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Diminish Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate with These Researched Steps

Bhavesh Surani 12 December, 2017

No doubt in saying that you are able to redirect maximum online shoppers. But to turn these visitors into customers, you need to implement the best and the most advanced cart system with other website functionalities. This can result in a diminishing Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate. The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate is one of the trending topics of discussion because 90 % of retailers have issues with improving online sales and conversion rates.

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According to the research, the shopping cart abandonment rate is an average of 67.91%. This means only 13 to 15 % of the consumer proceeds with the final checkout; this is a big problem for online vendors.

Retailers can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate with simple steps that are opted for by leaders. They have seen instant growth and were able to stop the e-commerce abandonment rate by a good number. First of all, you have to understand the reason.

Why Is Your E-Commerce Abandonment Rate High?

Bad UI

One of the main reasons behind e-commerce abandonment is the user interface. Customers don’t even spend their half-minute on a website that is complicated to use and unattractive. Is your website user-friendly?

Loading issues

Online users are always looking forward to saving time at the same time, they look for the best seller in the market. If your website takes tons of time to reach the next step, this is the reason behind e-commerce abandonment. Are you optimizing your e-commerce site regularly?

Pages and pages, navigation

If you are redirecting customers from web pages to web pages, then this is not a good way to behave with a guest. This is kind of irritating, so you still have the chance to use the latest technology. Did you know you can allow customers to shop and pay on the same page?

Old cart system

This is one of the reasons behind website abandonment. In this case, customers are not able to find out where their money is going. Customers don’t only want to see the final bill receipt, they want more. Do you shop for things without knowing your investment?

Shopping cart abandonment rate statistics

Checkout abandonment issues? Not to worry, we have done all the hard work for you and gathered information to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate. You can continue reading below to enhance your shopping cart and increase sale instantly.

Shopping cart abandonment rate optimization tips

Some of The Major Things You Have to Apply or Modify An Existing Website for Stopping Checkout Abandonment. These Problems are Discussed Below and Explained.

Look and Feel

This is where you have to be realistic to decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate. This is the most important part because customers always like to see attractive and maintaining things. Do you like to see your guest disturbed when they are in the home? Hope not. The same applies to the e-commerce world. If you have a proper look and feel for your website, you will be able to see positive results in abandoned checkout.

You can get the right design for your e-commerce store by analyzing the business nature and customers’ needs. The best thing you can do is understand your customers and learn from the database.

Tip: Don’t make it complicated with unwanted content. Keep it simple, short, and most importantly, attractive.


Optimization of the website plays a very important role for customers. Day-to-day optimization of the website can make the website faster and give a better experience to customers. Especially, if you are losing customers on mobile cart abandonment, you should optimize your cart today.

Tip: This will reduce loading time and load web pages 90% faster. By this, the mobile cart abandonment rate will come down to 25%.

Shopping Experience

One of the best thing to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate, enhancing website features and offering complete customer satisfaction. You can help your customers to find the desired products and save them time and money.

Investing money in the database and working on customers’ feedbacks, can solve your issue of website abandonment.

Tip: You can enhance the shopping experience by collecting feedbacks and you can also learn from the user experience.

Multiple Payment Options

Try to have every options/ payment gateway of receiving payment from customers on your webs. This will give customers an option to pay with the best options they can opt for.

Ensure that payment gateways are always working and taking less time to accept payments from multiple customers at a time. This will impact on checkout abandonment and you will have a great result in a sale.

Tip: This best way to choose payment mode is by analyzing what are the payments gateways are used by leading e-commerce store like Amazon.

Proper Navigation

You can opt for the latest technology to improve navigation system on the website. You can also provide a complete shopping experience under one page so that customers don’t have to redirect themselves to different pages.

Easier checkout option can stop website abandonment instantly.

Tip: Enhance website on regular basis and meet your site needs whenever possible. The support and maintenance of the website are very important.

Reducing steps in the checkout process

This is where you have to think about the customers and simplify their shopping experience. When customers are checking out, don’t ask them to answer too many questions and don’t keep multiple forms on the checkout process. The mobile cart abandonment rate is high because of these reasons. You can improve before season sale hits.

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Tip: Don’t ask for repeated information, try to keep it as simple as you can, nobody likes to stand line when shopping goods.

Offer discounts and various options for buying

One of the best ways to stop shopping cart abandonment rate is by giving unexpected discounts and offers to customers. They will love this part and move to check out 50% faster. Another thing you have to do is adding coupon code and discount offers directly to customers’ cart, so they don’t have to find a coupon code. This will stop them from turning to competitors’ websites.
If you follow all these steps, then you can easily bring down ecommerce abandonment rate. You just have to follow these steps and you will find your success.

Tip: Upload your coupon codes on coupon platforms, so the user can get extra discounts. This is a great way to increase sale and make good relationship with customers.


The world of e-commerce keeps changing around the time, you have to be smart and opt for trending technology which can keep your business on the top. This abandoned checkout will stop immediately if you do things which are noticed by the customers (they always look for the smartest solutions). The above information is only to help you in enhancing ecommerce store and see a positive impact on the shopping cart abandonment rate.

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