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Website Builder Plugin for eCommerce and Advanced Contact Form

Daria Kosych 25 July, 2021

If you want to get advanced features and improve your website functionality and user experience, then an efficient website builder plugin is what you need. Today we offer you to review the benefits of MotoCMS quality eCommerce and contact form plugins able to take your business profit to a new level. We’ll consider all their features, settings, and elements, try demo versions, and watch videos so that you can see the complete picture. Let’s not waste time and proceed to details!

Advanced eCommerce Website Builder Plugin

MotoCMS 3 eCommerce plugin transforms standard templates into fully-fledged online stores with secure shopping carts and converts visitors to customers. Thus, you can sell any goods without coding knowledge and make your business prosper. Impressive features and powerful tools will make everything for you – impress users with the variety of products, convenient website navigation, including categories, descriptions, filters, search options, etc. Moreover, besides website performance and convenience, templates with eCommerce functionality always attract visitors with their beauty.

Clear Dashboard

MotoCMS dashboard is a reliable tool for managing your site. Moreover, every registered user can try it for free to understand how it looks and how easily you can track necessary information. There is a Store section that includes seven menu items. The dashboard section helps to review daily customer flow, orders, and sales.

MotoCMS Dashboard

Thought-Out Products Section

Here you can set all the details of every product(add general information like name, price, category, brand, short description, add images, shipping terms, and even manage SEO settings). Also, there are sections like Brands, Categories, Discount codes, and Properties.

MotoCMS Website Builder Plugin


Simple Orders Section

Orders allow to analyze the overall situation according to the status of an order(f.e. awaiting payment, shipped, canceled, etc.), apply date filter, search by order ID, and have a look at customers information(first and last name, email);

Thorough Customers Section

Apart from personal information, you can check active users, business to business customers and track their actions. Thus, you’ll be aware of current and old clients.

Complex Settings Section

This benefit is among the most important ones, as it includes lots of options. In General settings section, you determine whether to allow search engines to index your site, track product inventory, adjust the price parameters, choose date and time format. Also, here you change all the information considering currencies, payments, forms settings, discounts, taxes, and invoices. All in all, our specialists have thought about eCommerce website builder plugin functionality down to the smallest detail.

Multiple Payment Systems

We offer you such payment settings as PayPal, 2Checkout, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, PayOne, QuickPay, and YandexMoney so that it’s up to you what payment provider to choose. The client’s convenience and pleasant experience are what we strive and work for. Therefore MotoCMS in no way forces to take specific actions.

Easy-to-Customize Admin Panel

With our easy-to-understand admin panel, you’ll achieve desired results 100%. There are no pitfalls or something a usual PC user won’t cope with. Still, if you have questions or don’t understand some points, our 24/7 support is always ready to help you.

Fast Website Builder Plugin Installation

If you decide that you want to install an advanced eCommerce website builder plugin, just contact our manager via any convenient method and get your order embodied in 3 hours after its confirmation.

Case in Point

To check functionality and all the features, try our live demo mode. It’s free! Moreover, it doesn’t require a long registration process or adding such essential personal information like your credit card.

MotoCMS Product Page


Online Store Homepage


Also please have a look at a video review of the MotoCMS eCommerce website builder plugin.

What Is Required to Start

For our specialists to begin working on your online store, we’ll ask you to provide your site’s URL, hosting information, FTP access details(a server address (eg. ftp.yourdomain.com), username, password), and admin details. In three hours, we’ll send you a notification and guide on how to use an installed plugin(we’ll upload all the files and adjust necessary settings, you only need to find out how to manage new options). Also, please note that you should have a MotoCMS website template to get this service.

Get a responsive user-friendly online store with an eCommerce website builder plugin!

Check Pricing Plan

Professional Contact Form from MotoCMS

Advanced contact form plugin is a perfect widget that differs by the quality and valuable features allowing you to create complex fields, checkboxes, and more. Moreover, it can improve your connection with clients as you’ll get more information from them. Let’s consider more advantages, basic settings, and elements of the MotoCMS website builder plugin.

Professional Contact Form

Main Benefits of Contact Form

Interaction with the user is the most crucial component in the process of maintaining your site. Of course, an advanced contact form isn’t necessary for some websites. Nevertheless, it can become a beneficial tool for companies who cooperate with clients and orders. Let’s find out the reasons to install it on your site.

  1. Unlimited Amount of Fields. You aren’t limited in adding: text fields, text areas, checkboxes, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and submit buttons.
  2. Automatic Notifications. Notify your clients of the form submission status(whether everything is ok/in progress/can’t be completed).
  3. Straightforward Validation Rules. You can set the length of fields in your form to provide a fixed amount of space for the clients’ answers.
  4. Secure ReCAPTCHA. The main obstacle to effective interaction with your clients is a large number of spam users, fake registrations, and bots that are constantly trying to attack your site. Almost every site on the Internet faces these problems. Thus, using the MotoCMS website builder plugin, you’re able to protect your site.
  5. Google Analytics Events. It provides you with the opportunity to add different events to the form, track clicks and form submissions.
  6. Various Files Attachment. The functionality of our contact form allows users to attach various files in the form itself.
  7. Fast Plugin Implementation. It takes only several hours to install the plugin on your template. So you can use it the same day after installation.

Website Builder Plugin Settings

Contact Form Website Builder Plugin

There are two main tabs – Settings and Design.

  • If you want to make changes in the contact form, you should click on Edit and use such elements as Label, Input, Text Area, Select, Checkbox, etc. that you can see on the left of your admin panel. For example, I’ve decided to add reCAPTCHA to my form, clicked on it, and got its settings on the left. After it, I can define its size, theme, display, and alignment. Such a scheme works for every element you want to edit.

Contact Form Website Builder Plugin

  • Email to section allows you to add several email addresses and get messages from clients while using the contact form.
  • In the Subject section, you can edit the message subject users see in the email.
  • The Edit event button helps you analyze successful and unsuccessful submissions and then generate a report to track main parameters.
  • Also, you can create CTA like “Go to Page”, “Open Popup”, “Go to Blog”, “Go to Post”, “Open URL”, “Open in Lightbox”.

Besides, in the Design section, you can choose the Preset you like more.

What to Start From

First, we should get the necessary details to install a website builder plugin. Thus, after you’ve placed an order, you should provide our managers with:

  • your site’s URL
  • admin panel login details
  • FTP details(server address, username, password)
  • database access details(database hostname, user name, database name, table prefix).

Then we’ll proceed with setting a contact form for you, and within 3 hours, you’ll be able to view the results.

Another paramount requirement is using one of the MotoCMS website templates. Get more details considering contact form settings and its elements by following this link.

Also, it would be great for you to watch a short video describing all the features of the MotoCMS admin panel and advanced contact from in particular.

All in all, the plugins we’ve considered in this article are helpful indeed. Primarily it’s beneficial for online shops or those who have a site and want to start an eCommerce business. Thus, you’ll be able to manage orders, save clients, track statistics, improve sales and create a large email base effortlessly.

Website Solutions from MotoCMS

We’re always ready to help you launch, optimize, and promote your site. With our customer services, from template installation to page speed optimization and design, you can always rely on us.

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