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In the modern world, people are surrounded by an incredible variety of information sources. We are so used to it that we can't even imagine a repose without a rooted smartphone or computer. Unfortunately, we do not always have time to read news and blogs, but it is impossible to refuse a new video or favorite series. Is your job related to the creation and distribution of video content? Treat fans of your activities with new videos, and multimedia website builder will help create a useful web resource for their placement.

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Multimedia Website Builder from MotoCMS

The video blogging industry is actively developing day by day. If earlier, it was one of the many hobbies, now video shoot can be an excellent basis for a successful business. In addition to the fact that you have the opportunity to share the results of your work and find like-minded people, you can get a good profit.

There is a large number of social networks that provide tools for creating and downloading video clips - Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. But experienced bloggers know that you can’t do your business right without personal site. So, why opt for media website templates? Why create a multimedia website if you can use social networks?

  • Extended capabilities. It is you who decide what will locate on your web resource. The multimedia website builder doesn't have any restrictions on changing buttons, content blocks, etc.
  • SEO optimization. Agree that it will be easier for visitors to find your site through search queries than your account on social networks.
  • The versatility of load. Typically, social networks have a specific profile and restrictions on the quality and size of the content. On your website, you can create several tabs at once and upload multiple types of content.

Multimedia Website Builder - Site Creation for Everyone

MotoCMS offers its users a variety of site templates from leading experts. Each of the universal solutions has the same set of functions and tools. However, they differ in a topical kind. Multimedia website templates are intended primarily for those who are engaged in the creation and distribution of video on the Internet:

  • video bloggers;
  • reporters;
  • operators;
  • journalists.

Also, a multimedia website can assist professionals who need a colorful portfolio with video — for example, actors or those who occupy the modeling industry. To design a personal web resource, you need a little inspiration and free time. We propose to you a seamless website builder that turns the whole process in a game. You choose the element you like and drag it to the selected place. Let's try to do it right now!

Main Features of MotoCMS Multimedia Website Builder

The website creator is a simple solution for those who like to get high-quality results with minimal investment. We took care of the technical nuances, so you have to choose the design and add content. Each of the multimedia website templates has several characteristics that are entirely consistent with current trends in web development.

Attractive Design and Usability

The primary task of the site is to attract and retain the attention of the visitor. Most companies have their corporate style, based on which professionals develop a design. However, how to be a video blogger who is free from frameworks? Especially for you, our experts have created a multimedia website design that will help you reveal your individuality and adjust the look of the pages easily.

We follow the current trends in web design, so you can be sure that your site will attract not only a bright picture but also ergonomic functionality. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the multimedia website builder's navigation and intuitive user interface.

Flexible Nature

Increasingly, people are looking for the necessary information on the go, preferring portable gadgets. Therefore, every new site should be available at any time and from any device. Multimedia website templates are fully responsive. Propose your fans with new videos. We guarantee that they will be well displayed both on computer screens, and on tablets and smartphones equally.

Get more audience attention by making your site multilingual. Surely your work will want to evaluate the users of other countries, do not deprive them of this opportunity! Working with multilingual versions in the multimedia website builder is as easy as adding subtitles to the video.

Tremendous Speed of Work

Working with a lot of information places limitations on time. Therefore, the efficiency of workflow is one of the critical factors for the web page creator, as well as for its future visitors. MotoCMS made sure that you can not worry about the time of loading files and saving edits in the process of creating a multimedia website. Make changes, upload media content, and keep the results of your activity in seconds!

Easy Workflow

The multimedia website builder is equipped with a drag-and-drop editor so that anyone can create a personal web resource! Your knowledge of programming, web design trends and rules of color combination do not matter at all. Thanks to MotoCMS, you can feel like a professional developer.

Multimedia website templates contain widgets and blocks, so you do not need to edit the design of some parts of the page, for example, headlines or video publications. By dragging necessary elements, you can add, delete, and move the blocks quickly, while maintaining the unity of style.

Settings for SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary so that users can find your site on the Internet easily. SEO is an integral part of a well-performing website. Nevertheless, it may be challenging for you to understand its ins and outs. We know that you can be limited in time so that we simplified familiarity with the techniques of search engine optimization.

The multimedia website builder has SEO settings that will help you to generate a sitemap for your site, enhance it with proper metadata, set up alt attributes and redirects, spice up your URLs. Each option has a tooltip. Click the cursor on the question mark icon to get more information. You can also always seek advice from members of our support team.

Friendly Support

If you have any questions during the creation of a multimedia website or you have ideas regarding the development of new templates, please contact MotoCMS support. Our Help Center works around the clock seven days a week. Experts are happy to help you deal with incomprehensible options and solve any problem related to the creation of your future site. Or maybe you need advice on multimedia website design? In any case, you can create an online chat or request a consultation by phone at any time.

How to Create a Multimedia Website with MotoCMS?

MotoCMS multimedia website builder allows you to create a website from scratch in just a few days. We offer complete web solutions. So you can fill in the information with ready to use multimedia website templates or create something unique on their basis. Your decision depends only on you because you have the best information on available resources. Feel free to start building right now! Register in the system, select the design you like, customize the look and content of the pages, and place the ready-made site on the hosting.

Great Started

The website creation begins with a media website design selection. Think about what you want to see in the final result and choose the one that best suits your goal. You can try any of the multimedia website templates for free for 14 days. You may want just to get acquainted with the capabilities of the builder or create a website immediately. In any case, you can try several different solutions and choose the one you like.

We care about the safety of your data, so access to the admin panel will be a link in an email. As additional security, you can create and change a password for logging into the template control panel. You can familiarize yourself with this and other options in the 'Settings' section.

Explore the Admin Panel of Multimedia Website Builder

The abundance of workflows can frighten a beginner, so we merged them into different tabs:

  • Pages. Choose a multimedia website design, customize the look of the pages for each version, edit the pop-up notifications.
  • Design. Set up content blocks, add new widgets, change the background.
  • Blog. Add useful articles in addition to bright videos and images. Select the date and time of publication, customize fonts.
  • Media Library. Upload your media content and edit image properties.
  • Settings. Audit the site, familiarize yourself with additional SEO settings, select a preloader, and set up a redirection from mobile devices.

Work with Content Blocks & Widgets

A content block is a collection of several widgets. For example, a publication block may consist of a text field, a slider, and social networking buttons. You can edit ready to use multimedia website templates or add new blocks and widgets to them. View all available items on the Design tab.

When you create a multimedia website, pay special attention to tools for working with video and images. A convenient media player, a variety of galleries, integration with popular services and social networks will make viewing content as suitable as possible. Add a countdown counter to the site so that your users can find out the exact time of the premiere, or a comment block, to ensure interactive with visitors. The multimedia website builder also supports Google modules.

Examine a Media Library

The media library has a vital role in the multimedia website builder because your work is directly related to the video. You will appreciate the usability of the interface, a convenient search by section, fast load, and additional options for working with files.

The media library is cloud storage, so you can be sure that you will not lose any of the files. For the convenience of users, each page of the site has a separate folder. You can also split all available files by type to quickly find the desired image, video, or audio.

You can access images and videos from your accounts on social networks. Thus, you can add videos directly from YouTube or images from Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook. Right in the media library, you can edit the images and enhance them with titles, tags, and alt - the text that users see if the picture does not load. Editor features allow you to change the color, size, contrast, as well as impose one of the visual effects.

Save Your Project

For you not to lose necessary edits, the multimedia website builder will regularly remind you about saving changes. You can do this by clicking on the prominent green button. After you have finished creating a multimedia website and are satisfied with the results, you will need to purchase a media company website template and install it.

You can do it in three ways: yourself, with some extra help, and with a professional web developer. In the first case, you can benefit from the appropriate materials available online in the Help Center. In the second one, feel free to consult our technical support team. We are happy to help you deal with technical issues. And if you want to rely on a professional, let our dedicated specialists compose a site for you.

Take Care of Website Hosting

Once your website project made with a multimedia website builder is ready, you need to choose a reliable hosting that will ensure that your visitors have constant access to the web resource. You can find a suitable hosting company on your own or view out the list of MotoCMS hosting recommendations. Especially for our customers, we have selected the best web hosting providers who provide quality services at affordable prices.

Optimize and Promote

Remember that the speed of your site depends on the number and size of multimedia you use as well as on the third-party add-ons you implement. We understand that the quality of your work matters. Therefore, if you see that your website pages load slowly, we are at your disposal to optimize your site.

Also, our marketing specialists and professional designers can help you with the management of advertising companies. Facebook, Instagram, Interest, YouTube, or Google AdWords - there are no borders for us. We will help you unleash any of your ambitious projects!

Become Successful with MotoCMS Multimedia Website Builder

Do you want to create a personal video blog? Maybe you do a professional shoot, or you have a video company? So you are not able to perform without an accessible, convenient, fast site that will host all the content needed. Try one-stop solutions - multimedia website templates from MotoCMS.

With the multimedia website builder, you can create a great video blog effortlessly. We carry out an integrated approach, so you can not only get a responsive web resource but also optimize it to get even better outcome!

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