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Drag and Drop Landing Page for Business: When it is Better than a Huge Website

Allison Reed 7 May, 2021

A growing preference for drag and drop landing page is a new tendency among those who  want to promote their business quickly. What lies behind it and how you as a business owner can use it successfully are two questions we will answer in today’s post.

What is a Drag and Drop Landing Page?

Before we start enumerating the main advantages of a responsive landing page , let’s look into a definition of this online instrument. Traditionally, a landing page is a one-page website that contains up to three visible call-to-action buttons. The primary purpose of a landing page is to promote the content on the web and make an online visitor perform one specific action. That is why a professional business landing page is always niche-specific and laconic, like Woodcraft you can see below.

Woodcraft Drag and Drop Landing Page


A drag-and-drop landing page is a landing page built with a website builder, like Website Creator from MotoCMS . In other words, a landing page is a mini-site, which is easy to launch, as it already contains the premade content blocks. By moving those blocks around, you can create a stunning landing page that reflects your business philosophy to the fullest.

What is more, the drag-and-drop functionality automatically means that you do not need to have any prior expertise in web design. You need to pick the landing page from the reliable theme house that offers professional web design elements to increase conversion rates , e.g., Luxury Viator, the eye-grabbing landing page for travel agencies.

Travel Drag and Drop Landing Page


With MotoCMS, creating a splash page consists of two simple operations: (a) find a content block you need in the Blocks tab on the left, (b) drag-and-drop the content block to where it belongs. Test out how enjoyable it can be to add an attractive contact form to your landing page with the admin panel from MotoCMS.

Key Components of an Effective Drag and Drop Landing Page

  1. A catchy headline – the role of the title on the landing page is to convince the visitor to pay attention to the content on the landing page and study it thoroughly.
  2. Unique selling proposition – your landing page content should answer a straightforward question: what makes your product or service better than the competitors’ one? But it is not necessary to say it directly, as visitors may get the impression that you are praising yourself. If you want your page to provide essential information only, then you should specify all the details.
  3. Trust indicators – establishing trusting relationships with visitors is the most crucial task of any landing page. The most common indicators of trust are the following ones: statistics, logos of client firms, honest customer reviews, Privacy Policy (the link to your privacy policy will be necessary when visitors begin to fill in the form you proposed and the question arises about the guarantees of personal data security).
  4. Relevant text (including your features and benefits) and eye-catching images.
  5. CTA – should be clear as the more precise the call to action is, the more conversions you’ll get.
  6. Advanced contact form and subscription form.
  7. Lack of navigation menu – menus or navigation links will distract your visitors from the primary goal, so they should not be on the landing page.

Tasks of a Drag and Drop Landing Page

  • sell products or services;
  • collect necessary contact information;
  • expand the number of subscribers.

Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

Landing pages play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness and sales, improving SEO performance , and attracting new customers. Moreover, a landing page is an effective way to grow your customer base.

The Evolution of a Drag and Drop Landing Page

In the past, a landing page was used as an instrument for a limited number of actions. Marketologists would recommend it as a tool for gathering contact information, spreading the word about the upcoming one-time event, etc. In other words, it was perceived as secondary to a multi-page website.

Nowadays, the function of a landing page has changed because online visitors are getting more busy and impatient. Often, they do not have enough time to look for a specific piece of information on a multi-page website, especially if it has poor navigation. To make things clear, modern online visitors are much more demanding about the time they are ready to spend on a website. That is the main reason why more businesses decide to switch from a multi-page website to a landing page. Keep on reading to learn about other significant reasons for preferring a drag-and-drop landing page!

What Makes a Drag and Drop Landing Page #1 choice for Business?

Reason 1. Better Conciseness

You know the feeling when you come across an attractive and informative multi-page website and then click on its pages just to see what is there. And as it often happens – it may take a while before you actually get yourself together and concentrate on the content that made you visit that website in the first place. Unlike multi-page websites, a landing page is concise. Its main task is to keep your visitors focused. It is precisely what Beardy, the exquisite landing page for haircut websites, does!

Barber Website


Reason 2. Easier Decision-Making

In the article “More Isn’t Always Better” from Harvard Business Review, we find the title that speaks for itself and lots of intelligent arguments to support the idea that too many choices are bad for your business. It means that a multi-page website can actually be a reason for a business decline. There are chances that too much information multiplied by too many call-to-action buttons are doing a great disservice to your online business. In contrast to a multi-page website, a typical business landing page contains up to three call-to-action buttons. As a result, it increases the chances that your online visitors will click on that one “Apply Now”, “Subscribe”, “Register” or “Contact Us” you are so interested in. See for yourself how attention-grabbing call-to-action buttons look in Quinta.

Vacation Rentals Website


Reason 3. Higher Personalisation

Best product landing pages are always personalized to the fullest. They are created to make your services or products look 100% suitable for the needs of a specific social group. It means that instead of trying to attract as many online visitors as possible (just like multi-page websites usually do), the best product landing pages are aimed at the quality of the online audience. For instance, Yogarbox, the sports drag-and-drop landing page, was designed for people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and have developed a particular interest in yoga. As you can see, the transparent color palette, minimalist imagery, and subtle typography sit comfortably with the fundamentals of yoga. In short, nothing distracts an online visitor from, let’s say, register a free lesson at your yoga studio.

Yoga Studio Landing Page


Some Examples of Good Pages

Let’s overview some examples of drag and drop landing pages from different business spheres, from medical & healthcare to hotel & travel .

Home and Services Landing Page

With intuitive MotoCMS website builder, you can create websites related to:

You’ll wonder about its simplicity, clarity, and efficiency. You can add, delete, modify any blocks, and widgets to build a custom website according to your needs with a drag and drop editor.

Furniture Makers


Food and Restaurant Drag and Drop Landing Page

Online menus and food delivery is our reality. As most of them work by phone or via social networks, there is no need to start a multipage. Still, a beautiful landing page will become a great tool for food ordering and make your business stand out from the crowd. Menu with user-friendly categories, small-size descriptions, and colorful images, intuitive forms for booking and contacting you, data about your location and delivery methods, as well as clear CTA will make visitors order something without a doubt.

Food Delivery Landing Page


Website Template for Sports Activities

This snowboarding website template can reach all potential audiences. Thus, you can use it not only for snowboarding schools but for any purpose as here you can share your offerings, some words about your company, products or services, team, form to get in touch, social media, etc. Just customize the website and create something unique with a visual drag and drop editor.

MotoCMS Snowboard School Template

Responsive Landing Page Templates for Educational Services

The online educational course website template for e-learning is an ideal solution for anything related to online learning. Enjoy a ready-made layout with many blocks, forms, and fields that you can customize and present information about features and benefits of your school, classes’ categories, programs, teachers, pricing plans, testimonials, etc. Undoubtedly, it’s the best tool to promote your courses and interact with students. Besides, there are built-in SEO tools and integration of payment systems.

Online Studyong Website Template


Intuitive Landing Page Templates for Public Events

MotoCMS’s anime festival website template is an excellent tool for organizers and managers of large-scale events who need a prosperous web platform for sharing information and interacting with participants in a matter of days. This bright landing page contains many groupings, tabs, and sections for sharing the most useful information: information on registration and booking, schedule of events, special guests and hosts, testimonials, gallery, FAQs, etc.

Responsive Landing Page Templates for Public Events


Fashion and Beauty Website Templates

While thinking about the Internet resource dedicated to beauty and style , the first thing that comes to mind is attractive and trendy design. Thus, a ready-to-use fashion house website template is perfect for a fashion website and news portal. If you need a website for a makeup artist, hairdresser, spa, and beauty salon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the MotoCMS variety of professional themes.

Fashion Blog Template


Is There Difference from Multi-Page Websites In Functionality?

Of course, there isn’t. Similarly, you get a template with niche-oriented design corresponding to the latest trends in web development. It adapts to all screen resolutions and looks great on both mobile and desktop devices. Also, you continue to enjoy SEO optimization tools, PayPal integration, significant loading and optimized page speed , free software updates, and all the other benefits of multi-page websites.

Recommendations for Creating an Effective Landing Page

  1. Choose a template with a responsive and user-friendly design.
  2. Use social media to support your page.
  3. Add reviews, testimonials, and cases.
  4. Provide rewards in the form of discounts and special offers.

Landing Page Promotion Methods

Let’s consider the most popular and effective ones:

  • Organic search – these are visitors who come to the site from regular search results, not paid advertisements. It is the most crucial type of visitor you can get to your website, even more valuable than search ad clicks, users from Facebook, or other social networks.

The reason is simple: organic traffic is targeted. Users who enter a query into a search engine have a specific intent. If you can provide them with a solution or answer their question, you will most likely get a new client or subscriber. The most accurate way to track the number of free search conversions is to use Google Analytics.

  • PPC (Pay-per-Click) – ads that pop up while watching a video appear on various sites, as well as when searching on Google. The main goal is to attract as many users to the site as possible. The most popular provider of contextual advertising is Google AdWords.
  • Email campaign creation – one of the most effective tools for promotion, mainly to attract visitors to the site. By communicating personally with each of your customers, you can easily share upcoming events related to your site or attract new customers to the site.

The basic principle of email newsletters is understanding what, when, and to whom to send. Before you start sending emails, it is vital to build your own customer base.

  • Paid social media marketing – with such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, you can easily target your advertisements to absolutely any audience, having previously indicated characteristics like gender and age, place of residence, interests, hobbies, and much more. The targeting options are truly endless.
  • Guest blogging is a great opportunity to reach a wide audience and present your proposal in the most favorable light.

Summing up

To recap, a landing page is a powerful instrument that helps you to present concise and personalized content easily. It definitely meets the requirements for reliable and effective web products. Even though a drag and drop landing page can’t replace a multi-page website, it is sure to improve your business performance quickly. So why wait? Create your first drag and drop landing page today and meet your targeted audience halfway through the short and yet powerful message about your services!

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