How to Make Book Website That Is Easy to Read

Alex Foxx-Lee 21 January, 2022

Modern trends, like fashion, are changeable and fickle, suddenly appearing and disappearing and getting lost among the many alternatives. However, the love of books and reading remains constant, regardless of the growing competition between YouTube and TV. The publishing industry is changing, trying out new formats and innovations available. The task is back in fashion, and your interest in making a book website directly confirms this.

Reading Books

If you love books, you can’t but agree that nothing can be compared with the refined pleasure of reading an absorbing book. And we’re glad that today’s publishers can meet most of the reader’s needs by offering many analog solutions such as ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, and book apps. Paper format lovers also benefit because online stores delight with excellent service and a straightforward, user-friendly interface. So, if you want to promote your love of books, we will help you make a book website that matters!

Book on Website Design

Today we will not talk about how old books and the atmosphere of libraries inspire modern designers who can bring this solution anywhere. However, we will consider ways to develop a bookstore website design, depending on the practical application of this and the owner’s individual needs. This can be an unusual or conceptual solution like the latest architectural delights. You decide what your book site should look like and choose the tools to implement ideas. In turn, MotoCMS will take care of the technical support of your endeavors, offering expert assistance and advice on developing sites that convert.

Bookshop Site

We understand that developing a concept and idea can take a lot of time, and the nuances of the technical implementation can be complex and incomprehensible to the average user. MotoCMS, supporting your desire to share your book passion, offers a beautiful collection of ready-made books website templates to help you effortlessly make the book website of your dreams.

How to Make Book Website

Book websites can carry out multiple tasks. It can be not only an ordinary online store but also a personal website of the author or publisher, a book cafe, a web resource for audiobooks or podcasts, whatever. Later, we will discuss how to make a book website that will answer a particular need.

Book Author Website Template


The possibilities of modern technologies have simplified the creation of sites, making them accessible to everyone. Competition is present in any niche, including books, imposing restrictions both on authors and publishers. However, MotoCMS has good news for those who want to start with book website design templates and a feature-rich online website builder. First, our developers always stay up-to-date with the current web development trends used to create and improve designs and themes. Secondly, we are always ready to help develop your web resource, offering practical solutions and valuable creation recommendations.

General Requirements & Recommendations

  • First, use your homepage to state your goal clearly. Show the advantages your customers will get and benefit from your cooperation.

Subscription for Book

  • Reading and writing are peaceful occupations requiring calmness and concentration. Thus, support this positive image by using soft colors and inspiring ideas. Sharp contrasts are not a way to go with such a website.
  • Motivation and testimonials from satisfied clients are must-haves for any commercial website, so you should pay particular attention to client requests. Moreover, such information helps to show that there is nothing to be afraid of and that success is real.
  • Give extra attention to specifying your services. Attempt to provide customers with a good spectrum of them. The wider the choice of the services you fulfill, the better chances to succeed with the book site you have.
  • Give the particulars about all the projects you participate in. Most modern people prefer visual representations, so uploading different pictures as illustrations for the text is a perfect idea. Entertain your visitors, and they will return 100%.
  • You are looking for new contacts that will provide you with fresh opportunities. For this purpose, make sure your contact data is clear and understandable. It is also wise to give more than one way of contacting you.
  • Keep your audience informed about all the latest events in your creative activity. Provide them with the links to your articles published in different resources. Boast about your achievements, such as prizes and awards. Don’t feel shy to show your visitors how active and successful you are.
  • Educate and encourage your clients by supplying them with helpful information. It is as simple as that with the help of a subscription form. Fortunately, MotoCMS gives you handy tools to complete this task quickly.

Book Subscription

Why Should You Try to Make a Book Website with MotoCMS?

Creating a niche website is a complex and exciting task, requiring many details and nuances to be taken into account, such as:

  • design features and appearance;
  • proper placement of information and media data;
  • creating unique content that matches the theme and goals of the site;
  • implementation of specialized functionality that meets the needs of site managers and visitors;
  • competent use of advertising and promotion tools to develop short and long-term strategies.

These and most other factors depend on the correct technical implementation and precise setting of site creation goals. MotoCMS offers an intuitive and user-friendly environment that automates development processes. You do not interact with the code but operate a visual editor to make a book website of your dreams online in real time. Plus, plenty of tutorials are available to you, like How to Design Website From Scratch With MotoCMS, that will help you develop the best web resource regardless of your previous web experience, technical knowledge, and skills.

Full-Fledged Book Store Website Design

  • What do you want to receive? 

A full-sized online store where you can sell books, announce new releases and author meetings, promote and advertise publishing solutions

  • Key points that need your attention:

The ability to post large amounts of content, easy navigation, tools for interacting with visitors, and managing an online catalog

In fact, you need a standard online store with a built-in plugin for eCommerce website, which you can set up & customize according to your wishes and the author’s concept. Pay maximum attention to the functionality of this solution because a large amount of content can become an obstacle to managing and interacting with visitors.

Book Store Website


How Can You Achieve It with MotoCMS?

Try appropriate solutions, sorting them by eCommerce feature presence. The blog posts such as the Complete guide at website navigation will also help you. Among the variety of book website design templates, we recommend you to pay attention to the following ones:

  • A bookshop website template with an eye-catching design and a separate blog tab is perfect for those who want to get away from the vibes of the old library. The theme is ideal for modern literature and promoting the cult of reading among young people.
  • Ebook store website template with an eCommerce plugin and the ability to create a buyer account does an excellent job of distributing content across web pages. Here, multifunctionality is perfectly combined with scalability and navigation tools.
  • Book store website template has a classic design which users are accustomed to seeing on similar web resources. Nevertheless, the solution is entirely malleable to any intervention and has an impressive functional base.
  • Ebook website design for digital book site isn’t like ordinary online stores. This is a platform for creating a personal account that provides access to many interesting books, articles, and writing works for a paid subscription. Initially, the theme positions itself as an educational resource for business start-ups. However, you cannot customize it according to your vision and requirements.

eBook Online

Make a Book Website for the Author

  • What do you want to receive? 

A small and eye-catching concept design website dedicated to a single or team of writers

It can be either a personal web resource with a portfolio and a biography, an amateur one created by the author’s fans, or for presenting specific artworks.

  • Key points that need your attention:

Information about the biography and portfolio of the author, maximum opportunities for feedback and informing visitors, attractive design

If you position yourself as a writer, a high-quality website made with an author website builder is vital for you. It is one of the best means of self-representation nowadays. That is why you should work very rigorously on its design. However, remember that the content of your website is even more critical because you need to show how masterful you are at using words. Book Author


How Can You Achieve It with MotoCMS?

  • Author website template for professional writers is a way to go if you want to save time and get an excellent writer’s website. You need to try this template to see how wonderful it is.
  • MotoCMS has something for every type of activity connected with books and reading. There are some awesome templates for freelance writers and editors, like this author website design for editors and writers. It is a great example to make a book website that brings profit!

Whether you like it or not, writers are public personas. So, don’t forget to include your detailed biography and tell everything about your career. Add a photo of yourself. It may be a demonstration of your professional work or an occasional shot. Feel free to share your knowledge and life experience with newcomers if you are an experienced writer. Be open, communicate with the visitors, and always answer their questions. People will certainly appreciate such an attitude and visit your site more often.

Book Design Website for Publishers

  • What do you want to receive? 

Versatile website for publishers mainly focused on B2B use

  • Key points that need your attention:

Focus on the services and capabilities of the publishing company, information about employees and field of activity, contact details, and ways to get in touch with site managers

Like any other business resource, a publishing house’s website is the company’s ” face ” and a business card for potential customers, partners, and sponsors. It doesn’t have to be a strict and minimalist design, but it should clearly and transparently demonstrate your ideas, features, and benefits to visitors. Learn more actionable advice from our seasoned marketers in articles like How to Create a Website for Your Service Business.

Website for Publishers


How Can You Achieve It with MotoCMS?

  • Look at the book publisher website template for the publishing company. This breathtaking web theme will assist you in launching your new book website most simply.
  • This book publishing website template perfectly combines niche design and functionality features to present business services properly. Moreover, this premium theme provides more customization options and quick settings.
  • Unusual typographic solutions and fresh design make this publisher website template an assistant for future writers who want to use your services. Well, support their endeavors by providing a comprehensive description of your offerings and opportunities.

How to Make Book Website for Multipurpose Use

…or a few recommendations at the conclusion.

Perhaps you know everything about how to make a book website, or you don’t know what you want because book website design templates have many creative and practical applications. For example, they are also suitable for e-library web resource development or the personal blogs of book reviewers. In any case, every site owner wants to bring here a unique idea and pay off the development investment.

That’s why MotoCMS can become the best solution for any book lover, providing the broadest range of multifunctional themes with a website design ebook. The variety of solutions available, pricing plans, and additional customer services allow everyone to quickly find and choose the best option at an affordable price. We make site creation exciting & straightforward, focusing users’ attention on design detail & content quality. Delegate the MotoCMS team to the technical development tasks to make a book website that matters!

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