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Mobile App Marketing: 9 Most Unusual Ways One can Market Mobile Apps

Darshan Patel 22 December, 2017

If you think just creating your own mobile app that represents your business brand is enough, you have still did not understand the potential and impact of mobile apps. Mobile presence has become the essential part of business as it can help your business connect more people in effective ways. So, after building an app, a business needs serious consideration about mobile app marketing and promotion. While traditional marketing channels will always be there, you need to outshine others by embracing other effective methods.

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9 Most Unusual Ways of Mobile App Marketing

Within a span of two or three years mobile has penetrated almost every sphere of life and user volume has reached an all-time high level. Naturally, mobile app marketing can no longer be the same as it was a few years ago. Today, to promote your app you need to consider a whole array of new maneuvers. Let us explain here 10 of the most unusual ways you can consider for mobile app promotion ideas.

1. Track the right metrics for the app market

Mobile app promotion can be something you have the least experience with, but when it comes to measuring the metrics, it is not entirely different compared to other marketing niches. Knowing the right metrics for your app is important since they vary from one type of to the other. Some of the key metrics that mobile application marketing professionals need to focus on including app store ranking, an average session length of users, new user and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, etc. Now depending on the type of app, some metrics will be more important than others. For instance, for a game app session length and frequency of playing are two key metrics besides many others.

2. Pre-Launch Mobile App Promotion

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Mobile app marketing strategies however different approaches they have invariably should consider a robust pre-launch campaign. It means your actual marketing effort starts long before the app is ready for the market. It starts as soon as the app gets into development. Even when the look and feel of the app are not ready, you should create buzz which will only get louder as the app launch gets near. You should announce the upcoming app to your existing customers and associates to your social friends and peers. Let people talk about the merit and demerit about your app concept and give you a few suggestions and advice concerning the same.

3. What about launching a small one-page website

One of the most ways to make your mobile application marketing effective is cross-promoting the app across channels where your business have a presence. But besides promoting your app across established channels, you can also build a small landing page website representing all your brand specific elements and contents encouraging app downloads. You can publish valuable contents there and by doing rigorous SEO can engage traffic who over time can download your app.

4. Rigorous cross-promotion across channels

You can also cross-promote your app through several channels where your brand already has a presence. For instance, your regular business website can launch a new landing page or banner ad promoting the app. You can incentivize purchases in your store in exchange for app downloads. Your social media pages can now post contents referring to the new app and its benefits for the customers. Incentivising business interactions and encouraging your customers to download the app across all channels can be very effective for mobile app marketing.

5. Partner with a mobile marketing expert

You might have full trust on the expertise of your in-house marketing team, but as regular business acumen often falls short of the expected outcome, it is important to partner with a mobile app marketing expert who has a solid grasp over all the nooks and corners of app marketing and promotion. A professional app marketer has extensive experience in mobile app promotion and the alternative app promotion ideas that can be effective.

6. Focus on marketing the user experience

What is likely to draw your target audience to the app and retain them as users? Isn’t it a unique user experience they value most? Yes, this is precisely why you need to focus on developing the app with a unique user experience and market this UX design. With millions of apps floating in the app marketplace, a new app doesn’t carry any importance unless you can tell your audience about the unique user experience of the app. Most users are likely to go for a new app when they find it interesting with a unique and easy user experience.

7. Coinciding with big events

Major events related to your business niche enjoys huge influence over your target audience, and naturally, when your app marketing takes advantage of these events and their platforms, the app get quick visibility and sometimes, this leads to literally an overnight success. For example, when you have a travel app you can promote your app multiple times a year by just launching a campaign that refers to these events as real travel attractions and delivers most useful information about them.

8. Organic ranks over paid promotion

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Your mobile app promotion is not going to be benefited for longer with a paid strategy that solely focuses on getting new acquisition without any consideration for boosting the user retention and engagement. But paid promotions are equally important as in the beginning it boosts the visibility of your app and thus makes the app more discernible for the organic users. Short-term burst campaign focused on organic downloads can be very effective as it quickly can pour in numbers. At the same time, your marketing efforts should continue putting the things in right places to draw your target audience who are more likely to find your app valuable.

9. Seek micro influencers

Every industry boasts of some respected influencers who can make or break the fate of any digital product with their opinion valued by millions. So, it is common sense that your mobile app promotion must take advantage of these influencer opinions. But often reaching these influencers become a challenging task involving too many efforts and investment. You can rather go to micro-influencers with typically less than 100,000 audience reach but still, who dons respect in the industry. Approaching several such influencers can be more effective than going all out for one big and almost unapproachable name.

It’s a wrap, guys!

Mobile app marketing for the decades to come will remain the most contesting area as the vast majority of businesses are turning to mobile for quicker, effective and more result oriented access to their target audience. Naturally, the quest for unusual ways of app promotion will continue in the time to come.

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  1. Nicolas Finet says:

    Very useful insight regarding one of the most used platforms. I believe everyone should put more emphasis on measuring the right metrics, in order to keep track of the campaigns.

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