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Alex Foxx-Lee 31 May, 2022

“Blogging is a powerful promotion tool. This activity is a must-have for any modern website!” Surely you have heard these words many times and seen similar tips in web tutorials and expert advice. The statement is absolutely true, supported by links to reputable statistics and SEO audit results. However, few specialists consult on the practical implementation of this idea, especially for particular niches like the restaurant business. Let’s fix that immediately and talk today about how to blog about food.

Part I: Thinking About How to Start a Blog About Food

“Starting a personal blog isn’t hard. You only need to do some publications!” It is a common belief that quickly becomes a misconception during the first steps toward implementation. Blogging about food is no exception, and we are ready to easily prove the complexity of this activity by asking you, “for what purpose?“. Everything will depend on the answer, starting from the general concept and ending with promotion methods and post-design.

Food Blog

Here are a few ideas you can consider to help you understand how to blog about food and find your path:

  • publication of recipes – author’s or publicly available;
  • promotion of cooking as a hobby with tips for beginners and experienced cooks;
  • promotion of cooking as a profession – for example, a culinary school, courses or author’s masterclasses;
  • rise of personalities – chefs, restaurateurs, tasters, etc.
  • culinary reviews from amateur chefs, gourmets, or restaurant critics;
  • inspiration searches through food photography or video filming.

It can also be a multi-purpose web resource that combines several concepts. In this case, you will have to think more about the next step – choosing a submission format to build and manage a blog correctly.

Format of Blogging About Food – Choice That Determines Everything

Next, you need to decide what your blog will look like. Do you need a separate site for this, or will a separate tab for blogging be enough for you? An independent web resource is good if you want to promote specific ideas or personalities, such as cooking classes or the services of an experienced chef. Perhaps it will be an amateur recipe site or one of the best blogs on food, linked daily by many reputable resources and influencers.

When talking about a food blog as part of an entire site, we mean that it will be one of the news agendas of the web resource but not a key message from it. For example, it can be part of a web solution for a restaurant or cafe, an online store, or a business card for a food or beverage manufacturer. In any case, the blog, although it will be an essential part of the overall picture, will still only be an addition to the basic information about products and services.

Independent Blogging About Food vs. Blog As Part of Website

Let’s look at some of the features in more detail to understand better the difference between how to blog about food as an independent resource and part of a finished site.


Paradoxically, a single web resource will have more restrictions than a blog tab.

Conceptual unity is the primary trend of modern web design. It can be evident within a single style or hidden when main elements are combined with the help of small detail. The absence or presence of a concept is easy to hide if you are blogging about food on a large site. But for individual web resources, this is critical.

Food Blogging Website

For example, look at Minimalist Baker, where all recipe posts are made in the same style with the same photo processing. We can see the same thing on Green Kitchen Stories and Pinch of Yum.


The larger the blog space, the more liberties you can afford.

A sizeable culinary site is hundreds of thousands of recipes, valuable tips, and life hacks that you need to structure and organize for inside search correctly. See how the creators of 101 Cookbooks and Recipe Girl have done it. Here you can choose a category, season, and even ingredients.

Structure of Best Blogs on Food

Of course, the capabilities of modern CMS allow you to implement filters and structuring within a separate tab, but this can create certain restrictions on publications’ subjects. In the context of an independent food blog website, it will be easier for you to create a new single page for this.

Website Filling

Unique content is important for any web resource, but it is vital for a personal food blog.

Any quality content is considerable work and investment you will have to make regularly. However, as an independent site, a food blog will be more demanding on filling quality since its success and popularity are utterly dependent on it.

Blogging About New Recipes


While the tools for this will be the same, the goals and features of the campaigns will be vastly different.

Although the blog that is part of the site is a powerful promotion tool, it is one of many others. Modern site owners love to use this technique to increase their online presence, but it does not negate the promotion through advertising of products and sales-oriented services. These blog posts often include reviews and advertisements of the internal offerings they’re created for.

As an independent site, a food blog requires the implementation of entirely different ways of advertising and promoting ideas. Plus, there are monetization features that you will need to understand if you want to generate income from your blog.

Part II: Where to Start a Food Blog or Realization Details

So, you have studied all the theoretical nuances of how to blog about food, chosen a concept, and firmly decided to bring it to life. It will be effortless to do this if you use modern website builders. They usually have a visual editor with many ready-made templates that you can customize using drag and drop in real-time. It does not require you to have any specialized knowledge, skills, or previous experience in website development.

MotoCMS Blog Functionality

Ready-Made Website Ideas, Which You Can Use

Although the most critical advantages of MotoCMS online builder are the simplicity and speed of implementation of web ideas, we cannot but mention its other excellent features. Experienced web developers and designers are working tirelessly to expand the functionality and collection of available solutions. You can easily find your ideal option among various food and drink website templates. You can choose either a solution that needs minimal changes or a web theme that you customize from scratch.

MotoCMS Templates

Of course, your desires and requirements are the main criteria for choosing suitable templates. However, we have put together a small selection of responsive designs specifically for food bloggers to make your searches more convenient and targeted.

Food Blog Website Template for Visualization Connoisseurs

“Cooking is about passion” is the motto of the food blog website template that runs like a red thread through many web pages, tabs, and structures. Its every detail, visual, informational, or technical, is permeated with love for food, which the site owners want to share with guests.

Food Blog Website Template - How to Blog About Food


Simple but incredibly convenient content structuring makes it easy to surf the waves of unusual culinary ideas. Recipes served in the form of a gallery grid resemble the menu of a gourmet restaurant. The minimalism of the presentation of third-party information, such as organizational issues, social media links, and contacts, does not distract from the leading concept but completes the overall picture.

It is the perfect solution for aesthetes and gourmets for whom blogging about food is a passion embodied in creative vision and caring for like-minded people.

Storytelling Website Template for Personality Promotion

Try opening the live demo of the storytelling website template and any of the other solutions on this list, and you will immediately feel the difference. The same technical methods are implemented here, and the same tools are used, but the feeling of studying web resources will be different. With a unique offer at the top of the home page and a subtly embedded header, it will feel like this is not your average food blog but an app through which you communicate with a friend. You can also complement this design with a tab with information about you and dilute the content with informal notes to get closer to your loyal readers.

Storytelling Website Template for Blog


Food Blog Website Design to Bring Together Culinary Concepts

The bright and fresh food blog website design is a stunning example of combining several blog concepts into a single format. You can post many exciting recipes, author’s masterclasses, reviews of local restaurants, and tips on where to buy the necessary products, culinary equipment & consumables. All this is accompanied by attractive design solutions, tools for interacting with visitors, and promoting the blog through social media.

Food Blog Template


Recipe Website Template to Share Professional Experience

Professionals for professionals were initially creating this recipe website template. Evidence of this can be seen at a glance – stunningly beautiful visualizations, complex dishes, and some business information for further cooperation. However, this design is focused on interaction through the best blogs on food, structuring recipes by complexity, type, and cooking time.

Recipe Website


Be sure to give this a try if you’re looking for a food blog that will be a platform to promote your culinary knowledge and a portfolio that top restaurateurs and potential employers will appreciate.

Part III: More Tips and Ideas for Food Bloggers

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced blogger or just getting started with tips on how to blog about food. Information from our experienced web designers and marketers will help anyone who wants to improve their own web space. You can apply ready-made ideas at the site development stage or implement them later. The main thing is the results you want to achieve and how to implement them.

Working With Content

Any web resource dedicated to food and drink is about masterpieces of visualization that make visitors hungry just by seeing and describing dishes. It is even more true for a blog, where 90% of success lies in the quality of the content and the correct presentation. The great news is that MotoCMS offers many free tutorials on creating content for your site, such as ideas for working with social media marketing images. The article tells us about the main features of marketing media and how they are created and processed.

If you plan only to post recipes with a media focus, text descriptions should be short and consistent. For example, you can create separate presets for this – for the list of ingredients, reports of cooking processes, and serving dishes. You can then use these layouts for future posts, changing only the content.

Recipes Descriptions

And how to blog about food if the textual content is no less important than visual design? In this case, there are several scenarios – you can:

  • take training with experienced copywriters to learn how to write good blog posts you need to promote yourself. Content for web resources is very different from literary and magazine counterparts.
  • hire an outside specialist to create content and maintain your blog. You can find such a person through freelance sites or job advertisements.
  • delegate this task to experts from MotoCMS, who can create great SEO-optimized content and adapt it according to your blog’s concept and web design.

Website Appearance and Usability

You can remember all the recipes and posts by heart, but what about ordinary users who can get lost among the wide variety of content? Take care of their convenience by providing competent structuring and easy navigation on your site.

Blog Website Structure

For example, the guide with the best practices for website navigation offers great solutions for organizing a web resource menu, working with navigation buttons, search bars, and setting up search filters.

Further Promotion

When thinking about how to blog about food, pay special attention to ways to promote your resource. A blog and a business website have their own characteristics and requirements. Although the tools used for promotion will be the same, the methods and goals of advertising campaigns may differ significantly.

In this case, the help of an experienced SEO expert will be indispensable, mainly if you apply before launching a web project. The specialist will help you develop the site’s semantic core, select metadata, and select the main keywords that you can use in the future. A professional SEO audit at the stage of a resource’s long existence will help refresh its content and increase its popularity.

In Conclusion to How to Blog About Food – Just Start

You can study an abundance of ready-made manuals and tutorials, expert tips, and tricks. But what’s the point if the answers to questions about how to blog about food are just theory? Success is a journey through trial and error to improve our skills and knowledge. Do not be afraid to try new things and make mistakes; offer innovative ideas and unusual ways of implementation. The MotoCMS team is a friendly and loving family who will always help you and suggest the best way to solve a problem. Be a part of it and get inspired to achieve new goals with us!

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