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Best 10 Online Business Ideas to Start Now

MotoCMS Editorial 17 September, 2020

Nobody can deny that 2020 has brought the world unexpected challenges and new ways of living. Some businesses that were created earlier and didn’t need to be present online are adjusting to the current situation and looking for the most comfortable ways to go online. Other companies are just investigating the best online business ideas to start their companies. Here, we’ll have a look at the most inspirational and worthwhile suggestions to help you. Let’s consider business ideas, challenges that you can face, and useful tips that will help you succeed.

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1. Design and Development as Current Online Business Ideas

When thousands of enterprises are going online, qualified web design services are in high demand. Even if you are not a large web design and development studio, you can offer others assistance in creating web pages. It’s perfect if you can provide multiple services on your own. Likewise, having a team that can help you implement clients’ online business ideas will also facilitate your job. Yet, even if you are a novice web designer, people will be able to take advantage of your services if you have a successful website.

So, if you haven’t created an online portfolio for your studio, it’s high time to do it. Making a website for web design and development company or any creative studio is a must to promote services.

So, what can you design and showcase to attract customers and start your online business? The list can be endless, in fact, as you can create items both for online and offline projects, such as:

  • website designs and web pages;
  • landing pages for advertising various goods;
  • logos, icons, labels;
  • banners, online ads;
  • flyers, brochures, etc.

Whether you work on your own or in a creative studio, you or your team will be able to communicate with clients by distributing print advertisements with help from design companies like MyCreativeShop that make the process more efficient by eliminating from-scratch designs with their customizable templates. If you’re looking for a unique product to sell online, consider offering custom bottle prints using Gelato’s print-on-demand services.

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Challenges and Tips

The market is responding to the high demand for websites. More and more companies offer their services in web development and design. Consequently, you have to stand out to gain your audience.

What can attract customers and convince them to make use of your services? Definitely, it’s your website. A carefully crafted site with presented projects will help you build trust online. If you lack time or skills for developing a website on your own, customize ready-made website templates. Choose a delightful contemporary company portfolio website theme and start providing services in some days.

2. Online Business Ideas at Home – Mobile App Development

Similarly to web design and development, you can create mobile apps for different organizations or clients. If you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and desire, you don’t need much investment. The popularity of mobile apps provides you with multiple choices and possibilities. You can create:

  • lifestyle apps, such as sports, music, dating, travel, etc.;
  • utility apps that comprise weather forecasting, reminders, etc.;
  • games and entertaining apps;
  • productivity apps, such as wallets, task organizers, docs, etc.;
  • news and information apps that provide users with news digests;
  • educational apps for sharing knowledge.

If you have an idea of an application that will make people’s life easier and more pleasant, you can create the app, submit it, and promote. In case you are stuck with ideas, try analyzing local services in your area. Look at different businesses around, investigate their services and investment options, and offer your cooperation. It’s necessary to show how your app can help companies to develop.

mobile app development as an online business


Challenges and Tips

Like with web design and development, mobile app creation is a competitive niche. To succeed in it, you not only have to develop a good product, but you also should promote it. A well-structured website will become your online portfolio where clients can see examples of work. Moreover, the site lets you:

  • describe the functions of your mobile app;
  • emphasize its design and style;
  • specify how your clients can benefit from the app and to what extent you can personalize apps.

Launch your mobile app website and show examples of applications that you can create. Afterward, your potential customers will see the full range of your possibilities.

3. Showrooms – Reliable Online Business Ideas

If you have been selling clothes, hats, accessories, etc. offline and the pandemic has forced you to adjust, a helpful idea is to create a showroom. It has several advantages for stores, as it is something more than an online place to buy items.

First of all, the showroom presents your goods to the best advantage. Carefully organized store categories will let clients explore collections and purchase items without leaving the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, modern technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, can allow people to try on the products. So, you may incorporate a virtual tour of your shop.

Secondly, the showroom lets you create a deal of the day. You may demonstrate various items and sales. It makes people interested in your offers and encourages them to visit your site more often. Accordingly, this will increase traffic and website popularity.

Thirdly, the showroom belongs to online business ideas to start developing faster. It lets you attract clients from around the world, so your business will be growing steadily. You won’t have to limit yourself to one or several locations if you decide to sell worldwide.

online showroom


Challenges and Tips

To run a showroom successfully, you should create an easy-to-navigate website. It can also take you some time to upload quality images of goods and write descriptions of products. Appealing texts and quality content will increase your ratings.

Additionally, if you have offline shops, remember to indicate their locations on the maps. Business listings and local SEO optimization will help you attract people. Also, encourage customers to leave their reviews and make your shop more popular.

4. Delivery Services

The lockdown has significantly increased the need for deliveries. If you have the possibility, one of the best online business ideas to start is organizing a delivery company. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge organization with multiple vehicles, drivers, and operators. Clients’ demands are really diverse, and sometimes people need to transport smaller items. For these, a bike or a motorcycle is enough. So, in your small shipment company, you can deliver:

  • purchases made in shops, including food, clothes, utility goods;
  • business correspondence;
  • personal gifts or packages.

When people don’t have the possibility to leave their homes and pick up their orders from the store, delivery services are indispensable.

delivery services company


Challenges and Tips

The biggest challenge for a delivery company is, probably, gathering a team. It’s hard to process numerous requests and deliver goods on your own. Thus, if you have reliable partners, you can start this business. Another undertaking is finding clients. In the beginning, you can cooperate with local stores and enterprises that will advertise your website and direct clients to you.

To launch a delivery services website quickly, you don’t even need to build a multiple-page site. Take advantage of a landing page where you can:

  • introduce your enterprise;
  • describe types of delivery services for individuals or businesses;
  • emphasize your benefits, such as fast delivery from stores;
  • show the prices for various shipments;
  • include pictures of services in action to convince clients;
  • provide contact forms and details for ordering services.

An impressive delivery services website will assist you in launching your business and make customers happy with quickly delivered goods.

5. Maintenance, Improvement, and Repair Services

When people have to find specialists who can help them with home interior and exterior renovations, repairs, or maintenance, they actually don’t need to address offline offices. Craftspeople work at customers’ places, so running a website and promoting services online can be more beneficial than renting an office.

Do you have the necessary skills to transform people’s premises? Create a detailed website that lists the projects you can complete and get new clients! You can work on your own or cooperate with others to extend the range of services.

handyman services website


Challenges and Tips

It’s necessary to understand how many people will constitute your team and what projects you are qualified to fulfil. This essential information should be present on your website. As with delivery services, there’s no need to create a multiple-page website to promote your business initially. A handyman landing page is enough to:

  • state the reasons why people can trust you;
  • introduce your team to show people who’ll perform the tasks;
  • describe residential and commercial maintenance or improvement services you provide;
  • showcase the fulfillment of real-life projects you have completed;
  • provide clients with the possibility to get an estimate before they order services.

Remember to provide potential customers with different means to contact you and clarify any questions about specific projects.

6. Hand-crafted Products as Online Business Ideas to Start

For those who are into creativity, one of the most efficient online business ideas at home is producing various objects with their hands. In fact, you are limited only by your imagination, as the list of goods that can be created within your house space is limitless. Just think of a few examples:

  • home decor and ornaments, such as embroidered pictures or personalized gifts;
  • stationery and calendars, including scrapbooks, cards, bookmarks, albums, etc.;
  • jewelry, i.e., rings, bracelets, chains, hairpins, etc.;
  • accessories, including bags, purses, belts;
  • crocheted, knit, sewn goods.

Likewise, you can try yourself at baking or confectionery, producing cakes or candy bars for special occasions. Reveal your creativity and make people’s life more attractive with customized objects.

handmade products as online business ideas to start


Challenges and Tips

Implementing creative ideas in life requires careful planning. As in any business, it’s essential to study the market and know the clients’ demands. Additionally, you have to define where you’ll sell your products. It’s possible to create an account on a marketplace, such as Etsy, and add your items to a relevant category.

Alternatively, you may showcase your projects on your own custom jewelry website. Such a site lets you create impressive galleries that will enchant visitors. You can arrange your portfolio the way you find the most convincing and appealing. Moreover, you can share tips or descriptions of the creation process in your blog.

7. Teaching, Instructing, Assisting – Online Business Ideas at Home

With modern technologies, spreading knowledge is possible without leaving home. If you are ready to share your skills and expertise, gaining money for it, you can create an educational or tutoring website. Some of the most popular online classes include:

  • language instruction and exam preparation;
  • programming, machine learning, data analysis;
  • cryptocurrency technologies;
  • financial accounting and mathematical thinking.

By the way, it’s not necessary to have a university degree to organize online instruction. You may consider the following:

  • photography, arts, and crafts;
  • fitness, healthy eating, health news, and wellbeing;
  • psychology and mental health;
  • business and personal negotiations.

Fast learning is a must to succeed, so students are also interested in mastering various study techniques and mental tools to improve the way they learn. Thus, even assisting others in acquiring new study skills can be profitable.

teaching as online business ideas to start


Challenges and Tips

When creating an online tutor website, provide descriptions of courses that you wish to teach and the prices for them. Additionally, think about video integration to your page. YouTube is a powerful platform where you can post examples of your lectures and attract new students.

Face-to-face communication with students or holding online meetings with multiple participants requires a high level of security. While choosing a platform for organizing such meetings, make sure it has a proper SSL certificate that will guarantee data privacy.

8. Podcasts, Streaming, and Blogging

Other online business ideas to start from home include creating podcasts, streaming videos, and writing blog posts. Depending on your desires, these activities can be both for entertaining people or sharing knowledge and expertise. A successful podcast website will let visitors download episodes or listen to them online. You can decide how to charge listeners, either for a monthly/yearly subscription or for separate shows.

Similarly to creating podcasts, you can stream various events or video game playing, which is becoming more and more popular. The money you’ll get depends on the number of sponsors and advertisers. Thus, it’s necessary to grow your channel and attract subscribers.

Additionally, blogging is also one of the popular online business ideas at home. You may consider writing posts or blogging on social networks. Or, if you don’t have the time to write new articles, you could repurpose your video and audio recordings from podcasts and streams. By using software that converts audio to text, you can actually get a transcription of the previously recorded content, and with a bit of formatting and visuals, you can get a fresh piece of content. When you have gained enough subscribers who trust you, you’ll become an influencer who earns money for recommending advertised goods to followers.

creating podcasts as online business ideas to start


Challenges and Tips

Gaining an audience is the biggest challenge in this kind of business. To make people stay with your channel, you have to create interesting episodes or posts regularly. Also, it’s advisable to make a content plan and follow it. To attract and retain subscribers, remember to add social buttons on your site. Likewise, writing compelling call-to-actions will lead to the growth of your site or channel.

9. Accounting Services – Online Business Ideas to Start

If you are a qualified accountant, you can easily start providing your services online. While big enterprises hire accountants on a long-term basis, smaller companies may hire accountants for specific projects. You can deal with several firms at the same time, managing their finances, preparing records, analyzing money flow, compiling tax reports, and so on.

Likewise, an accounting firm website allows you to provide personal consultations online. Individuals can search for assistance with financial planning, investments, insurance, etc. Visiting a website, customers will get essential information without going to the offline office.

If you have colleagues who are ready to provide financial services with you, it’s possible to organize an accounting firm. Thus, you can encompass a wider variety of services and gain more money. Surely, a detailed website that demonstrates all services and provides examples of projects is an essential part of running an accounting business online.

accounting firms as online business ideas to start


Challenges and Tips

The biggest challenge that you can face while starting accounting online is managing the data of different clients. When you are used to printing and keeping paper records, it may take some time to master new systems. In this case, various cloud-based services will become a helpful tool for storing clients’ information. Additionally, if you are starting an accounting firm, you’ll need to decide on the most effective tools to cooperate with your team.

10. Creating and Helping Startups with Dreaming Big

When you have a big idea but lack money to implement it, you can create a startup company. A startup, which represents an enterprise at the earliest stages of its development, aims to develop a new product or service and capitalize it. Additionally, startups try to identify their ideal customers and fit into the market. Definitely, a website for a growing company is a must to attract clients and finances.

Yet, if you are familiar with the stages that startups come through and if you wish to help businesses develop, you can organize an agency that helps startups. Practically speaking, you’ll assist others with:

  • creating business plans;
  • market analysis;
  • deals, investments, and financial issues;
  • promotion and advertising, etc.

If you are ready to share experience and online business ideas to start with, in order to help other businesses flourish, create a website for consulting startups.

helping startups as online business ideas to start


Challenges and Tips

To persuade startups to cooperate with your agency, you should present successful projects to the best advantage. You can include:

  • a detailed description of services;
  • a video presentation of projects;
  • team’s profiles who help to implement wishes;
  • feedback of companies who have worked with you.

Reasonable pricing plans and attractive comparison of service packages will also help you gain clients’ attention.

Online Business Ideas to Start – General Tips to Follow

No matter what online business ideas you have chosen, there are several practical pieces of advice applicable to any sphere.

helpful tips and online business ideas to start

Create High-Quality Website

A website becomes your primary tool for offering goods or services to the public. A top-notch site will attract attention and convert visitors into clients. Remember that several constituents characterize an efficient website:

high quality website for businesses

If you are not sure that you can launch your website on your own, take advantage of professional web design and development services. Qualified specialists will gladly help you implement all your ideas and make your business function in the shortest terms.

Develop a Personalized Approach

Producing personalized things is much favored nowadays. It’s always flattering to have a unique thing that exists as a single item. You can create personalized jewelry with people’s initials. Alternatively, it’s possible to embed pictures onto clothes to meet your clients’ needs. Whichever sphere you are interested in, think of customization options that will win people’s hearts. Building relationships with clients and retaining customers will be easier with a personalized approach.

Try Business Localization

If you are thinking about online business ideas for beginners, it’s possible to try with local markets. Selling goods or providing services internationally may turn out challenging for newly-created companies. At the same time, effective local business marketing strategies will help you gain income. After gaining respect and popularity, you may continue to grow and offer your goods or products worldwide.

Do What You Love

If you have a great passion for what you do, it will be easier to implement all your ideas and cope with any difficulties. Undoubtedly, clients will feel the attitude and spread the word about your business, bringing you more profit. To facilitate sharing information, remember to include social media buttons on your business pages.

Online Business Ideas to Start – In Conclusion

As you can see, there are numerous online business ideas to start. You can choose the niche where you feel most confident and start your enterprise. Follow our tips, create an impressive, eye-catching website for your goods or services, and let your online business grow steadily!

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