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Mobile App Landing Page Optimization – 10 Amazing Tips & Tricks

Harikrishna Kundariya 25 December, 2019

Mobile phones have become a necessity. From reading emails to ordering food, mobiles are everywhere. Thus, there’s no question why creating a mobile landing page is a necessity. Here, we’ll examine why people talk about mobile app landing page optimization so much. Also, we’ll have a look at the best tips and tricks for this kind of optimization.

mobile app landing page optimization

To get distracted on mobile has become easier than any other thing. Let’s have a look at some statistics. According to the Search Engine Journal, an average mobile device user spends approx. 5 hours per day on their phones, out of which:

  • 8 % time is utilized in web browsing,
  • while 92 % is spent on mobile app usage.

Survey shows that 51 % of buyers use their mobile phones to search for any product or service they want to avail, and this is in no way an overrated statement because this has become a pervasive fact today.

Since one can use a mobile device for getting, buying, selling, almost everything, hence, the use of mobile devices are in vogue. When everything can be availed from the comfort of one’s home by clicking on a few buttons on a mobile phone, what’s more, easier than that, and of course, what else anyone wants?

This is the best scenario under which you can grow your business. How? By using modern technology that others are already using, one such technical assistance is the Mobile app landing page.

What is Mobile App Landing Page?

Ever noticed a web page gets opened when you click on the search result of a particular company or brand’s app? Yes, that web page is the mobile app landing page.

That web page generally covers the logo of the company, short description of the products or services it provides, images, videos, call-to-action (CTA) buttons (like – call for more inquiry, sign up, join now, shop, get one month free, create a free account, etc.), color schemes, and typography, etc.

Importance of Having Mobile App Landing Page

A mobile app landing page has all the benefits that are needed to do wonders to build a relationship between a client and the business enterprise online if the page so displayed is appropriately developed.

Following are some pointers that showcase the importance of caring about mobile app landing page optimization for the better growth of your business:

  • The app page creates a separate personality of your company
  • It is the first point of contact between your company and your potential customers
  • A visitor gets to know what your company or brand offers
  • You can analyze the likes and dislikes of your current as well as potential customers
  • Customers can give you real-time feedback regarding your product or service
  • You can work on your services to improve them quickly

Why Should You Have an Appropriately Developed Mobile App Landing Page?

When you do not want a slow speed growth rate or rabbit-success for your business, how can you expect your potential visitors to manage with your slow-loading mobile app landing page? No, you just cannot afford to let that happen.

You want your business to be on the top list of businesses. So, you are deploying every single effort in making your business the best business, one that provides world-class services and products. Also, you must make use of today’s advanced technology to achieve this level of eternity or not?

As already mentioned, your mobile app landing page is the first point of contact between your company and your potential customers, so it should be attractive and sound enough to entice the customers and make them stay for some while on your page.

Want to know how this can happen? Here are the mind-boggling pointers that you must follow in order to have an optimized Mobile App Landing page for your business or professional services.

Tricks for Mobile App Landing Page Optimization


Research is a precedent for anything and everything. Whenever we have to do something new, we always prefer to check the search engines for some creative and innovative ideas, and most of the time, we do get such ideas.

search on landing page

If you are here, you are probably a start-up entrepreneur or have recently shifted his or her business online. So, you must research about the companies that have already established their names in the market. You can check the pages of any best company like Amazon, PayPal, etc. They have got many appealing pages, that is why they are so much flouring today.

Research is such an important part of landing page optimization and therefore, one must give due importance to this aspect. It will surely help you all in the long run.

The Correct Developer

Now when you have done healthy research, it’s time to search for a perfect developer if you do not know how to develop a mobile app landing page. No matter whether you hire the developer online or near your place, make sure the developer you choose for your app page must be an expert in his work.

developer for mobile app landing page optimization

Remember, a well-developed page can do wonders for your business, whereas the vice versa concept can also become a nightmare for you. So, choose your app developer or a landing page builder, if you want to create a landing page yourself, wisely. So, you should search on google and find out an expert developer or an agency for that matter. They will guide you on this subject with their experience as well as the knowledge. Finding the correct developer has become a massive challenge for people nowadays. However, if you analyze the website of the company and check their portfolio, you will find the best option.


Speed and oxygen have equal importance nowadays. The reason is that a human being cannot live without oxygen, and when any page or site takes too much time to load.

No one has that much level of patience that he or she can wait for such time. Hence, they shift to another search result. With Google’s page speed update, it has become compulsory for every business owner to manage the request of their site and speed up the load time. Without achieving a good website loading speed, you won’t be able to get the significant advantage that you’re expecting to get from the landing page for business. So, start working on these aspects as soon as possible.

speed of mobile app landing page

Research shows that the average amount of time spent by an individual on any website equals 2.6 seconds. If your page takes too much time to load, it is enough for any user to decide whether he wants to stay or leave. So, the speed of your page matters a lot and you should do your best to increase your website’s loading speed.

Brief Description of Mobile App Landing Page

Your landing page must have a brief description of your products and services that your company offers. Your page must contain the attributes and features of your business wisely so that anyone who visits your app is enticed to click, download, and eventually install it. After all, your mobile app page is the first point of contact between your company and your potential buyers. And the first impression is the last impression. You can combine design and emotions in mobile apps, too, to make visitors engaged.


Must use appropriate images with cool graphics on your page as the images speak louder than words. But do not make a hotchpotch of images. Choosing images for your website should be a careful process. Use concise, appropriate, and limited images only. Remember to optimize the size of your images. With numerous image optimizer tools, you can do this for free. Else, the page will be covered with the images alone, and other crucial stuff will be forcibly ignored.


Just like images, using videos on your page to give a demo of your products and services works. Make sure the video is very short and do not consume much time or data of the users in downloading, remember 2.6 seconds are enough for the users to make their minds.

Also, do not use many videos; just one or two quick and short videos are more than sufficient to express your words to the world. Nowadays there is a lot of importance being given to Product Videos. E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Best Buy, etc. have used this technique to gain user’s attention.

Product Videos allow the audience to connect with your brand. They feel that they’re a part of your big family and that will ultimately create major chances of lead for your business.

Call-to-Action Button

As discussed earlier, call-to-action (CTA) buttons are like – call for more inquiry, sign up, join now, shop, get one month free, create a free account, etc. These are very useful and prompt buttons. Call to action buttons must be used as they catch the attention of the user. Also, they allow them to take the quick action in one go and that too, without any hassle.

call-to-action buttons on landing pages

You may use more than one call to action button, but make sure that you use all those buttons in one place; else, the things will look messy. Also, try your level best to use the CTA button either on the top or in the center of the page.

Appropriate Content for Mobile App Landing Page

All those images, videos, texts, CTA buttons, form the content. Try your level best to use the best and crisp content. You are not going to change the content of your mobile app landing page daily just as people change Whatsapp display pictures or update stories regularly.

This is one time and one action deal. So be very wise, choosy, in using the whole content you are going to display on your page. In the day and age of video, image & infographics, content is still the king. Even if there is a video, image or infographics, content matters a lot. There is no substitute for content.

creating content for landing pages

Good content was good content, is good content and will always remain a good content. So, you should work out on this aspect whether you’re working planning for 2020 or 2025. If you are not sure that you can write your content appropriately yourself, trust content creation to professionals. There are different professional web copywriting services at your disposal.

Precise Format Forms

If you such business that it is crucial for you to know people’s preferences first. You can make a provision for forms on your page where the users are asked to fill the form. However, make your form too precise and concise; remember people lack patience, and you cannot afford to irritate any user by the hassle of your much lengthy forms.

You must have heard about the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid). That is the design principle you should implement for your landing page. It will help you to improve the UX for your website. If the form has too many fields, then people will get irritated by that. They will never come back to your visit to your site and it will also affect the bounce rate as well. So, keep this in mind.

Keep the Page Touch-Friendly

Keep your mobile app page touch or finger-friendly. Make the CTA buttons or other text slightly bigger in size so that while clicking the buttons or reading the text, the users do not find any difficulty. Also, keep the color and theme of the page attractive yet simple.

While doing research, you will find that the best companies have appealing and straightforward pages at the same time. UI/UX plays a significant role in the success of your landing page. That is the reason why you should give prime importance to this aspect. It will hold you in a good state for a long time. Nowadays most people are visiting your brand from their smartphones and therefore if the touch is not smooth, you will pay the price for it. So, start working on these things, right now!

Conclusion – Mobile App Landing Page Optimization

To conclude, these are some basic and crisp tips that you can follow in order to have a super awesome mobile app landing page. No doubt, there is no exact science’ right-hand thumb rule that will assure you of your page optimization, but getting it tested will surely give you the confidence that you have got the landing page.

So, leave all the if’s and but’s behind and get on to make your first mobile app landing page, following the recent mobile app design trends. We hope you had a great time reading this article and it proves to be of great value for you. If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this topic, then feel free to ask them in the comment box. We’ll surely try to respond to all your queries. If you have any other tips in mind, then also you can mention them. We’ll take that into consideration as well. Thank You!

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