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Customer Engagement Tools – 20+ Best CX Solutions 2020

Jeremy Reynolds 29 January, 2020

Customer engagement tools are automated systems that collect and process the customers’ opinions about a company or product. They help small, large, and medium-sized businesses improve client satisfaction and increase their loyalty.

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About two decades or so ago, customers had limited avenues for voicing their complaints to a business/company about its products or services. The best way was through letters of dissatisfaction.

When those proved inadequate, bad-mouthing at grass root level became the next step. Bad-mouthing happens in the form of negative reviews on reviews like Yelp and on social sites like Facebook. Bad reviews spread so fast and can cost a company millions in losses.

That is essentially why customer experience (CX) software came to be. Companies today employ CX tools to prevent customers from the bad-mouthing above, mostly by dealing with customer issues in real-time.

Customer Engagement Tools Advantages

CX, or customer experience software, are software suites that handle all the processes required to collect customer feedback and improve overall customer experience. Let’s know how companies and businesses are benefitting from employing CX tools.

cx tools and customer reviews

Customer Engagement Tools Improving Customer Retention

Businesses can now respond to customer queries faster and better. Thanks to the collected data and analytics, it’s easier to retain customers and mitigate negative feedback on the internet.

CX Tools Get Helpful Data and Analytics

With CX tools, businesses can collect information from hundreds of channels: social media, apps, web comments, and even customer voices. Such raw data derives unique analytics that businesses can use to build strong customer relationships.

Customer Engagement Tools Help to Know Customers Better

With CX tools such as those listed below, businesses are getting to know who their customers are and what they want. Through solving queries and collecting data about customers from all over the web with CX tools, businesses are accumulating insights to back important decisions regarding new products, service upgrades and more.

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Every year, new CX tools are created. Luckily for companies and businesses, this creates a bigger pool of options to choose from. For 2019, a mix of new and older, established tools made it to our list of the best CX tools for 2019.

23 Best Customer Engagement Tools

Halfway through 2019, what best CX tools rule the market? Let’s explore.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk crm

Zendesk is an established brand when it comes to customer experience management software. It has continually topped rankings yearly, thanks to its reputation for improving customer retention.

In addition to all the common CX features, Zendesk’s other unique attributes include multiple integrations with popular platforms such as Facebook, Shopify, and Freshbooks, the screencasting feature, the ability to share files, and more.

2. Hubspot

hubspot crm

Thanks to its reputation for building a genuine human connection with customers, Hubspot CX software is a perennial favorite. It’s mostly free and works well for businesses of any size. It comes with all the major CX features, including survey technology, a universal inbox, analytics, live chat, and top-notch bots.

3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk customer support software

From FreshWorks comes Freshdesk, a highly reviewed Omnichannel helpdesk based in the cloud. Over 150,000 SMB and enterprise clients already use its power-packed suite of features worldwide. Freshdesk’s tools include multichannel collection, customer segmentation, survey management, and analytics.

4. CloudTalk Customer Engagement Tool

Cloud Talk Customer Engagement Tool

For customer help phone calls, there is no better CX software than CloudTalk. Answering customer queries becomes a breeze with CloudTalk’s cloud-based virtual phone-call software, which has nearly 40+ features. Users get additional features like integrations with popular CRMs, existing helpdesks, and eCommerce platforms.


5. ZohoCRM

Zoho CRM software

ZohoCRM is a CX tool for businesses of every size that comes with almost all the necessary tools with a CRM packed in its basic bundle. At $12/month, businesses get access to everything from Multichannel collection to analytics to customer segmentation to trend analysis. Customers can contact businesses and businesses can respond as required.

6. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 system for customer retention

Bitrix24 continues to attract more remote teams and small businesses around the world. Its sturdy set of features cover purposes such as survey management, multichannel collection, feedback management, and customer segmentation. It also works seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and mobile platforms such as Android.

7. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow feedback tool

SurveySparrow’s surveys have made it a popular CX tool for years. Its conversational approach to surveys makes customers reveal information naturally. Businesses can also schedule their surveys at certain business hours and rule out network connectivity issues.

8. Medallia

Medallia customer engagement platform

Medallia’s suite of features includes tools for tasks such as data collection, customer recovery, benchmarking, and customer recovery. Its interactive analytics and file-sharing abilities render it a very efficient cx tool for businesses of all sizes.

9. Reamaze

Reamaze integrated customer service

For online businesses, Reamaze is the solid choice for 2019. It easily enables customer support via multiple channels (email, VoIP, SMS) and features an interactive live chat that customers will love. Reamaze makes automating messages easily and enables quick support thanks to a steady network.

10. AskNicely

AskNicely cx tool

AskNicely’s many attributes include a powerful data collection tool for every step of the customer interaction journey and countless interactions with platforms such as Slack and Salesforce. It also works wonders in boosting customer retention for businesses and automating customer referrals.

11. WalkMe

WalkMe digital technology

Built to work on any website, mobile application, or enterprise software, WalkMe is a wonderful alternative for businesses looking to boost customer engagement. Thanks to its DAP platform and a list of features that includes analytics, engagement, AI, and automation, WalkMe deserves even more recognition in 2019.

12. Pendo Platform

Pendo Platform for client loyalty

With Pendo Platform, businesses of any size (preferably smaller to midsized businesses) can collect as much customer behavioral data as possible from all available channels, segment it and then design a response strategy. The platform also helps with the latter with its survey tools, polls, and live chat feature.

13. Crisp

Crisp messaging tool

For companies looking to collect customer information from all possible sources, Crisp is an easy sell. Crisp’s multichannel data collection feature is its main selling point, although its biggest advantage is that it simplifies the whole CX process for users.

14. Smartlook Customer Engagement Tools

Smartlook analytics

Smartlook continues to cement its position as one of a few ideal customer experience management tools for qualitative analytics across apps, mobile, and the web in 2019. Businesses are finding solutions in their features, from analytics to customer segmentation to innovative tools such as event tracking and heat maps.

15. Yotpo

Yotpo loyalty software

Yotpo is not your average CX tool. It’s a content marketing platform that also features many unique customer experience management tools. Yotpo’s review generation and data collection features are its big sales, but its ultimate advantage is how it attracts new customers for the business on its own.

16. InMoment Customer Engagement Tools

InMoment XI platform

InMoment’s data capture tool makes it extremely useful as customer experience management software. In 2019, InMoment is the ideal tool to try for businesses looking to capture customer data from texts, comments, and feedback of any sort. Its unique raw data processing tool derives complex analytics that businesses can derive real-time insights.

17. Totango CX Tool

Totango customer success tool

Totango is another CX tool that brands should look to try in 2019. It works best for large businesses with multiple brands to monitor. It also scales well enough to work for businesses of any size. With its customer relationship hierarchy tool and customer segregation attribute, Totango makes customer engagement a breeze.

18. Delighted Customer Engagement Tools

Delighted system for client feedback

Delighted continues to stun in 2019 with updates to its already popular survey creation tools such as CES, NPS, and CSAT. The platform also comes with powerful analytics and reporting tools and a unique customer voice measure feature.

19. Preferred Patron Loyalty

Preferred Patron Loyalty software

With all the necessary CX features such as analytics, feedback management, multichannel collection, and survey management already inbuilt, it’s no wonder that Preferred Patron Loyalty is a growing CX alternative. It’s a particularly popular option for independent stores, enterprises, and businesses thanks to its loyalty program tools.

20. Qualtrics

Qualtrics interaction tool

Qualtrics continues to rank even higher in 2019 because of its super intelligent experience management features such as Predict IQ, Text IQ, and Stats IQ. Other features, such as the Closed Loop Follow-Up and the Customer retention feature, are necessary additions to any helpdesk.

21. LeadQuizzes

leadquizzes survey maker

LeadQuizzes quiz survey maker can help you capture up to 500% more leads from your website and advertisement. With it, you can collect the answers to help you segment and understand your audience better.

With LeadQuizzes, you can easily create: various types of quizzes (types like personality, diagnostic, trivia, true/false quizzes, etc.), various surveys for marketing research, website feedback, Net Promoter Score, and much more

The great thing about it is that you need no tech skills! You can design the look you want by choosing among 75 templates, adding the custom background images you want, colors you like, and fonts you prefer. It can be easily set up as a website popup (it only takes a few minutes to install and configure). Thanks to our responsive embed code that works across all major devices and browsers, you can easily promote it across your website.

Their Facebook pixel integration allows you to build custom audiences and fire events based on quiz taker answers, results, and question drop-offs so you can spend your advertising on your most profitable audiences.

22. Custify


Custify helps with onboarding new customers, as well as proactively reaching out to current customers who may not have yet discovered the full value of the product or service you’re offering. It can also be used to manage the handover process from Sales to the Customer Success team.

23. Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker is a tool that allows you to create engaging online surveys to get the answers you need from your customers quickly and easily. Jotform offers 800+ survey templates that can be customized with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. You add your own questions, set up conditional logic, and share your custom survey online to start collecting responses instantly. Also, Jotform’s real-time reporting and data analysis tools allow you to track and analyze your survey data.

Customer Engagement Tools – Summing It Up

Ultimately, the ideal situation is when customers are happy with a business and its products/services. If they are not happy, they should be given avenues to complain. That’s why you need to use the right customer experience management software.

Of the 20 CX choices above, all are great solutions. Some are more specific, others more general. Choose one or two that work for your team size and test them out. Or, if your team is much smaller in size, a separate CX solution might not be such a cost-effective option. In that case, consider sticking with Gmail until your team expands.

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