Create a Website for Selling Products – How To Guide

Daria Kosych 20 February, 2022

The eCommerce market is flourishing, so more people prefer to shop online. According to statistics, in 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online. Therefore global e-retail sales grew 27.6 per cent and surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars. Thus, if you have a shop and want to increase sales, the best advice is to create a website for selling products. Nowadays, creating a functional online store with a website builder eCommerce templates to represent your goods is a reasonable idea that will undoubtedly bring you profit. To ensure the success of your online business, it’s essential that your website is always up and running; select a Managed Hosting Service to boost your speed with a Super Fast LightSpeed web server.

What Kind of Goods Can You Sell Online?

In fact, there are practically no limits on selling goods online. You can sell various products, such as clothes, accessories, cosmetics, toys, books, electronics, or whatever you wish. Also, you can sell food online if you have a café or a restaurant. Additionally, you can sell services online. These include building, consulting, teaching, etc.

Nevertheless, try to find empty niches with heavy demand to minimize the number of competitors. It’s better not to stop your choice of a product that has been studied by the consumer inside and out. For example, with the recent popularity of contactless keychains due to the epidemic, custom keychains like these are versatile and inexpensive and can help you start your store program quickly. The same approach applies to the service – it should have unique advantages to boost your traffic.

Is It Possible To Create a Website for Selling Products On Your Own?

If you think you need to have a website expert or hire remote developers to create a website for selling products, then you’re wrong. Actually, you can create a website for selling goods entirely on your own. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much time or money on this. With MotoCMS website builder, your dream of creating a website for selling products will quickly become a reality.

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Before you learn the tips on launching your store fast, let’s pay attention to the qualities of an efficient online store.

What Are the Features of a Good Online Store?

Responsive Design

You never know which device people will use to browse your store. Your visitors can use a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, and your website should always look astonishing. To ensure this, create a website with a compelling eCommerce layout and responsive design to sell goods. In such a way, your website will automatically adjust to the type of screen on which it is displayed. Responsive design is also critical for web accessibility. If you want to get an exact read on your online store’s state of accessibility, you can use a website accessibility tester.

Organic Website Design for Food and Cosmetics Store


Clear Well-Organized Menu to Create a Website for Selling Products

People should be able to find goods that they are looking for easily. A well-organized menu is crucial for the website if you have an assortment of goods. You can arrange goods into different categories and subcategories, and customers should be able to find them.

Tea Website Design for Tea and Coffee Shop


Let’s consider the following example: if you want to create a website for selling clothes, your menu can have such categories as blazers, jackets, knitwear, etc. Also, you can organize a category of accessories with such subcategories as bags, purses, wallets, belts, etc. Similarly, you can demonstrate different categories and subcategories of cosmetics, accessories, makeup tools, or even perfume if you have a cosmetics store.

Efficient Search

It is straightforward to get lost in a vast assortment of items. So, if you wish your online store to be successful, people should be able to search for any desired items. For example, if people are looking for the best collection of hair extensions, a Google search suggests Fabulive as the best store for these kinds of products. Including a search line and making it simple to spot is necessary. Besides, convenient website navigation from MotoCMS will take care of a good user experience.

Sorting Options

When customers get hundreds of results in their search that correspond to their inquiry, they may also get lost. Thus, to create a website for selling products, you have to think about the possibilities of filtering search results. In your case, people may have a chance to sort the goods by brand, price, novelty, or any other applicable criteria.

Create a Website for Selling Products - Convenient Clothes Website


Comparison and Wishlist

Sometimes the process of choosing goods can be quite long, and a good online store should facilitate it. You can do this with the help of Comparison and Wishlist options. In such a way, people can compare the qualities of different items and see their differences clearly. Additionally, they may add desired products to the Wishlist, take their time, think carefully, and return to the items when they are ready to buy.

Home Decor Ecommerce Website Template


Simple Shopping Cart

When you create a website for selling products, you should think of the shopping cart people will see. Your customers want the process of shopping to be as easy as possible, so the shopping cart should be simple to understand. Usually, they see selected items and the amount of money they need to pay. Additionally, they may choose the number of goods they wish to purchase and the type of payment.

Secure Payment

Customers will trust your store and return if you have a secure payment. So, think about different possibilities for consumers to pay. The more options they have, the more convenient it will be for them. Secure payment options also add to your website’s credibility—a key factor your prospects consider when deciding whether to buy from you. Check out this website credibility checklist to learn how to make your website look trustworthy to your customers and sell more.

Sensible Advice

To present your goods to the best advantage and help people with their choice, you can give them further advice. These can be tips on choosing a particular item or some practical advice. When clients have access to the information directly on your webpage, it’s comfortable and helps boost your sales. Now that you know what makes an effective online store, it’s time to find out the secret of how to create a website for selling products on your own.

Steps of How to Create a Selling Website Fast

1. Choose a Website Template

When you don’t have much time to create a website, the best solution is to get used to a ready-made website template or simply use Elementor pro page builder which is offering a 30% discount. Developed by professionals, it takes into consideration the needs of various business niches. With a variety of available MotoCMS templates, you won’t have any trouble choosing your ideal one. E.g., if you want to create a cosmetic store, there are various organic cosmetics templates and valuable tips on a cosmetic eCommerce website design.

Advanced eCommerce Plugin

In case you’ve already purchased a theme, but it does not have an e-store functionality, then we can present you with an eCommerce plugin. It’ll transform your website into a fully-fledged online store where you can sell products and services, add payment and shipment methods, track orders and provide a good customer experience.


2. Customize Your Template

Your online store should be recognizable, and its design has to match your general style. When you create a website for selling products with the help of a template, you don’t even need any coding skills. You can choose various elements yourself.

Visual Content vs Text Content


So, think about the customization of the following items:

  • color scheme;
  • layouts;
  • fonts.

These elements can influence people when they visit your online store. Let’s consider the following example, blue is often used in sales as it has a positive impact and creates a sense of honesty and security; green is easy to perceive color that evokes a feeling of peace, nature, and harmony. Also, successful use of the web design elements can become an impressive branding strategy and improve your conversion rate.

In case you don’t want to spend your time and get a functional website in up to 4 days, MotoCMS can offer you a template customization service that includes updating 6 pages with your content, activating a contact form, and providing security with an SSL certificate.

3. Arrange Your Goods in a Catalogue

Store Product Catalog lets you show your offers on your MotoCMS website in different ways. Thus, when you create a website for selling, you’ll be able to display goods, adjust their properties, add tags, customize product variations, and so on. Moreover, it’s possible to sort goods or hide certain products. Additionally, you can quickly mark what items are out of the store at the moment. It’s up to you to decide how many categories you want to see in your digital catalog.

When you add a category to your products, customers will be able to see them. It’s sensible to add certain goods to various categories because people may search for them in different ways. Furthermore, you can display related products on your website and assist buyers with purchasing necessary goods.

4. Create Galleries

Galleries are extremely important if you want to create a website for selling products. Images of products let people see how these products look. So, adding several images of the same product is advisable to give customers a full understanding of what your products look like. You can upload as many images as you wish and arrange them into galleries. Additionally, different ways of arranging and displaying images, such as sliders, product carousels, grids, etc., will help you display items at their best and make your website more visually appealing. The only thing to consider is page speed optimization. Check whether various visuals don’t make your pages load slowly.

Website Template for Perfume Store


5. Choose Payment Gateways

With MotoCMS 3 eCommerce templates, you can give your clients as many ways to pay for the goods as you prefer. You can include such payment methods as Fondy, Authorize.NET, LiqPay, iDeal, Mollie, PayPal Express, Skrill, WebMoney, etc.

Also, you’ll stay pleased with other MotoCMS benefits providing the best payment conversion rate :

  • using manual payment
  • the possibility of several payment methods functioning simultaneously
  • multiple currencies support
  • different tax settings.

6. Sort Out Shipping Methods

When evaluating the work of an online store, one of the critical factors visitors pay attention to is the speed and convenience of delivery. As well as high-quality information about delivery and advice on it, if necessary. Reviews from online store clients confirm that late delivery can damage the seller’s reputation. And the lack of data on the timing and delivery options on the store’s website will force the buyer to look for goods from your competitors, even if your offer is cheaper.

Website Benefits

Therefore, when you create a website for selling products, think over all the logistic schemes of your store for the delivery of goods even before receiving the first order. If you want to save and increase the number of your customers, always indicate all delivery terms in the product description. And by calling the user who left an order on the site, or by accepting a call order from the buyer, specify all the nuances of delivery.

Before setting up delivery methods in the store, you need to decide on the region of sales :

  • If you work only in one region, then courier delivery of store goods and pickup is enough.
  • If you work in several regions, then you need to implement delivery using delivery services.

7. Offer Discounts

People love sales and discounts, so giving discounts helps you to promote your business. With MotoCMS Store Product Discounts, you’ll be able to manage advanced discounts for your goods. You can choose whether to give discounts in percentage or a fixed amount. You can also offer discounts on a certain category of goods, user roles, or cart items.

Sale - Create a Website for Selling Products


8. Create a Blog

Blogs are an essential part of an online store because they have posts with different kinds of information. First of all, you can provide detailed information about various categories of products in your store and add your annual report design to show more info about your products. It’s also possible to give general pieces of advice on how to choose items. Furthermore, there may be some specific pieces of advice, such as how to combine clothes in outfits. Therefore, you should really consider learning how to start a blog for your online store site.

Secondly, you can write about the new assortments of goods in your store. Thus, you will keep people updated and advertise your goods at the same time. Moreover, you can write about gift ideas for different people, give links to your goods, and increase your sales. Fortunately, MotoCMS website builder has created astonishing templates with blog functionality for the success of your online store.

9. State Your Contact Details

When you create a website for selling products, you should think about ways of communicating with people. So, it’s necessary to state as much contact information as possible. You can include your business telephone numbers, emails, social media accounts, etc. A bright idea is also to have an advanced Contact form for your clients where they can leave a message for you.

Although you have to think about many details while launching your online store, you can be sure that with eCommerce MotoCMS templates, creating a website for selling products will not be difficult.

10. Create a Website for Selling Goods – Promote Business

With MotoCMS, you don’t even need to spend money on website optimization as it includes lots of crucial SEO built-in tools. Add meta descriptions with relevant keywords, and improve your rankings without an effort. Moreover, with the help of simple Google Search Console and Analytics integration, you can easily monitor statistics and understand what the clients want to get.

Order & Product Tracking

MotoCMS themes with eCommerce functionality provide an impressive opportunity to monitor financial operations successfully and access full statistics about your sales and customers.

  • Informative dashboard providing convenient order tracking.
  • Such options are available: product inventory tracking, negative product inventory, and out-of-stock products.

Turn Your Single eCommerce Store into A Multi-Seller Marketplace

If you want to turn your online store into a multi-vendor marketplace, Dokan is a viable option inside WordPress. It is a frontend marketplace plugin powered by WooCommerce. Dokan helps anyone who would like to build a marketplace of their own, embracing the best features at minimum or no cost in less time.

This WooCommerce plugin lets you create a website for selling products having functions like Amazon, Shopify and eBay, etc. Here you can invite different shop owners and allow them to sell their products. In turn, you can earn a commission from each sale.

Dokan provides you with a lot of customization options to create a specific niche-based marketplace, such as a traditional marketplace, digital marketplace, or service-based marketplace. The setup and configuration process is also simple and user-friendly. Right now, 70k+ businesses rely on Dokan to serve their clients with great expertise. 

If your target audience is people of young and middle age, consider reaching them through their phone and making your goods more accessible and easy to buy – build a Shopify app or another eCommerce-based application.

Grow Business with Ecommerce Niche-Oriented Templates

Choose from 200+ stunning online store themes, start a trial, and launch your store in a few days! It’s a genuinely beneficial decision if you think of a startup or have a small business as you get:

  • 1-year hosting and domain name support;
  • SSL certificate;
  • a complete website setup;
  • Lifetime updates;
  • VIP live chat & email support.

All in all, if you need a unique online shop in a couple of days – you’ve hit the right place. Address our professional support by chat, email, or any suitable way, get answers to all your questions and finally, create a website for selling products.

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