any trick to get you to the top, and that will do all the hard work for you. You sit back and relax, simple as that.

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