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Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features to Boost Sales in 2018

Dan Radak 1 March, 2018

An e-commerce website is really enticing and captivating, especially for those who are shopping freak and are lazy enough to go to the market to shop. Due to a huge number of online shopping members and customers, the e-commerce business has reached heights in the past few years. Today almost everything is available online as every business owner looks for the best ecommerce website builder to build a website and manage it with the latest tools and secure ecommerce website features available.

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With this kind of popularity and usage of e-commerce websites on the web, it has become prudent to maintain the websites in the right way, with the right kind of tools and security features. The e-commerce website should be very easy to understand and navigate for the customer to use and shop. Today with so many products flashing online for sale there is a multitude of e-commerce websites that are in trend and need different attention altogether.

Ecommerce Website Features to Consider in 2018

Every website is unique in its own way and is designed appropriately with all the advanced 360-degree product reviews and money back guarantee. However, the trends keep changing and they do not guarantee conversion all the time so here are few must-have ecommerce website features you should do for your e-commerce website in order to get good conversions. These will help to fetch a good amount of online shoppers and will help in good conversion rates.

One shall have a good domain name

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Technically speaking domain name is one of the first ecommerce website features that grabs customers’ attention as this gives an identity to your business. When you have an e-commerce website the first thing you shall do is create or book a good domain name – when we say a good domain name that is user-friendly, easy to understand, unique still creative. Plan it nicely that represents your business the best. Once you are done with a unique domain name book your domain from any of the trusted hosting site.

Security ecommerce website features can’t be ignored

Ecommerce Website Features - securitry

All the online transactions that happen on your e-commerce website are enough to catch attention for the hackers if they find any hole for penetration. That leads us to have strong security features for an e-commerce website to avoid cybercriminals to intrude and steal the data. E-commerce is usually a lucrative target for hackers, thus to ensure full safety get SSL certificates, antivirus, malware, security software, privacy links etc. SSL certificates are considered to be the most secure from hacking apart from this you can activate two-factor authentication which will further secure all your data. Other than this the sophisticated security features, like Magento and WordPress are now clubbed with Woo Commerce that is a great help for online sellers.

Let’s see a bit of detail about these security ecommerce website features.

SSL certificate: Gives strong encryption to the website, there are, any types of SSL certificates available depending on kind of e-commerce business you are and the kind of validation they offer. These certificates can be purchased from the best SSL certificate service providers like SSL2BUY at the cheapest price. EV SSL Certificate is widely used in Ecommerce Website. EV SSL certificate offers strong encryption and secure network with a green address bar that is visible to its users offering a good amount of trust.

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Here make sure you look for HTTPS as well with a site seal and a green padlock sign in the address bar that helps to build trust among its users. Do also remember to use a good SSL certificate service provider that has good discounts and deals to offer on your SSL certificate.

Your e-commerce website should be mobile friendly for sure

mobile Ecommerce Website Features

When Google declared that mobile responsive and mobile friendly websites will be given importance to search engines that means it is imperative to make your websites mobile friendly. To avoid SEO consequences and differences in rankings make sure you have a good website that is fetched from every mobile and smartphones easily without any trouble loading it. Make a responsive website, whose content is intuitive and user-friendly for what so ever device used for shopping or surfing.

Latest and advanced payment options

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For an e-commerce website, payment options are a must. There are various forms and details required to enter in order to complete your purchase in fewer clicks. Payment gateways like Paypal and Amazon are doing a great job by using advanced payment features for their customers. Once the shopper gets registered to these websites they feel secure and safe with the latest payment options which are the most secure in the world. But additionally, there are the other e-commerce websites shall have all the latest payment gateways that give effective solutions and easiness to the buyer while shopping.
2018 will demand strong return policy.

Return policies are an indispensable part of the entire e-commerce website. It is another very important part that helps in building trust and gain the confidence of the customers. If your customer is unhappy with not satisfied with the product, then with the help of strong return policy the customer can return the product or change the size or the brand. This makes shopping easy and convenient.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Ecommerce Website Features

Even if you the best of the website in the world and if Google does not fetch it the way it has to be, then probably it is of no use. No matter how user-friendly your website is and what awesome ecommerce website features it has, but if Search Engine Optimisation isn’t in place then you are definitely losing the traffic and the conversions which can take place. In order to this, follow the best practice of SEO audit and get the best SEO experts on board that can work on an e-commerce website and navigate the traffic the way it has to be to pull Google rankings.

Wishlists option – one of the best ecommerce website features

Wow, nice, this makes you feel special and privileged. Shop and save for the next in your wish list and if you wish you can share it even with your friends. So, use wishlist option and lure you the customer to bookmark it for their next shopping. This one of the best ecommerce website features also gives a probability to bring in more customers and increase sales in future. It is kind of a remarketing campaign for e-commerce websites. Moreover, if the shopper shares their wish list with family and friends, it generates free traffic, which is great for the e-commerce website.

Special offers work well

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Many e-commerce websites use special offer medium to attract the customers to their website in order to increase the sales. This is a good option indeed, as many online shoppers by nature look for the best deals and discounts of the products thus in this case if an e-commerce website send out an email, text, or follow any other marketing practice to let the customers know about the special offer will motivate them to come to your website and will promote shopping.

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