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Search Engine Ranking Factors 2018: Search Algorithms Used by Google and Bing

Sanket Patel 9 January, 2018

Google is quite like a dynamic platform which runs in ever-changing search engine ranking algorithms. This is the only way; we get the most preferred search results. So, are you prepared for the year 2018? The website ranking platform is ever-evolving with every preceding year. To rank higher in Google SERP, you need to take care of fresh web SEO factors. Below we have mentioned 10 factors which will nourish your search engine ranking factors with every year.

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1. Direct Traffic

A study from SEMRush mentioned that straight website traffic is the most influential. Those visitors who are directly making a way to your website are adding value to your image in front of Google.

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So, if you give a rush to your existing posts through social media, they may get an influential reach through direct traffic and social media both. Your search engine optimization tools play an important role in this.

2. Branding

Another way to reap direct traffic is through extensive branding. If you wish to expand your brand value, you will want to consider a fancy online PR campaign. Branding is becoming quite important paraphernalia for the search engine ranking results and traffic boost. Also, every year brings more competition to rank in the Google search. Website search engine optimization is one thing and branding is entirely different which influences the former.

3. Content-Length

The study by SEMRush talked about lengthy contents, which makes the high ranking. They conducted a study on 60,000 distinct keywords. On an average, the longer content types rank higher than the average lengthy contents. Lengthier content enhances the chances to top the chart in search engine ranking. Good content is the basis for an effective search engine marketing strategy.

4. A Structured Data Type

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It is highly useful as it tells Google, how to interpret and showcase your content. Technically, it is more like formatting HTML and specifies the vocabulary and flow of the words inside. A robust pathway to rank well apart from search engine optimization tools.

5. Structured data in Search Engine Ranking

Structured data is a way of formatting HTML that uses a specific vocabulary; telling search engines how to interpret content — and how to display it in the SERPs.
Although Google has not quite mentioned about structuring the data, you should bother about it! With structured data, your search engine ranking can get the boost in CTR. You can bring up more reality-based structures in your search engine optimization tools. Of course, web SEO is the most diverse this time, so its better take leverage of such factors.

6. What About Voice Search?

If you are going dubious about voice searches and voice recognition technologies, don’t be. As per the reports, more than 54 percent teens and adults keep their devices handy to do voice searches. So, it’s better to keep this in the search algorithms. The voice search ratio is rapidly growing rather than typing. You will need a completely new keyword research routine for voice searches. Surprisingly, voice searches are more normal and basic than the typing Google searches. They can add great value to your website search engine optimization.

7. Less Loading Time:

Speed plays a big role here. Not only it affects the UX/UI facts but also influences the user’s retention period. As per Google search algorithms, the loading time should fall within 3 seconds. But, how do you do that? Scroll below:

First, you must know where you stand, so you have to take Google page speed test. To check this, just select the content analysis. Choose all the technical factors and then check the page speed to conduct a good website search engine optimization.

8. Don’t Forget about Backlinks:

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Backlinks bring to you an extensive SERP positioning factor. Websites’ direct visits get greatly influenced by your backlinks data. Just like bigger brand brands out there do this; you must follow this in your search algorithms. Your search engine ranking and PR efforts can be the results of good backlinks. You can also focus on low volume SERP benefits for lesser keyword based competition. This will also get you some hefty amount of attention to get newer and precious backlinks.

9. Number of Keywords in a Page

You will see most of your competitors focusing on the long trail, short tail keywords. Is it really that needful? Don’t you feel it’s outdated? You would be surprised to know that keyword density is amidst the least influential in search engine ranking factors. If you take a look at the high ranking websites, you will find that most of them do not have a Keyword installed in the title. Of course, can you touch the ever-evolving Google algorithms which are smarter than any web SEO tools and techniques? Forget about stuffing keyword in the title and in the first paragraph and sway around with the fancier content which lingers in the users’ minds for longer. Your website rankings will see an unimaginable boost with this.

10. Personalization

Personalization is a great thing if worked smartly. Your job is to appear on the top in website ranking when someone searches for your target keywords. By slipping under a click you are becoming a preferred entity for the users. If you succeed in impressing them; you will be on the regular list of their search engine rankings.

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