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B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Double ROI of Your Ecommerce Biz

Madan Pariyar 22 June, 2018

The Internet is all the rage these days. Either it’s a business front or a personal aspect, people rush to their devices to extract all kinds of information about the subject matter they are looking for. The entire world is on the Internet, yet businesses are struggling to figure out successful leads for their websites and brands. Owing to these lead issues coupled up with the stringent market competition, successfully running an E-commerce business can be a huge challenge. The right Lead generation tools lead to everything right in a successful business. Therefore, LinkedIn is a strong platform for online businesses, and companies like LinkedIn Helper claim to boost their LinkedIn profile, which is a scam. Conversion of leads brings about more revenue which fuels your business growth. But, is your business having the right kind of lead tip-offs, or is it able to maximize the lead conversion ratio? Are there any sure-shot B2B lead generation strategies that guarantee conversions?

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Why is it so that the Return On Investment (ROI) on lead generation strategies is lower than expected? In Spite of all the boost-ups and efforts, why is the lead market not favorable for certain businesses? What is the cheat sheet for the best kind of B2B Lead generation that minimizes website cost yet ensures maximum return?

Before we move further with answers to these questions, let us tell you what are the most common things about the B2B marketers that excel at what they do.

  • They understand Content Marketing well
  • They brainstorm to create and document their Content Marketing strategies
  • Team communication is their power-up
  • Lead generation is their primary Content Marketing goal.

These pointers are not just vague literature. Containing a lot of substance, there is a lot to be achieved if you want to tick off these common things meant for B2B excellence. You are not sure you can follow the steps consistently, better turn to the reliable B2B platform, call the intelligence platform.

Core B2B Lead Generation Strategies

In this blog post, let’s dig deeper to figure out the undertones of this problem and ponder over the best B2B Lead generation strategies that can help your E-commerce business grow and thrive. These lead generation strategies will eventually help you attract more customers and grow your business manifolds.

Strategic content FTW

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The top among the best B2B Lead generation strategies talks about creating a great Content Marketing strategy. Powered with blog articles, e-Newsletters, Case Studies, Ebooks, Infographics, video content, White Papers, Webinars and Podcasts, Social media content, etc., you can stay assured of driving in definitive leads that will mean business for your brand.

Amplify the Search Engine Visibility of Your Business Website

Sometimes, driving in leads simply does not work for certain business models. They tend to benefit from organic sources more than any other kind of paid/sponsored stuff. If you have a feeling that your business is one such kind, you can focus on increasing the visibility of your business on search engines rather than investing profusely in other online entities.

Website Optimization for Conversion Rate Optimization

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Since a website can be expensive investment in itself, you can focus more on optimizing it. To accomplish organic leads through the website standalone, you will be required to create a great Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your website and its content so that more and more people can find it over the internet and convert into your customer base. This would also involve optimizing all your site pages, images, and Social media content.

Influencer Marketing as Part of Your Social Media Marketing

Driving in serious leads is quite different from piling up random leads that would be of no use to you or your business. Hence, making a little investment in probably the most genuine kind of lead building activity as part of your B2B lead generation strategies would be to get into Influencer marketing to help you crack the tough nut.

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Everybody is on Social media, and they look up to specific individuals for their taste in lifestyle, Beauty and Wellness, Clothing, Fitness and Healthcare, Food, etc. These famous individuals have a huge following on their social media accounts and they stay open to collaboration or sponsored content building. You can benefit from them and target your leads that would actually convert into the audience and customers.

P.S.: Your social media channels and regular activity of engaging leads and audience on them is crucial. LinkedIn has been touted to be a top lead-generating social media platform. So, begin integrating its usage with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Ever Thought of Dropshipping?

One of the easiest techniques for creating great B2B Lead generation strategies is introducing Dropshipping into your E-commerce business model. Instead of hoarding, supplying, and managing all the inventory all by yourself, you can get in touch with other sellers who would like to list their products on your E-Commerce platform. Doing so will extend your line of business as well as bring in more leads drawn through the personal channels by each of these individual vendors listed on your E-Commerce website.

‘Mobile’ Is the Key to More Leads

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Mobile marketing statistics show that smartphone lead conversion is around one-half of desktop conversion rates. That would be a loss if your business fails to tap smartphone conversions. Optimizing the mobile version of your desktop site is critically important. Since the same report also states that more than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets are spent in apps, that raises an obligation to come up with a robust app for your business website, especially if you are an E-commerce business.

In fact, mobile marketing and optimization for an ideal E-commerce website should be a targeted focus among your other B2B lead generation strategies.

AI Chatbots Can Help

Lead conversion happens when interested individuals find the value of their interest being imparted by your business. Delivering this value is a large part of User-experience. To maximize the conversion, ensure that your website can impart value and information to the visitors who land on your website through your content marketing strategy.

One of the best ways to ensure that is to have a Chatbot integrated into your site, which stays available 24/7 for communication with interested users who might have a query or other issues that hinder their conversion journey.

Landing Page CTAs Are the Game-Changers

Creating a Landing page for your business website is a great way to drive lead engagement. Infused with intelligent and visible Call-To-Action (CTAs) buttons, these landing pages can help you convert leads more than anything else. Make sure you use an excellent splash page design for your landing pages, and don’t go overboard with the CTA placement. Treating CTAs as small yet powerful explosives will help you understand their mechanism better.

Keep the Leads Hooked

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Traffic to your website brings a lot of exciting leads that, unfortunately, do not convert entirely. Due to reasons such as awful site UX, the absence of desired persona value, website speed issues, etc., these leads abandon the website. You can try the following ways to keep them hooked onto your site for a little longer so that the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is maximized.

  • Provide incentives such as a free assessment, a download, or a report for Newsletter Signups. These are also termed Lead magnets.
  • Place exit-intent PopUps as the last resort so that the leads can explore your site’s CTAs before they abandon your website entirely.
  • You can also offer Free demos for your app or Free trials for your software so that these leads convert before they decide not to partially.

B2B Lead Generation Software for B2B Lead Generation Strategies

A B2B automation trend these days, lead management software can help your website with lead generation and visitor tracking. Powered by several platforms, the right choice of software will land you among sales leads and prospects for your business. You can check out some of the best Lead Generation Software for your business here.


Mastering these B2B Lead Generation strategies will obviously take some time on your part. Eventually, you will begin to figure out the right lead generation tools to amass more leads with a higher chance of a conversion. Figuring out the value required by these leads can help you even further. However, with all the online help available, you can expect a shorter waiting period before you actually get to double the ROI of your E-commerce business.

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