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Dental website builder from MotoCMS allows you to create a professionally-looking and highly-functional dental website without much effort. With our well-designed dental website templates, your site will look reliable, thus building trust with visitors early on. It means that you’ll have all the chances to get new clients and make your dental practice flourish.

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Dental Website Builder by MotoCMS

Though there’s a wide choice of online website creators, not all are a perfect solution. Some dental website creators lack qualitative dental website templates. Some are too challenging and time-consuming to use. Others don’t have all the required functionality or exceed your budget. MotoCMS medical website templates are your best way to avoid unexpected unpleasant moments concerning the creation of your future website. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro in web design. With the MotoCMS dental website builder, you can create a dental website that will have both an appealing look and cutting-edge functionality. In other words, you’ll not only show your clients that your practice goes with the times. You’ll also grant them the best user experience your clients deserve.

Top-Notch Dental Website Templates

Gone are the times when dental practices could afford themselves to do without an online presence. Nowadays, a compelling website isn’t an extra option anymore. It has become a must for those who want to be ahead of the fierce competition. Whatever your experience in website creation is, using MotoCMS drag and drop website builder with dentistry website templates is beneficial. In addition to its particular second to none features, which we’ll study a bit later, it gives you three compelling advantages. Let’s focus on them without further ado.

Pre-Made Layout

Perhaps, the most challenging thing in any undertaking is to start. Website creation isn’t an exception. Unquestionably, even experienced web designers have to rack their brains to come out with a bright idea. That’s when MotoCMS dental website builder, with its astonishing dentistry website templates, is of vast help. With MotoCMS pre-made dental website templates, you don’t have to spend long hours brainstorming ideas. You immediately get a ready-made solution capable of pleasing the eye and conveying your message simultaneously. In a word, with any dentistry website design, you get a dependable basis for a successful start.

Quick Website Editing

Running a business requires much of your time and energy. Undoubtedly, every minute of your working day is carefully pre-planned. Therefore, you can’t spend too much on creating a website. The good news is that with MotoCMS dental website builder, you don’t have to do it. This convenient online tool enables you to create a dental website with one of the dental website templates in the twinkling of an eye. Alongside with pre-made dentistry website templates, you get a full range of customization options. In fact, you can customize any element of the chosen dental clinic website template within a couple of clicks. As a result, you’ll make your website look unique in a snap.

Cost-Effective Website Development

Do you know how much it costs to hire professionals to create a dental website? On average, web developers charge you $75-150 per hour, whereas web designers request $45-75. Being a realist, you surely understand that building a website is not a one-hour process. As usual, the most straightforward site will cost you $800 – $3,200. Meanwhile, the price of the complex one can reach $15,500. MotoCMS dental website builder won’t cost you a fortune. Consequently, it will significantly save your budget. You need neither web developers nor web designers to fulfill your dreams. The team of the qualified pros has already done a fabulous job for you. All dentistry website templates are complete websites waiting to be taken online. Besides, you get a free 14-day trial period for all dental website templates to ensure that you’ve made the best possible choice. Isn’t it a real bargain?

#1 Dental Website Builder for Dentistry Sites

What makes a great dental website design different from an ordinary one? Undoubtedly, it’s the useful features that make the difference. Perhaps, it’s high time to examine the helpful features MotoCMS website builder possesses.

Well-Made Dental Website Templates

Are you looking for eye-catching general or family dentistry website templates? Do you need appealing dental website templates for your orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry practice? Whatever field of dentistry you are in, you’ll indeed find the dentist website template that meets your requirements and tastes. All MotoCMS dentistry templates are professionally-designed. On the one hand, they look up-to-date and clean. They are also real attention grabber capable of making an unforgettable first impression on your visitors.

Undoubtedly, your future website will never look dull with these gorgeous dental website templates. The best thing is that MotoCMS dentistry website templates have a full set of ready-made pages. These pages are quite enough to launch a highly-competitive website. Everything you have to do with a dental website builder is to add your own content.

100% Responsiveness of Dental Website Templates

It’s expected that your future audience will use various modern devices while visiting your website. Unless your site looks excellent and performs well on any device from smartphones to desktop, it may disappoint your visitors. Tiresome zooming and side-scrolling may cost you half of the potential customers. The good news is that such a sad scenario is impossible with MotoCMS dental website builder. Its dentistry website templates are fully responsive. It means that your ultimate website will automatically adjust to every device your visitor is using. As a result, all the content will render ideally.

Complete Cross-Browser Compatibility

Your visitors won’t use the same browser to access your future website. Unfortunately, not all technologies are fully compatible with each other. Consequently, a site that looks engaging and works well in Opera may fail in Safari. Will your visitors change a browser if they can’t interact with your content? It isn’t very likely. They are more likely to leave the website and visit another one. Nevertheless, it will never happen if you use dental website templates from MotoCMS. MotoCMS dentistry website templates boast complete cross-browser compatibility. They will ensure the great look and smooth performance of your website, whatever browser your audience uses. In other words, with MotoCMS dental website builder you’ll grant your visitors the best user experience they deserve.

Quick Installation Process

MotoCMS dentistry website templates powered by dental website builder are fast and easy-to-install. Even though you are a novice, you’ll effortlessly cope with the task. All you have to do is follow the simple steps described in the MotoCMS 3 User's Guide. The whole installation process won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Don’t you have the time or desire to install the pediatric dentistry website template on your own? It’s not a problem. You can always order an Installation service. The qualified team of MotoCMS will eagerly do it for you not later than in 6 hours after your request.

Super Simple Customization

The absence of specific knowledge is common because one-third of small businesses don’t have a website. If you belong to this one-third, MotoCMS dental website builder is a perfect choice. Believe you don’t need a single line of coding or experience in web design to create a unique website. There’s a handy drag-and-drop editor inside the admin panel. It lets you build a website using pre-made content blocks. Just take the block you need. Then drag it with your mouse wherever you want. Next, customize it according to your requirements. Customization will be neither time-consuming nor tiresome. You are free to customize any content element you add. Besides, you can manage widgets and adjust settings to meet your requirements fully. The best thing is that the MotoCMS dental website builder is WYSIWYG. Hence, you’ll immediately see every change you’ve made.

Helpful Widgets in Dental Website Templates

A full range of useful widgets is at your disposal with MotoCMS dental website builder. They make it possible to add any desired functionality to your website. Thanks to them, you won’t have to look for additional plugins or install other software. All in all, with our dentistry website templates, you’ll get:

  • structure widgets for placing various objects on your website page;
  • basic widgets such as image, text, and button widgets for editing and customizing the objects;
  • gallery widgets for implementing carousel, grid or slider galleries;
  • media widgets for adding any kind of media content;
  • social widgets for using like and share buttons of different social networks;
  • Google Map widget for employing Google Maps.

Subscription and Contact Forms

Evidently, one of the primary functions of any website is interaction with potential clients. Subscription and contact forms of MotoCMS dental website builder give you such an opportunity. Subscription forms in dental website templates help you quickly get new subscribers, thus growing your online audience and keeping them well-informed via your newsletter. The contact form allows your visitors to get in touch with you, making your dental practice highly-available. Furthermore, you can order an Advanced Contact Form with all dentistry website templates. This plugin will enable you to create detailed forms with an unlimited amount of custom fields.

Powerful SEO-Integration in Dental Website Templates

It’s not a secret that nowadays, more and more people rely on a web search to find the services they need. 47% of customers use one of the search engines to research business at least once a day. It means that your website should be at the top of the search results to bring new clients. MotoCMS dental website builder provides you with everything you need to rank high. The admin panel of our dentistry website templates contains powerful SEO tools to optimize your dental website efficiently. They make it possible to enable permalinks and specific .html suffix for the whole site or separate pages. You can also add meta tags such as descriptions and keywords, ALT, and titles for images. In a word, you get a full arsenal to make your website occupy a high position in search results.

Efficient Website Analytics

Undoubtedly, web analytics is vital. It gives you valuable statistics on your website performance. As a result, you can understand how to develop and improve your online business strategy. With MotoCMS dental website builder and dental website templates, you’ll get all the detailed data for the meaningful analysis. Google Analytics will carefully gather information, turning it into precious insights about your visitors and their website's behavior. Due to this feature, you’ll get a marvelous opportunity to identify the content that arouses more interest. You’ll not only determine your most popular services or products. You’ll also see which pages of your website need to be improved.

Regular System Updates

With MotoCMS dental website builder, you can be sure that your website goes with the times. After you purchase one of the awesome dentistry website templates, you get free regular system updates within one year. So, you’ll have free access to every new feature and functionality as soon as it appears. The best news is that updating your admin panel to the latest version takes a couple of seconds. You have to make only one click with your mouse inside the admin panel and nothing more.

Unsurpassed Customer Support 24/7

Sooner or later, even the most knowledgeable and experienced users need some assistance. That’s where the MotoCMS team of highly-qualified specialists shines. Whenever you require professional help or advice concerning the dental website builder, you’ll get it immediately and free of charge 24/7. Customer support is available via any communication: live chats, phone calls, or emails. Besides, you are always welcome to visit the MotoCMS Help Center with its comprehensive knowledge base. There you’ll find FAQs, user’s guides, and video tutorials for solving any issue. Also, you can use it for submitting a support request or getting access to the MotoCMS communit.

How to Create Dental Website?

You don’t have to be an IT geek to create an efficient website with MotoCMS dental website templates. Nevertheless, we’d like to give you some essential advice on making your future site stand out. Whatever dental field you represent, your website should:

  • look professional though unique and memorable at the same time;
  • evoke trust;
  • offer relevant and informative content;
  • provide visitors with the best user experience.

Here are several hints on how to achieve it without much effort.

Take Care of Clean and Uncluttered Website Design

The overall design is the first thing your visitors see. Consequently, it’s the primary criteria your audience evaluates. So, after you choose one of the dentistry website templates, it’s high time to focus on your website design. To begin with, a tremendous dental website should look clean and uncluttered. What’s more, it should tell a coherent story. That’s why logic and clear structure are a must. You won’t have to spend any effort on structuring your website with MotoCMS dental website builder. The fact is that the experienced pros have already structured all dental website templates. Therefore, don’t reinvent the wheel. Just add your content to the premade sections.

While filling your dental website with the content, keep in mind that clutter kills good design. As usual, a cluttered site looks confusing. To avoid it, don’t overload your future website with useless information or unnecessary design elements.

Choose a Proper Color Scheme

Undeniably, the role of colors in website design is essential. The right color scheme both pleases the eye and gives your website a unique and professional look. Use a handy Color Picker of MotoCMS dental website builder. It will enable you to tweak hues and create a memorable color palette within several clicks.

Remember that the color palette shouldn’t be too complicated. On the whole, 3-4 colors are the best possible variant. Firstly, select one dominant color to be your brand one. Secondly, choose one or two accent colors for your dental website color scheme. Thirdly, take one more color as a background one to make your palette complete. Don’t forget that the color scheme should match perfectly with the background. In its turn, the background shouldn’t steal the focus from the content.

Select Appropriate Fonts for Dental Website Templates

Fonts aren’t less important than colors when it comes to the website design with dentistry website templates. However, valuable the content is, it will fail if it is hard to perceive. Give preference to the easy-to-read fonts. Take those that are clear and of convenient size. Try to avoid fonts that are decorative or too small. The wise idea is to select fonts that are equally suitable for all sizes. They will save their look and readability whatever the size of the screen is. Use a comprehensive collection of Google Fonts available with MotoCMS dental website builder to make a choice. In total, you need only two fonts. One of them will be used for titles, headings, and the rest of the design elements. The second will fit for the body text. Bear in mind that there should be enough contrast between the color of the fonts and the background.

Present Content with Dental Website Templates

Of course, relevant and informative text content is excellent. However, it’s not enough to make your dental website engaging. Since you want to grab your visitors' attention, you should vary the ways of content presentation. MotoCMS dental website builder gives you such an opportunity. As 65% of people are visual learners, make visuals an indispensable part of your content. Use various types of galleries to introduce your team and showcase your services in the best possible light. Insert informative infographics that will help your visitors to absorb the content more accessible. Enliven your dental website with short videos that tell about your brand. These ways of the content presentation will significantly increase the interest of your audience and persuade them to visit your dental office.

Try MotoCMS Dental Website Builder for Free

Hope you’ve already realized that each of the MotoCMS dental website templates is a perfect solution for creating your website. So, don’t waste your precious time anymore. Choose one of the remarkable dentistry website templates and get a free 14-day trial period. It will be quite enough to build an efficient dental website and ensure that you’ve made a worthy choice.

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