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Live Streaming Apps – Best Solutions for Mobile Live Streaming

Amanda Gray 15 March, 2021

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video displays millions! Live video streaming needs no formal introduction today. The mainstream tech world has blessed us with instant connectivity and live streaming apps. Mobile phones have transformed the way people used to communicate and entertain and expanded the horizons for mobile app marketing.

Android and iOS phones have opted as the favourite and reliable entertainment sources during the emergence of new technologies. However, streaming videos on these phones require live-streaming apps. This article will reveal the best live streaming apps for watching the latest entertainment, TV series, movies, sports, news, and more media.

Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps for Android Phones

Though there are countless android live streaming apps available on Google PlayStore, developed by software development company like MLSDev, let’s consider the top ones.


Periscope is one of the most popular video broadcasting apps around. The app has gained significant popularity due to its linkage with mainstream social networking site Twitter. Periscope requires no formal setup and can be used in conjunction with Twitter. You can also reply and like different media with one tap and watch the video until the broadcast time runs out. Besides, “replay highlights” can display the best parts of the media while the discover option brings in the broadcast from all around the world.

Periscope Live Streaming App

Facebook Live Streaming Apps

Facebook Live stands as the fan-favorite live streaming application. It offers one-touch uploading of status and photos. Emoticons can hover on a video with a single tap. Being marketed as the most prolific video broadcasting app for Android, Facebook Live offers media broadcasting for as long as 90 minutes. A video can be uploaded to a user’s high definition profile for viewing later upon a halt.


Instagram Live Stories

Indeed, Instagram Live deserves to be called the best current app for broadcasting. Why is it so? Because of convenience and various opportunities:

  • share whatever you want with your followers in real-time
  • you can interact with people due to their comments and likes
  • your friends get notification about the live video so that they won’t miss it
  • you should only open your camera and click on the Start Live Video button
  • you can create a conversation on some essential topics by inviting someone to your live video

Instagram Live

How to understand that someone has live streaming? The “Stories” section presents a live stream where a user’s display picture will be branded along with a Live emblem. Pay attention that your video will disappear after broadcasting. Instagram is for those who want to live in the moment and influencers who want to make money on social media.


Livestream application offers a great way to share media on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. The app features a comment section at the bottom of the media. Also, users can choose from a wide range of filters and select specific categories, making a video discoverable to others. Livestream is one of the smoothest live broadcasting apps for Android phones.


Go Live

If you dream of being a superstar and have many followers, you can start your career in broadcasting with this fantastic mobile application. Share the world with different news, funny stories, your feelings, talents, or just enjoy live streaming and new exciting people!

Go Live offers you to fall in live and explore all the benefits:

  • live broadcasting – communicate with people in real-time
  • show your talents – singing, dancing, make-up, everything possible
  • short video creation
  • video chat across the world
  • gifts to your favorites

Open new vistas with Go Live!


Mobile Live Streaming Apps for iOS Phones

Though there are various live streaming apps available online, the best-performing ones are created by reliable developers. iPhones and iPads become even better when streaming favorite videos. Below are some of the best video broadcasting apps for iOS devices:


The online video streaming platform YouTube offers the stream of thousands of hours. YouTube video streaming app for iPhone and iPad provides access to hours of TV seasons, sports, movies, news, and much more. The video upload offers a wide range of features, including editing, filters, music, and many more. The app, however, faces frequent updates and is available on AppStore. Besides, it can become a beneficial marketing strategy to generate business from YouTube.

Youtube Live Streaming Apps

Live Streaming Apps – Hang W/

Hang W/ is a fantastic app for exclusive users. The app has a trendy design and is created for celebrities, organizations, and prominent figures who already have a massive fan base. Hang W/ has some handy features, including broadcast zoom in and zoom out. The application allows subscribers to post through using connected recording devices such as GoPro Cameras and one-touch YouTube sharing. The application is perfect for those who are seeking to adapt video streaming as a professional career.

Hang W App

Broadcast Me

Through using the Broadcast Me application, users can broadcast live on a wide range of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. It offers integration of live video social networking platforms with various applications. It rids users from the limits of video streaming, speeding up research and validation.

BroadcastMe Best Live Streaming App

Wirecast Go

This app is for those who have a serious approach to mobile live video streaming production. Share high-quality unlimited videos on the go and create your brand! Add unique logos, images, and titles to create an attractive interface. Also, with Wirecast Go, you can stream to Youtube just with a click, switch between 2 shots, and do some basic editing.

Wirecast Go Livestream App

Live Streaming Apps – Streamago

Enjoy a convenient app and broadcast live videos to your friends, relatives, or the whole world. What differentiates Streamago from other apps is the opportunity to send real money to users as virtual gifts. Also, there is easy navigation for you to find the most popular and trending broadcasts. What is more, the video doesn’t disappear after broadcasting, and everybody can watch it later.

Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming concert for online social media with audience reactions

Follow people you like, leave comments, interact through live chat, send goodies to your favorite broadcasters and learn something new or gain popularity and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Besides, you can share your live streams on all the major social media networks. Let you be yourself with Streamago!


Alively is one of the popular video-sharing platforms that offer broadcasting of daily moments with friends in live or recorded videos. The application, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and more iOS devices, provides streaming fanatics with high-quality video or almost any length. Also, you can enjoy some exclusive features like sharing videos live or later. Besides, Alively offers video uploading from the camera roll.

Alively App


If you want to choose not just an ordinary app for broadcasting but a special one for professional high-quality video streaming, then nanoStream is what you’re looking for. Optimized built-in tools and components provide you with high performance and a fast and easy process. Using a mobile, you can share live videos with some people and different internet-based media servers. Among the benefits of nanoStream, we’d like to point out:

  • Live video encoding from mobile camera
  • Camera switch (front/back)
  • H264/AAC video and audio encoders
  • RTMP streaming

Which One is Better: Android or iPhone?

Many users debate over which device is better among the latest models of iPhone and Android. To sort things out, we have included a comparison between the two giants. You can go through their individual features and differences and see which one is better for streaming movies, shows, live broadcasts, and more media.

Final Words

Apart from the apps mentioned in this guide, there are more streaming apps for Android and iOS. For instance, EaseUS RecExperts can record both the screen and the webcam. You can use it to make or record any streaming videos.

The apps mentioned in the article have received a maximum number of positive and reliable reviews from subscribers. We hope you enjoy streaming unlimited media by using these amazing apps on your device. And don’t forget to check the best video website templates for live streaming and video production.

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