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Benefits of MotoCMS Online CV Maker

Resume website templates include MotoCMS admin panel that makes it extremely easy to customize the design and content. Use editable blocks, drag and drop elements via a few mouse clicks.
Flexible Text & Fonts
You are able to add, edit, delete any text in any website section. Using Font Manager, upload your favorite fonts and create your own website style and look.
You may need to showcase your works and our CV builder is meant for it! Upload images and structure them in any of 3 beautiful galleries. Add video and audio files if it is required.
Resume website must load fast to make a positive first impression on everyone who is viewing it. MotoCMS system is lightning fast, at least 2 times faster that other builders.
Search Engine Optimization
It’s not enough to create resume website, you need to optimize it and let potential employers find you. SEO settings included into the admin panel allow you to get high targeted traffic from search engines.
Once you optimize your website, integrate it with Google Analytics to track who, where from and for how long have browsed your resume. Effective tracking and analysis is your key to find a job of your dreams

5 Steps To Create Resume Website

  • Change / Add / Delete Photo
  • Add Your Own Text
  • Customize Design At Your Liking
  • Optimize Resume For Search
  • Install Website To Hosting Server
  • Simple Drag & Drop Editor
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built-in Admin Panel
  • Set of Widgets
  • Social integration
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