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Medical Website Builder for Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Groups

Allison Reed 16 November, 2017

If you work in the medical center or you are a practicing health care provider but don’t run your own web presence, then the time of the big changes has finally come! By means of a website and medical website builder, you can reach the wider audience and persuade people that taking care of their health is of the predominant importance if they want to live long and happy lives.

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A website is no longer an extra. This is one of the basic and the most important components of any contemporary business. Medical websites help the web users find the necessary information regarding the medical services, doctors, and medical centers that provide the necessary kinds of services. Moreover, running a medical website with a robust medical office website builder, a doctor can streamline the check-ins of the patients, provide them with the 24/7 access to their profiles with the health story, as well as educate the patients about the most common health issues.

A website is one of the best ways to introduce the web community to your personal or corporate project. This is the perfect reflection of your brand. A website is the face of your project, which is intended to both attract the wider audience of the users and inform them about the specific types of services that you provide. So, working on the official web presence of your medical establishment, build it with the end user in mind. Although developing a website may seem somewhat overwhelming, in this blog post we’ll tell you how to launch your project to the web with the minimum investment of the time, efforts, and money.

How to Create the Best Doctor Website Design

The findings presented by the Pew Research Center reveal that more than 70% of the web users went online in search of the answer to the health-related questions. This means that the medical websites play an even higher role in the lives of the Internet users than we may suggest. Optimizing doctor website designs is more critical today than it was a few years ago.

The contemporary technologies keep on enhancing and becoming more mainstream. So, the medical centers and private practitioners can no longer run web resources with the out-of-date designs. The modern web becomes more consumer-driven. The web users search for the information provided on the usable and trendy web resources. So, how to create the best doctor website design in the way that will appeal to the right audience? What elements should it contain? What’s a preferable color palette?

  • First and foremost, make sure that the website is optimized for the flawless performance on all devices and web browsers. You should be ready to make the content provided on your web page adapt to all web environments that people use to access your data. With the number of smartphone web users having reached 50% in 2017 (according to the mobile marketing statistics from Smart Insights), the demand on the web surfing from the screens of the handheld devices keeps on growing, which forces all businesses to shift for the responsive website layouts.
  • Build your website with the end-user in mind. What’s the primary purpose of your online project made with a physician website builder? Do you want to educate the audience, provide them with the quick responses to their questions or give them the chance to book an appointment with the doctor? Whatever goal you pursue, make sure that it’s easy for the first-time visitors to your site to catch the main idea of your organization, find the desired pieces of data with ease, and simply navigate through the pages effortlessly. A website optimized for the smooth user experience results in the larger number of the satisfied users who are likely to come back to your online project over and over again.
  • For the better user experience on your site, design the layout in the clean, flat, laconic style. Making your site easy-on-the-eyes and intuitive to navigate you grow the effectiveness of your medical site, boosting its appeal to the wider web audience.
  • Use neutral medical website colors. Bright colors will be the perfect match for the CTAs and the pieces of data to which you want the web audience to pay special attention. As a rule, medical websites are built in the fair tones, using different shades of blue, green, grey, and pink colors, which deliver a calm atmosphere to the web page, making the users feel confident in the web resource they’ve reached.
  • Present your staff and reveal explicit information about doctors and their experience. People need to trust the team working in the medical center. A separate section containing information about doctors will grow your chances to attract the maximum number of patients to the clinic.
  • Success stories are also indispensable for every business that wants to convince the audience that your clinic is the right place to get the professional treatment.
  • By means of the online booking form, you can provide the web audience with the quick and easy to way to make an appointment with the doctor right from the pages of your site.
  • Online consultant will help you show how much you care about every person who reaches your site while providing online consultations and assisting the customers with their issues.

Launching an effective and user-oriented doctor website design can become really quick and effortless with the help of the medical website builder. Where can you find one and what benefits can you derive from using it? Keep reading further.

Create the Perfect Doctor Website Design with Medical Website Builder

The good news is that you do not need to have any special coding skills to create the doctor website design on your own. With the medical website builder integrated into all medical website templates, you can tweak the pages of your site, upload them with new elements or delete the unnecessary objects with the click of a mouse. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface provides you with the chance to modify the pages of your website in the visual mode, which make the process of the medical website development much more effective and streamlined.

If you need to build or update the dental website, then the responsive MotoCMS 3 template integrated with the medical website builder will come in handy. Featuring a clean and clear design, it is content-focused and user-oriented. The theme is quick-to-install and really easy-to-customize, making it possible to bring the medical website to the web in less than 1 day. Step-by-step tutorials are provided to simplify and the medical website development. Powered by dental website builder, the theme is 100% responsive, features the parallax scrolling effect, includes audio and video widgets, eCommerce plugin, and a whole lot of other functionality, which you can try for free thanks to the 14-day trial.

Dentistry MotoCMS 3 Template


Building an effective web design for doctors, you can reach the desired effect with the minimum investments with the help of this minimalist medical website design for the private clinics. The medical website builder is included in the theme’s archive and specified as the default theme customization settings. The responsive layout of the template is intuitive to navigate thanks to the sticky menu. Contact details are accompanied by the Google map widget. A user-friendly contact form is also provided.

Hair Regrowth Website Template


Hair Transplantation is a ready-made physician website design featuring the medical website builder. It’ built with the valid code and includes pre-designed pages optimized for the proper performance on the search engines. The thee includes a well-balanced content structure, which lets the web audience scan through the content provided on the site intuitively. The template supports all the major content types. The design can be also enhanced with the smooth animation effects, which provide for a more interactive site browsing.

Private Clinics Website template


Building an online resume can be really quick and effortless when using MotoCMS CV Builder. Is also features the drag-and-drop functionality, making it possible to tweak the page code-free. By means of the resume website template, you can not only introduce the web community to your skills, services, and achievements, but also provide the web audience with the ability to reach you in the most convenient way, as well as optimize your resume for search in order to become more noticeable in the search engines.

resume website template


These are only a few of the highlighted medical MotoCMS themes that are integrated with the intuitive medical website builder. Browse the entire gallery to see more, and try the preferred design for free with the 14-day trial.

Now, it’s your turn to speak up. What elements of the website design for doctors do you find the most useful? How do you think, how much time will it take you to launch your own web project using the medical website builder? Looking forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments below this post.

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