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MotoCMS Editorial 17 September, 2015

Technology and its development has changed a lot of things in human life and behaviour. Many manipulations and activities formerly performed only with “real things” now can be provided with the help of devices and online services.

First and foremost it concerns shopping. Today people can buy online pretty everything they need – starting from consumer electronics and cars to food and clothes. E-commerce is now the part of our everyday life. Small business owners go online to get more customers in addition to offline clients. There are many online stores that even don’t have an offline version and presented only on the Internet.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - main

For all small business owners and big commercial projects who dream to create a cool-looking and fully-functional online shop, MotoCMS has great news! The team has recently launched an awesome MotoCMS E-commerce plugin that anyone can buy for $99 in addition to a MotoCMS 3 template of choice. Let’s check out the design and options available within this plugin in more depth.

Frontend Design

Today the MotoCMS store design looks minimalistic, without lots of bells and whistles. It includes a large slider that you can use for displaying your hottest offers, new products or discounts. Vertical menu in sidebar allows you to distribute all goods among categories and subcategories the way you need.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - frontend

Products are displayed in a form of a grid gallery. Settings allow customers choose the number of products they wish to see on the page (24, 48 or 96). The single product page shows the photos of the product, its description, price, characteristics. A user can add a product to cart and continue shopping, or click a “Buy Now” button and proceed to checkout.

Shopping cart has a distraction-free look with minimum fields and buttons. A “Discount Code” field allows customers input a special promo code to get products on lower price.


The E-commerce plugin appears inside your admin panel immediately after the installation and allows creating and managing the store with ease. After clicking on a “Store” button on your admin panel you are sent right to its Dashboard.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - dashboard

Inside the Dashboard you can see the statistics on your orders, sales and customers. The analytics shows data for the last 30 days and allows you tracking your progress in real time. From the Dashboard you can manage your latest orders. This functionality is available here and in Orders Management section.

Orders Section

In this section you can see all your existing orders with their statuses, prices and other info. You can filter orders by their status or search for a specific order using the Search field. The info about each order includes billing and shipping details, the number of items sold and their price. You can also see when the payment was received and if the purchase is shipped successfully.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - orders

You can edit any order right from this section the same way you do it within the Dashboard. “Add New” button allows creating a new order using an existing customer account. Just a few steps – and you can edit and manage a new order whatever you need.

Products Section

This section allows you to fill your online store with galleries of products and goods, manage categories and brands, setting promos and discounts etc.


As it’s clear from the title, this sub-section contains all your products with their photos, descriptions and price options. You can add new products or edit the existing ones. In the product settings you can add photos (get them from the Media Library or upload new ones) of the item, set up its title, url, short and full description, price, SKU and UPC attributes.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - products

If you already have categories or brand sections in your Product section, you can set up these attributes for the new product. It’s also possible to add a Label to any product (like “New” or “Out of Stock”) what makes your catalog more user-friendly.

“Visibility” box allows you removing the item from the catalog, without deleting it. It may be useful when the product is temporarily out of stock or when you need to make some serious changes to its page.

What’s really cool about the Product pages in the MotoCMS e-commerce plugin is the opportunity of setting SEO details like keywords and meta description. It increases the chances of your product being found through the organic search.

Brands and Categories

These two sub-sections bear similar functions: they allow to organize your products better in the catalog to allows users easily filter the items and find exactly what they want.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - catalog

You can create as many brand sections as you need. Set up specific url to them, add a Brand image and description. Brand names will be available on a product page so you can set up specific brand for each item you have in your catalog just choosing it from a drop-down menu.

Adding a Categories section to the store is similar to the way you create a menu in the MotoCMS 3 template. You can add a category with one click and set up its nesting level by simple drag-and-dropping. Or you can set up a parent category while editing.

SEO options are available for Categories. Similarly to Product settings, here you can add keyword and meta description as well as applying a photo that will be associated with this category.


Discount section allows you setting discounts and promo codes if you wish to sell some items for reduced price. Just set up the value of the discount (percentage or fixed price), input the promo code and define the time period it will be active.

You can enable or disable your discount by checking/unchecking the “Activate” box.


This section is a handy addition to product descriptions and categories. When you sell specific products, you can set up a list of specific properties for any of them. Thus, if you sell clothes, you can characterize each item by its composition, color, style etc.

Using this section is extremely easy. You just add a property category (e.g. Composition) and set up the values to it (cotton, viscose, wool etc.). When adding a new product, you can select its properties from a drop-down menu.

Customers Section

This section is intended to help you managing your customers and their orders. It shows all clients that ever made a purchase from your store.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - customers

You can edit info on existing customers and add a new customer’ data, including the email and physical address(es) with phone number. You can also track and manage all orders of a specific customer right in his/her account.

Other Settings

The Settings section allows managing and tweaking many additional features of your store – from its design to currencies and taxes. General settings include enabling/disabling tracking product inventory on the website or showing negative product inventory. Here you can also choose whether you wish to display out-of-stock product on the site or showing prices with taxes included. You can also set up default currency for the store.

Payment, Currency & Tax

Actually, Payments section, along with Currencies and Tax, are those of the most important ones that should be carefully set up. In the Currencies section you can add as many currencies as you need. On the currency page you should set up the currency title, ISO code (you can find it here), its exchange rate, symbol, as well as decimal and thousand token.

After all currencies are added, choose a default currency that will be used within your store by checking the “Default” box.

In Payments sub-section website owners can set up the way they want to receive payment for their goods. For now there are two payment systems available within MotoCMS e-commerce plugin: 2Checkout and PayPal. You should be a registered user of these services to connect your 2CheckOut or PayPal accounts with the store. Manual payment option is also available. The MotoCMS team plans future updates that will bring more payment options and services to the plugin.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - payments

Tax sub-section allows you managing tax classes that will be added to your prices. You can also manage tax zones (depending on country) and tax rates for each class of tax.

Design and Slider

In Design sub-section you can adjust your Store look. With built-in presets any user can choose among form and button designs that are available in this section to make the Store look more harmonized with the overall template design.

Slider sub-section allows you to manage your image slider, adding new photos to it, enable or disable slideshow or even disabling the slider at all. You can also choose showing your slider in category pages or just remove it from the home page.


This sub-section defines your connection with customer. Here your email templates with various notifications are stored. Now it offers three default email messages: “Thank You for Registration,” “Order Confirmation” and “Forgot Password.” You can add other templates if you need.

Email settings panel allows you adding the email address to send your messages and setting up server for your emails: SMTP or traditional Sendmail Transport.

MotoCMS E-commerce Plugin - product page

You can purchase the MotoCMS E-commerce plugin while purchasing any MotoCMS 3 template. Later the team plans creating specially-designed e-commerce templates for various business types.

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