6 Bestselling MotoCMS eCommerce Templates to Get in 2017

MotoCMS Editorial 24 January, 2017

A ready-made online shop is a pretty popular solution among our customers, especially the business owners with retail experience who have no facility for creating an eCommerce website all alone but have a big desire to break into the web and show what they are made of. If you are thinking about getting a made-up web store with MotoCMS eCommerce templates in 2017, take a look at the examples below. They require only minimal customization. Instead, you get the most advanced functionality to build and manage a fully-featured online store.

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Bestselling MotoCMS eCommerce Templates

For those of you who want to retail products online with your own e-store, check out top 6 bestselling ecommerce website builder templates from MotoCMS.


Lingerie Ecommerce Website Template image

The number one bestselling eCommerce template from MotoCMS is built for the underwear retailers. The perfect mixture of minimalistic design, animation & parallax effects and, of course, the stunning functionality of the MotoCMS admin panel makes this web theme a great choice for all the beginners who would like to try themselves in building an eCommerce business.



Jewelry Ecommerce Website Template image

How to open an online jewelry store? Get this template, stuff it with your content and that’s it. The functionality of the MotoCMS admin panel will be more than enough to provide you with the full management of your eCommerce business. Our system requires no additional management, web design and programming skills.

Create product items and structure them with an original showcase, get full statistics on your e-store daily or monthly activity, launch tools for analytics, check out all the information on your customers and more.


Natural Foods

Natural Foods Ecommerce Website Template image
If you want to promote your grocery store, you definitely need to choose from the best MotoCMS eCommerce templates. This one boasts blog functionality, allowing you not only offering your own goods but creating a special culinary blog for your customers. Write useful articles for the audience of your online shop and publish them in only one click. Thanks to responsive design, your customers will be able to check out new supplies and participate in sales right with a smartphone or tablet and more.


Cyan Theme

Cyan Theme Ecommerce Website Template image
If you are passionate about blue color hues, this responsive eCommerce template is made exactly for you. The cyan color looks great in the combination with white, gray and black tones. In fact, you get not just an eCommerce template. You get a ready-made online store with a fully-featured showcase, allowing you to structure your products in varied categories, initiate sales with promo codes, accept payments with the most popular systems, manage taxes and more.


Tools Market

Tools Market Ecommerce Website Template image

The next best selling eCommerce template in our list is the web theme for a tools online store with a simple design that requires no special customization or web development skills. Manage your web business yourself by adding products, proceeding orders, checking personal data of your clients, editing your e-store design and much more.


Eva Clothing

Eva Clothing Ecommerce Website Template image

Here is another great template for an apparel online store with the modern design that combined parallax, animation, well-chosen color palette and the functionality that allows you to be the only manager of your online store. Thanks to the admin panel powered by MotoCMS, you are able to upload images of your products, structure them in different catalogs, set discounts and much more.


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By the way, all MotoCMS eCommerce templates give you access to 24/7 free technical support and future system updates for your admin panel. If you like any eCommerce template from the list, remember that you can easily preview the website builder yourself on the page of your favorite web design.

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