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Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends You Should Consider in 2018

Pranay Agrawal 22 March, 2018

Staying relevant and evolving along with present-day web design trends and mobile app design trends, in particular, is important for every business. Every mobile app marketing strategist will tell you that it is imperative that you stay abreast of what is happening in your market and keep in line with them to succeed. This is very much true for mobile apps today given how they have inundated the popular app stores in the market.

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Did you know that the App Store is touted to reach 5 million apps by 2020 ? There are literally millions of apps out there and for your app to be popular with users, it needs to stand out. This can be accomplished only if you keep updating your app and employ the top mobile application development trends to your advantage.  We have dabbled in mobile app development and we bring to you the popular mobile app trends to help you develop an engaging app with this blog; read on to learn more.

Before we delve into the top mobile app design trends that have generated a lot of buzz in 2018, let’s have a quick recap of the mobile application development trends that were popular last year.

Mobile App Design Trends – What ruled the roost last year and what has changed now?

There has always been a lot of buzz surrounding UX when it comes to mobile apps and rightly so. Being the clinching factor for the success of any app, UX was the focus last year (and we believe that this will continue to be so in the coming years as well). In-app gestures, user onboarding, animation-based design, motion-based design and UX based on VR were some of the popular UX application development trends of 2017. Other trends that grabbed headlines were simplified UI, dynamic function animation, scalable typography and newer color schemes and palettes that were inspired by architecture. Now that we’ve gotten an idea as to what was popular last year, let’s move on to the top five mobile app design trends that we think you should consider in 2018.

#1: UI is all about keeping it simple

Move side complicated design, lots of images, heavy colors and graphics, its all about keeping it simple and natural this year. Designers are keeping the flow simple and going towards a minimalistic UI with simple curves and elegant geometries. This will keep the users’ attention riveted on what’s important and help them focus on the functions of the app and we see this as one of the popular mobile app design trends this year.

Overlapping effects too are gaining momentum in mobile app trends this year with fonts, color trends and graphics designed in an overlapping fashion for an eye-popping effect. Similarly, combining shadows and overlapping similar elements are some of the ideas being used to create an illusion of space and give a great look and feel. Opacity is yet another key area that is being worked on. It simply means adjusting the transparency of the elements and playing with them to create a colorful texture to the app’s UI. This is particularly useful for logos and home screens. We expect this trend to soar this year; have at it and ensure that you create eye-catching designs for your UI.

#2: Newer in-app gesticulations

Gesture driven interactions are extremely popular and loved by users because they are similar to real object interactions. With more gestures in your app, you can reduce the number of buttons being used, the ease of use is way better as it is close to what happens in real-life situations and this, in turn, ensures that the interaction is seamless. Apps that are gesture-driven are popular among users and have been figuring among top mobile app design trends for the past few years and yet caution needs to be exercised while using them in your mobile app because if used in excess they could lead to an increased effort from the users and they might also affect visibility and consistency.

If you can develop a new gesture for your application, it will surely be a rousing success provided you keep in mind all these aspects. Also, since gestures make things faster and seamless, we think in-app gesticulations are going to be one of the very popular mobile app trends this year.

#3: AR and VR are set to dominate the mobile development trends

Both AR and VR have seen a lot of rising in the last couple of years and we expect them to be the pick of most developers this year. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if AR and VR apps rule the mobile app design trends in 2018. Many of us would have played PokemonGo and simply going by the game’s rousing reception, AR/VR is here to stay. The game was played worldwide, and its user base spanned such a diverse range that it virtually catapulted AR/VR industry into the limelight and every major player in the industry has ventured into it with gusto. Snapchat is another example of AR/VR going viral among users. We believe that both augmented and virtual reality are here to stay, and you should cash in on this for your mobile app.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing AR experiences: the focus should be on creating a well-defined user experience and thus data should be streamed from real-world and interpretation of changes in data should also be done. Reduction of excessive action, ensuring free movement and simplifying the user experience is very important. With VR, you get to use a lot more imagination as it is virtual and thus imaginary! Preventing eye strain, employing 3D images and sound to the fullest and accounting for every kind of motion is important when it comes to VR.

#4: Colour Schemes are changing yet again

Colors keep changing and there are seasonal trends for palettes and designs every year. This year, stronger contrasts whether with the use of strong colors or font contrasts are in vogue. It is all about creating a strong impression with users and again using color gradients for designing logos, buttons and even backgrounds are trending. Color gradients and hierarchy helps with a seamless appearance and makes for a beautiful UI. This is one of the mobile app design trends that were popular in 2017 and we expect that it will continue to top the mobile development trends this year too.

Opacity is applicable in this context too and we’ve touched upon it earlier when we talked about keeping the UI simple. When it comes to choosing color schemes, keeping them simple and minimalistic is the key and subtle colors and light backgrounds help in achieving such a look.

#5: Personalizing the experience

Its all about personalizing the experience for every single user whatever be the field. Especially in a competitive one such as mobile apps, it is the key to reach out to users and this requires a lot of consumer research and target audience study. If you create an app , you need to understand what your user base wants, who your customers are and how best can you reach your potential target audience. Personalized notifications, providing a smooth onboarding experience and seamless interactions are topping the charts when it comes to mobile app design trends and mobile development trends since last year and we believe that they will continue to do so this year too.

We believe that it isn’t just about the onboarding experience and welcoming users into your fold, you should also plan for a smooth off-boarding experience and this is important because only then will you encourage users to get back to you!

We believe that keeping an eye out for such mobile app design trends when you design your mobile app will ensure that your app is current, relevant. In fact, it could prove to be the best opportunity for your mobile app to make it big in the market.

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