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Ecommerce Checklist for Newbies and Pros: 9 Most Important Things to Do

Allison Reed 15 December, 2017

There is no secret that the moving force of the Internet these days is online shopping. Whatever you are selling if you are not online your chances to be successful are quite slim. It goes without saying that having an ecommerce website of your own is the chief means of survival for your business in the world of internet technologies. Still, if you are just a beginner in the sphere of online business you may feel a bit overwhelmed by a huge number of offers you face with as soon as you go online. How to choose the best ecommerce solution to skyrocket your ecommerce sales and what to pay attention to for selling ecommerce articles most efficiently are truly urgent questions in this situation. Here is an ecommerce checklist to assist you in making the proper choice and finding the best ecommerce solution for your business.

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Ecommerce Checklist: Design Stunning Look of Your Website

Modern consumers are extremely picky. The goods you sell may be of the highest quality, but it will be useless until you manage to attract their attention. To make your ecommerce articles stand out among others, do not underestimate the role of the website design. That is why an attractive design is number one on the ecommerce checklist.

Stay customer-oriented and take into consideration your target audience while working on the design. What is great for youngsters may put aside older people. Women and men react to the same images in a different way. Carrying out a special target audience research before choosing the best ecommerce website builder for small business proves to be very helpful in this case. The following elements are of the greatest importance for any ecommerce website design:

1. A superb background image

The background image is the first thing a visitor sees on your website. Captivate your client’s attention from the very first moment, encourage him/her to stay longer and make a purchase using an appealing and provoking picture.

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2. An appealing color palette

Colors do matter, so choose them carefully and balance them with each other. Remember, that colors is an effective phychological means of influence. Go ahead and use colors to persuade your visitors that your ecommerce articles are the best.

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3. Clear and spectacular fonts

Each piece of text is really valuable. Of course, WHAT is written is of key importance, but HOW this information is presented also matters a lot. Do not forget this detail while picking the style of the fonts Contrast colors are always a good idea as well as an unusual way of placing the text. Be creative, this is the right place to apply your imagination!

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Feel free to use different effects, animation, videos and music for raising your ecommerce sales. But remember to keep the balance – too much of attractions may create a reverse effect and keep the customers away from your online store.

4. Easy navigation

The next thing to consider is comprehensive navigation. Keep it as simple and understandable as possible. Include all important details about your products but try to be brief. Too much information may baffle the customer. Add separate links for additional information if you think it is necessary. Pay extra attention to the checking out process – it should be simple and reliable at the same time.

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5. Simple editing

Be very careful choosing a template for your new ecommerce. When you start editing your ecommerce and you have no experience in this field, the simplicity of customizing is really important. Probably, this is the key point of the ecommerce checklist. You can’t afford wasting hours figuring out how to fulfill some elementary actions while launching your website. The quicker you grasp the main principles of its work the better. Moreover, you should be able to manage your ecommerce articles and make all the necessary further adjustments effortlessly as well. It means that the best ecommerce solution should provide you with the possibility for easy customizing without any knowledge of coding. Drag-and-drop functionality is also quite helpful in this situation. Besides that, the whole process should not be time-consuming.

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6. Social media friendly

It is common knowledge that most people spend a lot of time on social networks today. Not to waste this excellent opportunity to influence your potential customers, ensure your ecommerce gives them the possibility to follow your latest activities (like ecommerce sales or newest arrivals) in the social media as well. Encouraging your visitors to subscribe by offering discounts and prizes is also a wise investment, so consider doing it.

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7. High-quality SEO tools

Competition is a serious problem for any kind of business. The best way to fight it is to use excellent SEO tools. This way you will be sure that prospective clients will find your online store in the vast space of the Internet. A set of reliable analytics tools is one more thing to pay attention to while choosing the best ecommerce solution. Spend some time tracking the activity of your visitors on regular terms. Thus you will be able to improve the work of your ecommerce website considerably.

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8. Responsive design

Look for an ecommerce template which has a responsive design. Portable devices are extremely popular in this quick moving world. Modern people are used to shopping on the go, so give them this chance by having an easily adjustable design. It helps a lot in attracting more visitors to your website.

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9. Effective technical support

This point is last but not the least in this ecommerce checklist. If this is your first attempt to create an online store you will have questions for sure. It is really great when all your questions are answered immediately and when you feel strong support from the experienced people. Consider this moment as well before making your final choice of the best ecommerce solution.

As you see, starting a new ecommerce of your own is not as complicated as it may seem at the first sight. Just make the first step, follow this simple ecommerce checklist, find your best ecommerce solution and change your business for the better. Good luck to you.

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