When to Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting Plan to Elementor Hosting

MotoCMS Editorial 28 March, 2024

Hosting is at the core of every successful website: it keeps it online, delivers it to visitors, and dictates its loading speed (or lack thereof). Selecting an optimal plan for any WordPress website is critical, but choosing Elementor as its backbone becomes even more critical!

Elementor makes creating visually striking websites easy. However, to fully unleash its potential, a hosting environment must meet its ambitious requirements; over time, hosting needs may change, and knowing when it is necessary to upgrade is critical in keeping performance optimal as well as providing for future growth.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about upgrading your WordPress hosting plan, with a specific focus on Elementor’s capabilities.

Some Signs That Your Hosting Might Require Upgrading

Slow Website Speed

A slow-loading website is one of the surest indicators that your hosting isn’t up to par. Visitors have short attention spans; if pages take too long to appear they’ll quickly switch over. Search engines such as Google also penalise slow sites in their rankings – further diminishing both user experience and SEO strategies alike.

Slow Website Speed - Elementor Hosting Help

If you use Elementor, it’s essential that your WordPress hosting plan can accommodate its dynamic page designs. Many factors contribute to slow Elementor sites, but hosting often plays a pivotal role; shared hosting plans that pack many websites onto one server often struggle as your site grows larger than expected.

Tips to Speed up Elementor Sites

  • Consider investing in quality hosting: Elementor Hosting offers cloud-based WordPress hosting optimized to deliver speed and performance for optimal site operation, providing your site with everything it needs for success.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): Cloudflare’s integration into Elementor Hosting helps deliver site content closer to visitors, resulting in quicker loading times and significantly lower load times.
  • Optimize Your Images: Large images without compression are a prominent site performance drain; Elementor’s Image Optimizer helps streamline visuals for maximum site speed and effectiveness.

Frustrating Downtime or Errors

Nothing is more frustrating than your website being offline and/or throwing up error messages, damaging not only visitor experiences but also sending signals to search engines about its unreliability – an interruption which may cost your brand reputation and lead to lost traffic and revenue.

Shared hosting environments can be particularly prone to downtime due to issues between websites sharing the server.

Select the Host Servers with High Uptime

If your WordPress website experiences frequent outages during high traffic periods, this could be a sure sign that its growth exceeds what’s covered under your existing plan.

Elementor Hosting’s 99.9% uptime guarantee means your website remains accessible 24/7 for visitors. This is thanks to robust security measures, proactive monitoring, and reliable infrastructure that prevent downtime.

Remember: While downtime for website maintenance may be unavoidable, frequent and unexplained outages should serve as a signal that it’s time to upgrade hosting plans.

Traffic Surges and Resource Strain

Has Your Business Recently Received Media Coverage or Been Viral on Social Media? While exciting, sudden spikes in visitor numbers can quickly overwhelm shared hosting plans, causing slowdowns, errors, or even the site to go down completely.

Even if your site typically handles everyday traffic well, unexpected surges of visitors could put it under immense strain. If it becomes apparent during peak times that it struggles, that could be an indicator that its current WordPress hosting plan lacks sufficient resources to deal with sudden spikes of activity.

Scalable Hosting Solutions

To accommodate traffic growth, select a hosting provider offering scalable resources like Elementor Hosting. This enables your website to seamlessly tap into additional power (CPU, RAM, etc.) when required, providing reliable performance even under increased visitor loads or sudden surges of activity.

Tips: Keeping tabs on your site traffic patterns will allow you to identify when an upgrade might be needed before an unexpected surge of visitors causes your hosting space to crash and your site becomes inaccessible.

Heightened Security Risk

Where vulnerabilities in other websites on a shared server could compromise yours, leaving the door open for malware, hacks and data breaches. With your Elementor site growing more valuable over time and becoming an attractive target of attacks a more robust security posture becomes essential.

WordPress and plugin updates should remain on a shared host are essential, however these measures alone might not suffice for complete protection against threats on the Internet. When searching for hosting solutions that offer proactive security monitoring and protection from malware scanning and automated backups with robust firewall capabilities. Elementor Hosting stands out as having exceptional security offerings, focusing on 24/7 malware scanning with automated backups to safeguard websites against security vulnerabilities posed by threats.

Elementor Hosting Places an Emphasis on Security

  • Cloudflare Security Layers: By including features like Cloudflare Security Layers with Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and DDoS mitigation
  • Positive SSL: Positive SSL protects data transmission while adding trustworthiness to your site.
  • Enterprise-Level Firewall: Blocking any malicious traffic before it enters your site.
  • Automated Daily Backups: Allow for restore capabilities should any security incidents arise.

Remember: Your site security shouldn’t just focus on protecting visitor data – it should also safeguard both your reputation and any investments made into your business!

Partial Support

When something goes wrong with your website—be it technical issues or needing help configuring certain settings—responsive and knowledgeable support are invaluable. Unfortunately, most shared hosting providers have overwhelmed support teams, which results in long wait times before assistance arrives. This can be extremely distressful when trying to deal with critical situations without someone to assist immediately.

As your Elementor website becomes a business-critical asset, its support quality becomes ever more essential. When selecting hosting solutions that prioritize support with WordPress experts ready to assist, seek priority support as soon as possible.

Elementor Hosting Support Advantage

Elementor Hosting stands out by offering 24/7 live chat support and assistance in troubleshooting complex Elementor setups while creating and maintaining websites with Elementor. Ultimately this guarantees a hassle-free website creation experience as you develop it over time.

Understanding Your Hosting Options

However, there may also be significant tradeoffs regarding performance issues due to sharing resources between websites versus shared hosting (which includes multiple other websites sharing one server). Shared hosting does offer significant budget benefits, but it also has significant drawbacks: hosting costs are greater for multiple websites sharing space while being limited due to limited storage capacity on hosting space used versus dedicated to the site.

  • Limited Resources: As soon as traffic grows, performance could suffer, as performance from other sites on the server can negatively impact you.
  • Security Risks: Any vulnerabilities present elsewhere on this server could also impact you negatively.
  • Noisy Neighbors: When other sites on a server experience sudden traffic spikes, your website could also experience disruptions and outages.

When Shared Hosting May Suit You:

  • While its popularity for basic, low-traffic websites could grow over time;
  • As testing grounds and hobby projects.
  • When to Upgrade: Shared hosting often becomes insufficient for its growth needs as your site expands.

Let’s Examine a Powerful Alternative Solution Together: VPS Hosting

Managed Cloud WordPress hosting packages represent an upgrade from shared hosting, with your site operating on multiple servers instead of just one utilizing multiple cloud infrastructure services and providing many advantages such as better uptimes for site updates or higher search rankings for Google results pages (SERPS) than before.

Managed Cloud Elementor Hosting

Among its many benefits lies Managed Cloud WordPress hosting’s ability to maximize performance & efficiency of web applications while at the same time taking full advantage of all available benefits that cloud infrastructure brings – like security updates – these bring various advantages such as improved site speed improvements compared with shared hosting; as a result you see significant gains when searching the results pages are presented utilizing multiple servers as opposed to just one server which means additional benefits include; faster page loads times due to multiple servers operating instead of one being utilized instead;

Numerous Advantages

  • Scalability: Your site can seamlessly take advantage of additional resources (CPU, RAM etc) when needed to accommodate growth or traffic surges.
  • Speed: Cloud infrastructure has been optimized for speed by using technologies like SSD storage and content delivery networks (CDNs).
  • Security: Managed cloud hosts often include advanced security features, pro-active monitoring, and automated backups to safeguard their customers’ websites and systems from threats.
  • Support: Professional WordPress support team are on standby 24/7/365 for help with setup or any issues with WordPress installations or the Elementor CMS itself. Until next time!

Elementor Hosting Is an Example

Elementor Hosting stands out as an exceptionally managed WordPress cloud host featuring special features explicitly tailored for Elementor sites:

  • Serverless Architecture on Google Cloud Platform: Benefit from flexible resources and world-class infrastructure with Elementor’s own serverless architecture on this cloud service provider platform
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN: Rapidly improve page loads for visitors globally. Cloudflare Premium Security: Guard against various threats to your site.
  • VPS Hosting (Gaining Control) Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) fill the space between shared hosting and dedicated servers by offering increased control for less. Sharing physical servers with other users while still receiving their dedicated virtual partition and resources. VPSs offer several benefits over shared hosting packages:
  • Increased Control: With root access comes greater customization of your server environment and greater isolation (though not completely), protecting resources against “noisy neighbor” issues.
  • Flexibility: VPS provides more choices regarding operating systems, software applications, and configuration.

When VPS May Be Appropriate

  • For websites needing customized configurations
  • More savvy tech users seeking greater control.
  • Sites running resource-intensive apps or processes

Note: Virtual private server (VPS) hosting often requires more technical know-how and may not be an optimal option if you lack this skill set.

VPS Hosting (Gaining Control)

Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers by offering more control with less expense than either option. A VPS allows users to share physical servers while having their own dedicated partition with its own resources – providing many advantages:

  • Greater Control: Root access allows you to customize your server environment more effectively and achieve better isolation; while not completely isolated, resources are protected against potential “noisy neighbor” issues.
  • Flexibility: VPS provides more choice in operating systems, software applications and configuration settings compared to shared hosting plans. When VPS Might Be Right: (For Websites Needing Custom Configurations and Tech Savvier Users looking for More Hands-On Control of Their Server).

Websites Running Resource-Intensive Apps or Processes

Note that VPS hosting often requires more technical expertise; if you lack this skill set and feel uncomfortable managing a server this might not be suitable.

Dedicated Hosting (Maximum Resources)

With dedicated hosting, you rent out an entire physical server exclusively for yourself – providing unrivaled performance and total control at the highest price point. Here’s why this may be worthwhile to you:

  • Handling Massive Traffic: When dealing with heavy site traffic, dedicated resources help maintain stability. mes If specific software configurations cannot be accommodated on shared or VPS environments.
  • Strict Security and Compliance: Your business requires exceptional security measures or meets regulatory compliance needs with specific stipulations that need to be fulfilled, then dedicated hosting may be more costly. In such instances, costs vary according to provider options compared with dedicated hosting options which tend to offer similar capabilities.
  • Technical Know-How: Effective management of a dedicated server requires specialist knowledge and resources.

When Dedicated Hosting Is Overkill

Managed cloud hosting typically provides the optimal balance of performance, scalability and affordability when hosting Elementor websites; while dedicated hosting typically serves enterprise-level websites or highly specific use cases.

Making an Informed Decision

Assess Your Current Needs (or Needs of Future Needs):

Before investing in upgrades for your website, conduct an honest assessment of its needs:

  • Traffic Analysis: Review website analytics to examine traffic patterns, spikes, and growth trends.
  • Storage Space: Review any limitations placed upon you under current plans before expanding them further.
  • Reliance on Plugins & Themes: Complex Elementor designs combined with multiple plugins may strain shared hosting resources.
  • Downtime Frequency: Monitor how often your website goes offline or becomes inaccessible.

Future Growth Projections

Think long term when considering where your business and website are headed:

  • Ambitious Expansion Plans: For any business planning rapid traffic growth, having a flexible hosting solution that scales with it is key.
  • E-Commerce Goals: E-commerce stores often require additional power in order to handle product catalogs, transactions and peak shopping seasons effectively.
  • Content-Heavy Strategies: Multimedia websites requiring extensive storage and bandwidth.

Budget Consideration

Require extra storage capacity and bandwidth, which necessitate budget considerations when upgrading hosting solutions (although costs associated with upgrades might increase as a result of upgrades), so be mindful when making investments of this nature, to maximize return. Below are some questions to assist:

  • Lost Revenue from Downtime: What amount do you lose during downtime of your website?
  • Speed and User Experience: Can a faster website help increase conversions or sales?
  • Value of Time: Will managed hosting save you more time that would be better used developing your business instead of dealing with technical issues?

Performance and Security Are Essential

Never underrate the importance of these two elements: 

  • SEO Ranking: Search engines favor fast, secure websites in terms of ranking position.
  • Visitor Trust: Hacking or frequent downtime has the power to destroy brand credibility and cause loss of visitor loyalty.

Elementor Hosting as the Long-Term Solution

Elementor Hosting has been specifically created to accommodate any long-term hosting requirements that you might face, from its scalable cloud infrastructure and top-level security features, through to priority support services that help your Elementor website achieve its fullest potential without sacrificing performance.

Besides that, Migration Process

Here is what you need to keep in mind when switching the hosting providers:

  • Potential Downtime: For minimal disruption during migration, try scheduling it during low traffic hours and consulting your hosting company as to any brief planned outages during this process.
  • Migration Assistance: Elementor Hosting offers complimentary migration assistance services that make the transition seamless.
  • Backup: Having an up-to-date backup is always wise before undertaking major modifications on a website.

Elementor Hosting’s Simplified Migrations

Elementor Hosting strives to simplify migrations by managing all technical aspects and working towards minimizing downtime during transition periods.

Key Takeaways from Elementor’s Migration Services

  • Finding an Appropriate Time and Date to Migrate: Migrate at least four to six weeks in advance of major launches or during peak seasons for online stores like holidays (if running an ecommerce store).
  • Once Migrated, Carefully Test Your Site: After Migrating and Testing Thoroughly (excluding Elementor Users), Be Sure Your Upgrades Do Not Negate Upgrades/Optimize Your Website Along with Upgrades (options available only when migrating via Elementor.

Additional Tips

  • Optimize Your Site Alongside Upgrades/ Upgrades modification: Even while upgrading hosting can improve performance, don’t neglect optimizing practices on-site as well:
  • Caching: Employ a caching plugin to store static versions of pages to reduce server load.
  • Image Optimization: Elementor’s Image Optimizer or another plugin should help compress images without degrading quality.
  • Database Optimization: Database Optimization involves periodically cleaning your WordPress database for maximum efficiency and leveraging Elementor Performance Features to increase efficiency.

Elementor Provides Many Tools that will Assist with Optimizing your Website:

  • Experiment with Performance Settings: Explore the settings under Experiments in Elementor’s > Settings > Experiments to maximize asset loading speed and user experience.
  • Font & Icon Optimization: Font & Icon Optimization provides options to tailor font icon loading so as to reduce unnecessary requests from browsers and reduce requests on server resources.

Choose Plug-Ins Wisely

Submit Your Site Now to Save Space. It can be dangerously detrimental for website performance if too many plugins, particularly poorly coded ones, are installed all at once on a site.

  • Prioritize Quality: Consider only choosing plugins with excellent reviews that have been regularly maintained.
  • Test and Measure: Integrate new plugins selectively while monitoring website speeds after each addition.
  • Explore Alternatives: Elementor offers built-in features which could reduce plugin reliance.

Staging Environments

Staging Environments are copies of your site used to test changes, updates and upgrades before going live with them on production servers.

Why Staging Is Valuable

Staging environments provide copies for testing changes made via Elementor as part of upgrades/changes made on production.

  • Safe Experimentation: Try updates without harming the live site.
  • Hosting Upgrade Testing: Make sure your new hosting works with the new version before going live.
  • Elementor Hosting’s Built-In Staging Environments: To further streamline workflow, Elementor Hosting includes staging environments as part of their offering.


Selecting an optimal WordPress hosting plan for your website, especially when employing Elementor as its website builder, is critical for its success. Carefully considering your site’s needs and future growth can enable an informed choice that supports site expansion.

Keep this in mind – Elementor Hosting’s future-proof solution of managed cloud infrastructure, top-grade security features and expert support offers you peace of mind as your ambitious website expands over time.

If any of the symptoms we identified above – slowdowns, downtime, security risks, or limited support – exist for your website, it might be wise to evaluate whether upgrading to an Elementor-optimized platform would allow for increased growth without worry.

Are you ready to give your Elementor website the hosting it deserves? Discover Elementor Hosting and witness its transformational effects first-hand.

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