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Award-Winning YouTube Marketing Strategy to Use in 2019

Marie Thomas 20 February, 2019

Just like the previous year, even these days, regular Internet users keep flocking to YouTube to watch the desired videos and make decisions immediately. In 2019, this trend is gaining momentum with each passing day. So, all leading companies have started to use YouTube marketing to advertise their products and services, attract the targeted audience & sell their products and services ultimately. In 2019, up to 75% of all entrepreneurs prefer to invest in YouTube’s marketing strategy. Always keep in mind that online videos are better suited to transmit messages about a brand than traditional TV commercials. Hence various social media platforms are being used for entertainment, business, marketing, and so many other reasons. To boost your social media sites here are the reviews of UseViral. To know more details go through the reviews.

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Different companies use YouTube video marketing to meet different objectives. Have a look at some of them, which are detailed here below.

Youtube Video Marketing Objectives

Objectives of YouTube network marketingBrief Explanation
Brand RecognitionLeading brands use YouTube to increase their brand awareness. Instead of focusing on individual products or services, they promote the company's brand. Always keep in mind that online videos are better suited to transmit messages about a brand than traditional TV commercials. Online videos help companies to increase brand awareness by 82%, according to Millward Brown's research.
Product PromotionYou can use YouTube both to promote individual products. This requires a more straightforward approach as you have to create an informative, educational or entertaining video to promote videos.
To Promote Retail StoresYou can promote Retail Stores on YouTube. Just create amazing videos to introduce retail stores to customers in an easy way.
To Generate Direct SalesYouTube is an excellent channel for sell goods and services. You must show the product or service to customers and redirect visitors to your websites to make transactions.
To Provide Customer Care ServiceAlways keep in mind that Not all companies use YouTube to attract new consumers. You can Review common problems and customer questions and create one or more videos to answer questions and solve problems. If you help your customers in this way, you reduce your company's support costs and create more leads.
To Communicate With StaffYouTube can be used by all types of corporate communications. In place of holding a large meeting, the company boss can record his/her video and post it on a private YouTube channel. Workers can watch that video in real time on all Internet-enabled devices. It is much better than sending e-mail circulars.
Employee RecruitmentDo not underestimate YouTube’s ability to attract new staff. Create a welcome video about your company, post it on YouTube and make it public using different means. Consider this a PR campaign aimed at attracting new talents. The HR department can use YouTube to post recruiting materials, illustrate company values, bonuses, benefits and motivation for staff, etc.

According to statistics, YouTube is visited by more people than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined. Successful YouTube marketing professionals work smartly to create exciting and popular content for their channel and take several steps to make their YouTube marketing strategy successful and fetch the desired results.

Always keep in mind that cheap marketing strategies for quickly obtaining views can be found everywhere. They include click-by-line titles, previews, and blackhat SEO techniques that can trick YouTube’s search algorithm. All these can bring immediate success. But, in the long run, you get insignificant business. So. what are effective strategies to generate sufficient business opportunities through YouTube network marketing? Let’s study now.

1. Define a Roadmap for YouTube Marketing Strategy

Regardless of whether you are new to YouTube Video Marketing or have been using videos to promote your company or brand for many years, you need a clear plan roadmap outlining the goals, main elements of video creation and marketing, rules for their interaction, and success criteria.

By analyzing the statistics and audience reactions to each specific video, you can easily make significant adjustments to the plan you created initially. You should have a clear idea about the video content you produce, approaches to its placement and promotion, and the goals of your company. Only then you will be able to increase audience coverage and boost the overall ROI by leaps and bounds in a few days.

2. Finalize KPIs for Your YouTube Network Marketing Campaigns

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As YouTube video marketing helps you to fulfill several goals, you need to finalize key performance indicators in advance to generate multiple leads and revenues in an easy way. This will help you to analyze the effectiveness of YouTube marketing strategy and make further improvements if possible. Some important KPIs are the following.

Number and Depth of Video Views

No additional tools are needed to track the number of views on your YouTube Channels. It is displayed directly under the roller, in which the growth dynamics is more important. On the chart, you can see on the chart how views increase over time. Data is displayed in graph format. Depth helps to improve the quality of your content and adjust to the requirements of your audience.

Do not rush to make premature conclusions as Subscribers may Subscribers turn off the video and never watch it in the future despite repeated reminders. So, you must analyze the depth of viewing and determine at which stage most users leave. Reduce the video length and give only the most important information. Encourage subscribers to watch the video to the end as the depth of views affects its popularity.

Audience Demography

It displays all necessary data on who viewed your videos: geolocation, gender, age. The information will not be 100% accurate at all times because Some users use a VPN that changes geographic data. Others use it to bypass any restrictions on websites imposed by any country or its law enforcement agencies.

Audience Response

Always keep in mind that the number of likes, dislikes, comments affect the popularity of video content. The audience must react to your videos. So, it makes sense to analyze the videos that caused the greatest number of interactions and calculate their strengths/weaknesses. Using statistics, you can easily determine what’s wrong or what’s not working. You can make adjustments in your YouTube marketing strategy accordingly.

Sources of Views

It clearly shows how the audience gets on your video. Initially, you may face disappointment. Due to the high competition, even carefully optimized videos fetch only 5% views. YouTube algorithms have changed a lot in recent years. Manual search is not the main source of the traffic to YouTube Channels. YouTube automatically recommends videos based on the preferences of the audience. So, make powerful content so that YouTube itself advises you to potential customers.

3. Perform Strategic Keyword Research

anchor text with google keyword planner

Sometimes, digital marketing professionals neglect the importance of finely tuned messages to the point where a potential customer is already in the process of buying the desired products and services. When it comes to YouTube marketing strategy for networks, your keywords play an important role when the audience is at the stage of product discovery and preliminary research.

So, you should conduct comprehensive research on the web and choose keywords that are suitable for people who are looking for new information on YouTube. You can use the AdWords Display Planner to which keywords should be used in your video descriptions. Choose relevant words for the product, industry and target audience and use keywords with at least one thousand monthly impressions.

4. Create & Optimize Videos for Audience & YouTube

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In order to become popular on YouTube, you need to create amazing and eye-catching videos without any fail. You can create Videos yourself or take professional’s help in this regard. In general, you should use a good quality camera to record your videos. Some people perform this work using mobile devices.

That’s not an issue if you create high-quality videos. Take care of the video background and try to keep it simple as far as you can. Add keywords, titles, tags, and a small description. Also, add visual effects to the Video to make it more appealing for the audience. Keep the video length 15 minutes to half an hour and make sure it has a logical sequence. Individuals may switch off longer videos if they are monotonous. You can set access for everyone to get more page views. To upload a video to YouTube, click the Add Video button, select video files, and click the publish button. It takes some time to upload the video. You can set access for everyone to get more subscribers and business opportunities.

5. Enable Video Preview Option

YouTube marketing tools - video thumbnail preview

Almost every YouTube video has to compete with lots of similar videos uploaded by companies and digital marketing individuals. In order to encourage viewers to view your video, you can use the preview option. Always keep in mind that previews attract attention and encourage visitors to click videos. You can upload a custom preview for your video while uploading them to YouTube.

For old videos with bad thumbnails, go to the Video Manager, click Edit, then select the Custom Preview to fetch more eyeballs easily and effortlessly. Just use a resolution of 1280 × 720 and use images in PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF formats. Always keep in mind that Image size should be no more than 2Mb and the aspect ratio must be 16: 9. Also, use bold fonts to express the value of the video content in a better way.

6. Actively Call Users to Perform Actions

call to action CTA image

There is a great significance of CTA buttons on YouTube. Utter “Please like, comment and subscribe if you liked the video!” clearly in every video. It is necessary to determine exactly what actions are required from channel visitors and schedule a recurring call to action accordingly. This will help you to get more subscribers, encourage viewers to watch other videos on the channel, leave comments, and share the video link further. You can simply ask viewers to perform an action or show a large map with a clickable button at the end of the video.

7. Promote Your YouTube Channel on Other Important Web Platforms

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Ideally, you need to use your own sites to increase the views on YouTube and attract more audience for your channel. Nevertheless, you can add links to your Videos to email subscription, write a corresponding blog post and attach video links in web content to gain additional traffic to your YouTube Channel. In the same way, you can promote your YouTube videos on different social media channels to immediately bring high-quality traffic to your YouTube and generate more leads.

8. Engage With Customers as far as You Can

YouTube customer engagement

Engagement is a word that needs to be remembered and repeated every day when you perform a YouTube marketing strategy to meet different business goals. In order to make people fall in love with the brand, it must take some action.

  • Reply to comments as soon as possible and with as many details as necessary.
  • Subscribe to other YouTube channels and leave positive feedback.
  • Create video responses and record videos that viewers are asking or expecting.
  • Collaborate with other brands and opinion leaders on YouTube that keep a positive opinion of your brand and use them in videos.
  • From time to time, conduct small contests or polls in order to collect feedback from visitors, get custom content, and distribute gifts.

9. Never Lose The Credibility of Your YouTube Marketing Tools

YouTube Personalities image

Many YouTube marketing professionals are often mistaken for using hired actors to promotional activities. Actors work for money & read out the scripted message. According to practical research, true advertisements contribute to the growth in the number of subscribers and actual reviews help you to attract lots of page views. So, advertise your brand yourself on YouTube and provide customers with live and bright content with competent advertising of your product or brand for better results.

10. Fully Capitalize the Potential of Petty YouTube Marketers

Many digital marketing professionals have a strategy of choosing only the largest channels and ignoring smaller parties. This often leads to mediocre results on several occasions. With a large number of diverse audiences, it is impossible to predict the percentage of subscribers interested in a particular subject or topic. If the audience is not interested in the advertised videos, his undermines the trust of partners. Always keep in mind that small YouTube Channels with a specific audience are more likely to contain interested subscribers. At the beginning of YouTube video marketing campaigns, explore precisely small and medium niche channels as they can be the right choice for advertising and a source of attracting the target audience on a low investment.

YouTube Marketing Strategy Final Words

YouTube Video Marketing is a modern, economical and scientific approach to attracting new customers, build relationships with existing ones, advertise products and services on low investment, and generate more sales. Good content is the first step to a successful YouTube marketing strategy. For companies that want to take their business to a new level, there are many factors with which they can experiment and adjust themselves to increase the overall views of YouTube Channels and generate more business opportunities. The steps outlined here are time-proven network YouTube marketing strategies to generate enough business from YouTube. Best of Luck!

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