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Daria Kosych 4 March, 2021

A ready-made online shop is a pretty popular solution among our customers. Usually, it’s significant for the business owners with retail experience who have no facility for creating an eCommerce website all alone but have a big desire to break into the web and show what they are made of. If you are thinking about getting a web store with MotoCMS eCommerce templates in 2021, take a look at the examples below. They require only minimal customization. Instead, you get the most advanced functionality to build and manage a fully-featured online store.

Best-Selling MotoCMS eCommerce Templates

For those who want to retail products online with your e-store, here are the top 6 best-selling eCommerce website builder templates from MotoCMS. We also want to remind you of the possibilities to change and add necessary content and adjust your store’s design following your vision of the future site(layout, buttons, colors, backgrounds, etc.).

Best-Selling MotoCMS eCommerce Templates

Fashion Ecommerce Website Design for Backpacks Store

The number one best-selling eCommerce template from MotoCMS is built for bag retailers. It’s a perfect mixture of eye-catching yellow web design, fast loading speed, convenient navigation, and, of course, the stunning functionality of the MotoCMS admin panel. That’s why it makes this web theme an excellent choice for all the beginners who would like to try themselves in building an eCommerce business.

Fashion Ecommerce Website Design for Backpacks Store


What’s Inside

This user-friendly and easy to customize template stands out by:

  • drag & drop editor – you can manage filters and built-in product search
  • convenient admin dashboard for tracking orders, customers, products, the statistics of your site performance
  • variety of unique widgets for you to edit products’ colors, sizes, or add any other necessary features

Some Other Benefits You May Appreciate

  • responsive design
  • premium slider & galleries
  • social integration
  • white label opportunities
  • built-in SEO tools

Enjoy Ideal Set of Pages

Undoubtedly, MotoMCS pages are created for the best user experience. Every detail is thought out, which makes clients stay in your bag store longer. Thus, on a home page, you can present some featured items, new arrivals, discounts to interest potential customers in your products, while such CTA buttons like Shop Now will impact users’ decisions.

Bags Sale

Also, you’ll enjoy a separate page for products (bags & backpacks, luggage, handbags & clutches, etc.) with:

  • well-thought-out menu
  • animated media
  • stylish typography

Thus, users can access the necessary information about prices, available options (size, color, quantity). Moreover, there is a Sale page for those who want to save money. No person in the world wouldn’t like to get something for a lower price, so that this page will be a robust marketing tool for your website.

Collections Page

Besides, it’s essential to tell about your company, the history of your success, and the opportunities you provide. The About Us and a Contact Us page (with a map, form, phone, fax, even opening times) is an ideal solution for it.

Additionally, you can have a blog about shopping, some mistakes in wearing clothes, trends, whatever you want to become helpful. Combine a beautiful picture, a functional structure, and fantastic content with MotoCMS eCommerce templates.

Tip: read the article on eСommerce content management to understand what your customers expect from you and meet their expectations.

Fragrance Website Template for Perfume Store

This responsive eCommerce template is made exactly for you if you are passionate about exclusive design and eye-catching photos. The bottles of perfume look great in combination with rose petals highlighting the product’s uniqueness. You get not just sweet and pretty eCommerce templates. You get a ready-made online store with a fully-featured showcase, allowing you to structure your products in varied categories, initiate sales with promo codes, accept payments with the most popular systems, manage taxes, and more.

Fragrance Website Template for Perfume Store


Easy to Manage eCommerce Templates

You may know nothing about web design and development, but we assure you’re able to manage your future site effortlessly. So, even a novice will cope with it! The template will automatically adapt to all screen resolutions and browsers, while a convenient admin panel and robust drag & drop page builder will make almost everything for you.

Perfume Sale

Create Positive Online Shopping Experience

Why do you actually need a website? The main aim is to get new clients and present your products. And MotoCMS eCommerce templates cope with this task perfectly. With a well-built Fragrance web layout, all the necessary information is effectively structured and categorized, which shines a light on important content and clients’ best opportunities. So you can draw customers’ attention by presenting popular and hot items, gift sets, novelties, discounts, etc., while call-to-action buttons can influence their decisions.

eCommerce Templates

Here we see a standard set of pages like Home, Collections, Catalog, Blog, Sale, and Contact Us, but you can always add new ones or change their titles. It’s convenient that one can:

  • choose the product they want with the help of filters by price, brands, product types(body washes, exclusive perfumes, hampers, for men and women)
  • read the description under the image, delivery information, and reviews to learn the details
  • view your accounts on different social media

Your Website – Your Castle

Having your website is a powerful tool for the development of your business. You can edit the content to get what you need, add images the way you prefer, and analyze the site’s performance with free Google Webmaster tools. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to tell the world about your strengths, your team, why to choose YOU among others, and present testimonials to create a positive image of your company and make potential customers trust you.

Boost your sales with MotoCMS eCommerce templates!

Electronic Deals Website Template

How to open an online electronic store? Get this template, stuff it with your content, and that’s all. The MotoCMS admin panel’s functionality will be more than enough to provide you with the full management of your business.

Moreover, it requires no additional management, web design, and programming skills. Create product items, structure them with an original showcase, get full statistics on your e-store daily or monthly activity, launch tools for analytics, check out all the information on your customers, and more.

Electronic Deals Website Template


Explore a Cool Web Page Layout

It’s essential to know what typography consists of and how to make the text visually appealing, manage its position, fonts, sizes to achieve better results, and elicit certain emotions. This template’s typography ideally adapts to the color of images which assures a perfect and robust web design. Also, you’ll appreciate unique icons for presenting items. Be sure that the interface design is intuitive and straightforward, and even a child can cope with it.

eCommerce Templates

Focus On Products

This template includes such pages as Electronics, Home Accessories, Home Gadgets, Laptops & Tablets, and Sale. So you can present new products, those on sale and their prices. Also, there are some successful decisions for your website:

  • the countdown for “delicious” prices Best Laptops
  • search line that allows finding the required product or information about it
  • product filters by price, brands, dimensions, tech spec, battery average life (plus you can specify them on your own)
  • shopping cart for users convenience
  • subscribe for the newsletter button

Create a website that matches your ideas and vision with hundreds of MotoCMS ready-made eCommerce templates. And if you still have doubts, try the live demo version.

Organic Cosmetics Website Design

If you want to promote your cosmetics store, you certainly need to choose from the best MotoCMS eCommerce templates. This one boasts blog functionality, allowing you to offer your goods and create an exceptional blog with your customers’ recommendations at the same time. Write useful articles for the audience of your online shop and publish them in only one click.

Besides, thanks to responsive design, your customers will be able to check out new supplies and participate in sales right with a smartphone or tablet, and more.

Organic Cosmetics Website Design


Another benefit is using bright colors, especially the green one that catches visitors’ attention and creates positive emotions considering your website and products. With the help of pre-made blocks, you can present a limited edition, just arrived, and popular organic products for skin, body, hair care, and whatever you want.

Organic Cosmetics

Also, despite the filters, for users convenience, there is the option to sort the results by:

  • oldest first/newest first
  • prices low to high/high to low
  • name A-Z/Z-A

Besides, you can establish delivery, secure payment, warranty terms, and you don’t need lots of money for that.

Children’s Clothing Website Template for Infant Store

The next best-selling eCommerce template in our list is a cute web theme for an online store with a simple design that requires no special customization or web development skills. Manage your web business yourself by adding products, proceeding orders, checking your clients’ data, editing your e-store design, and much more.

Children's Clothing Website Template for Infant Store


Show the charm of your online store with full-width images that grab visitors’ attention and maintain them with limited-time offers for users to make the right choice. The buttons “shop now” and “add to cart” will also become useful tools for getting new orders.

All you need to do is present the essential information in the best possible light and create a user-friendly website. To do this, you should manage the description of your popular products in different catalogs/collections, grouped into specific categories(e.g., Pantic provides Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Baby Neutral, Kid Boy, Kid Girl, Sale, Toddler Girl).

Clothes for Children

Besides, built-in Google analytics tools will help you collect and analyze the performance of your website.

Candy Shop Website Template

Here is another great template for an online candy store with a modern design combining parallax, animation, a well-chosen color palette, and the functionality that allows you to be the only manager of your online store. Thanks to the admin panel powered by MotoCMS, you can upload images of your products, structure them in different catalogs, set discounts, and much more.

Candy Shop Website Template


Eye-Catching Web Design

Design and usability are essential for regular visitors. Ultimately, most online consumers choose another resource if they encounter poor design or poor navigation. Therefore, if you want to increase sales, this template is excellent for optimizing the site’s conversion.

Candy Shop Website

Colors and emotions are what you should consider when designing your site. In the marketing world, color matching is a crucial factor that can psychologically influence website visitors. MotoCMS candy shop will undoubtedly evoke positive emotions and make customers return to your site.

eCommerce Templates

Tip: check the article Ecommerce Design Elements to Wow Visitors Into Converting to make your visitors get products into their shopping carts and complete the purchasing process.

Opportunities You Get with MotoCMS

All MotoCMS eCommerce templates give you:

  • access to 24/7 free technical support
  • FREE hosting & SSL
  • FREE domain name for one year
  • easy website builder
  • full website SETUP
  • lifetime updates
  • VIP live chat & email support.

Now, you have almost everything on a platter, and it’s up to you whether to use the opportunities at full scale. You should identify your vision of a future site, pick an astonishing design, edit pages according to your goals, find out your target audience and add the appropriate content, specify filters, payments, and shipping terms. After such a process, you can publish your site without effort and boost your sales. To learn more about effective strategies and ways to engage people, generate trust and SELL, read the article on creating impressive product pages.

By the way, we’d like you to pay attention to the fact that with the MotoCMS website builder, you can improve your rankings using the in-built SEO settings.

How to Do That?

Each product setting can be optimized in your admin panel, mainly by filling in the Meta Keywords and Meta description fields. Read the article’s SEO detailed information on how, what, and where to write to get your products at the top of search results.

Please choose a theme from the list of MotoCMS eCommerce templates, and try it for free by registering a 14-day demo!

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