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If you are running a building and construction business, the best construction website builder from MotoCMS will become your number one choice as it will help you feature your enterprise on the web. Please feel free to browse our collection of pre-designed responsive construction website templates. Using one of them, you will surely build a trustworthy website your existing and prospective customers will love.

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Construction Website Builder from MotoCMS

Moto CMS requires no coding skills from you to create a website. It is the most straightforward website building platform a beginner can find on the web. You can edit your website with an intuitive visual drag and drop interface. Your design will be responsive, so customers will see a perfect digital presentation of your company no matter what device they use to browse it. Best website builder for construction company gives you everything you need to start your online resource in a few hours.

Major features of MotoCMS architecture website templates are:

  • comfy construction website builder with drag-and-drop interface;
  • mobile-friendly layout of construction company website templates;
  • fast speed of load;
  • set of extra integrations and modules;
  • settings for search engine optimization;
  • sitemap generation;
  • 24/7 quality customer support;
  • a two-week free testing period.

Construction Website Builder - How to Create a Website?

Well, the entire workflow with MotoCMS construction website templates is fast, easy, and intuitive. Whether you a beginner or a pro, the process will be the same enjoyable and hassle-free. There are only three easy steps which you need to complete!

1. Select a Template and Customize

Go to a MotoCMS catalog of vivid construction company website templates and pick the one that fits your taste and business requirements the most. When you have picked out a perfect construction website design, proceed with its editing. The functionality of the construction website builder allows you to change the layout of the template the way you wish. You can use it to change the colors, structure, upload your images, add your logo, and replace the default texts with custom ones.

2. Adjust the Design to SEO

When the design is ready to go, it’s time to SEO optimize your brand new site. You can use intuitive construction website builder again. It allows you to do the requisite SEO settings. A simple guide will walk you through the whole process. You will be able to track the results of your efforts with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, which are integrated with the admin panel.

3. Promote Well

When your website goes live you want more people to see it. For that purpose, you can use the admin panel powered by a construction website builder. It will help you promote your business online and connect it to social networks. Helpful Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, Pinterest Board, and other social widgets are also available, so you will be able to share the latest news on your website. You can also add social buttons and make sharing content more accessible.

Construction Website Builder - Design Tips

Building and construction business requires a specific approach in terms of website design. You’d better stick to these simple tips looking through construction website templates for your company.

Search for Simple Designs

Construction company website templates are created for best possible user experience. Your construction website will be good if it doesn’t make customers bother; it is straight to the point, has a clear hierarchy, and is easy to navigate. Such kinds of designs look professional and crisp to the user. Consider monochromatic color schemes and large, legible fonts.

Opt for Easy Navigation

You know your audience, so it’s rather simple for you to guess what information they want to get when entering your site. You need to make sure that website templates for construction company provide the type of navigation that makes the information you want to show and the customer wants to see available immediately. Use construction website builder to place all the auxiliary information to the less prominent pages somewhere at the back of the site.

Choose SEO-Friendly Templates

It’s much easier to SEO optimize your website if it is built based on an SEO-friendly construction template. This kind of business is rather localized, so you need to keep this in mind when you do search engine optimization. Remember about geographically relevant keywords in your page text and update your address for quality local search results.

Use Visuals on Your Site

People need to see what your company can do for them. You are to amaze them with top-quality gallery images featuring your work. Pictures are always more efficient and compelling than text or just the list of services you provide. They help to differentiate you as a severe, trustworthy brand. Thus, go to the admin panel of the construction website builder and enhance your site with striking galleries.

Insert Original, Plagiarism-Free Content

Content is key to your reputation and expertise. Therefore, when you upload the texts to one of the construction website templates, make sure that the copy is well-written and free from spelling or grammar mistakes. This way your website will look professional, so double check everything carefully.

Show Clients’ Reviews

All of our construction website templates contain professional-looking pages and blocks for representing customers’ testimonials. Use this benefit because the construction industry is one of those where clients’ happiness is paramount. We recommend you post positive customers’ feedback right on your homepage. Reviews will ensure your skills and reliability for new visitors.

Identify Your Niche

Choose from the construction website templates that fit your construction industry business the most. You may work on custom log homes or ultra-modern buildings. Your primary mission here is to state your niche professionally as it will help to produce quality leads that inevitably need to take advantage of your services. The construction website builder has all the necessary widgets and integrations so that you can establish your company online properly.

Add Fundamental Information

Privacy policy, terms of use, and other essentials related to formal business situations are of vital importance. So, post all the data associated with this topic accurately. Сonstruction website templates will help you include information about your licenses and insurance in a prominent place.

It will boost the professional level of your webpage. Also, when you upload the content to one of the construction company website templates, try to add as many stats as possible. The numbers always look solid.

Run a Blog

Providing construction services, you surely now burning questions that influence your customers’ decision. Thus, share your in-depth knowledge through compelling and informative blog posts that solve problems for your clients and help them pick the most appropriate service in the construction industry.

MotoCMS construction website templates include blog functionality, which means that you can launch a full-fledged blog right on your business website. If done right and always updated, it will improve your authority in customers’ eyes.

MotoCMS Construction Website Builder - Insights

First of all, you need your web presentation nowadays. It is essential for your business. A good website will help you to develop, broaden, and promote it effectively. It doesn’t matter whether your construction business is big or small, it doesn’t matter what set of services you provide, in any case, you need a website.

Our construction website templates are developed according to the latest web design and web development technologies. We implement all technical knowledge into our powerful and feature-rich website building platform. Construction company website builder is the only tool you need to create beautiful websites of any complexity without asking anybody to help you.

It offers you super-easy drag-and-drop functionality of construction company website templates, so even if you have no previous experience in web development, it’s not an obstacle anymore. You can be an amateur or a pro, and both is good. We can guarantee that you will easily create a good-looking website. Each MotoCMS website template for construction company is your complete solution for a smooth, efficient, and quick website creation!

MotoCMS is Vigorous and Secure

Remember that your website is the best tool to maintain and strengthen relationships with customers and partners. It is crucial for your business. When you have a site, it becomes much easier for you to enter the new markets. The site also helps to track your business campaigns. MotoCMS is a reliable content management system. It boasts a fast loading speed.

When you use a construction website builder for creating your website, you don’t need to worry about slowness, bugs, and any other pains. MotoCMS runs the market for ten years already. We have thousands of happy customers who consider our services and products premier as they helped them to achieve their goals on the web. You can see the best designs of our customers at the MotoCMS Gallery.

Intuitive and Comfy Admin Panel

You can build your website using the admin panel of our construction website templates. It is effortless to use. We kept customers way of thinking in mind when created it. The admin panel contains a heap of tutorials and tooltips. They will guide you through the whole process of building your website.

The control panel of MotoCMS construction website builder offers a wide range of tools that will help you boost your future business website with maximum usability and current functionality. You find almost everything there from accordion and countdown timer to appointment and maps. What you need to do to get started with your website is to choose the best construction website design that will correctly represent your company.

Construction Website Builder with Stunning Designs

You already know that MotoCMS has niche-specific construction website templates that will perfectly match your projects. Maybe you have a building, construction, repairing, architectural, or whatever kind of business enterprise, MotoCMS will meet your needs.

Well, all construction company website templates in our inventory are mobile-friendly, extremely flexible, and well-documented. They are created according to the latest industry trends as well. Besides, MotoCMS designs are fully editable. It allows you to tweak any ready-made building company website template of your choice up to your taste and requirements.

Each product is delivered with a bunch of pre-made pages. You can use them right out of the box or customize the way you wish. You can make edits, remove existing stuff, and add the new one. On top of that with construction company website builder, you also get a Color Picker tool to change the entire color palette of your website, cool parallax effects, and over 40 animations, and Google web fonts.

All templates are cross-browser compatible and get regular updates. So, they will look good in any browser, on any device and will be up-to-date all the time.

Efficient Tools for SEO Optimization

Construction website builder also comes with a variety of SEO options. They will help you boost your website correctly from the start. What you should do is browse the construction website templates, pick out the one you like the most and supply it with appropriate meta tags, alt attributes, and the right page structure. You can track users’ interaction with your site with the help of integrated Google Analytics. MotoCMS suggests you that right in the admin panel.

Please don’t forget about one more important factor. Effective SEO is impossible without a fast loading speed. The users want to see your content immediately. MotoCMS templates have a lightning fast loading speed. Never forget to compress your images in order not to slow down your site. Check it through PageSpeed Insights. It will show your score and improvement suggestions.

Blog Functionality

We have already mentioned the necessity of blog functionality. When you have your blog, your chances to drive more traffic to the web page increase significantly. As you understand, your content must be up to date there. The blog helps you grow a community around your business.

Those are people interested in your services. You can share your knowledge, expertise, and useful tips & hints concerning construction business development with them. As you know, MotoCMS construction website builder comes with blog functionality. It lets you start a fully-featured blog right on your business website.

All construction website templates in this collection can become your comprehensive solutions that combine a corporate website and a blog, all in one place. Construction company website templates mentioned above allow you to customize the blog according to your taste and needs.

Outstanding Tech Support

Issues and questions rise even if you are not a newbie but a seasoned web developer. It’s always good to have technical support at hand and know that the team can cope with any issue and answer any question.

We provide royal assistance for users day and night. We have only knowledgeable tech support managers who can walk you through some process you have an issue with. They can also answer your questions on construction website builder templates, their installation, customization, and so on.

Moto CMS support managers are always available via live chat. If it’s convenient for you, use your email to get in touch with us or order an instant callback. We want you to be happy with our construction website templates, so our support team is there for you 24/7.

Additional Services

MotoCMS with its construction website builder, offers an array of time-saving services that you can get together with your construction website templates. For example, you need to create content for your website but are lack of time, and the content should be short, give a lot of information, and correspond with the overall corporate style of your website. We can do it for you.

Besides, you need to promote your website on the web to attract more new customers and strengthen the authority of your brand. We can handle SEO optimization either. We professionally perform on-page SEO optimization and SEO audit, logo creation, Google AdWords advertising campaigns, and other essential things that will put your site on top of Google search. Our experts are always ready to help you pick the best custom solution for your business.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our customers’ satisfaction statistics says that overall goodness of the builder, products, and services is 100%. You can check these reviews and ratings on such popular trusted websites like TrustPilot and Sitejabber or on the website builder reviews page.

Start Today with MotoCMS Construction Website Builder

You can create a website powered by MotoCMS free of charge. The two-week trial is available. You only need to request it. Even with a free test, you get access to the advanced functionality and the entire collection of widgets, modules, and tools. You don’t pay a cent for these. So, you can craft a draft of your website and then purchase it for your construction business with all edits.

You will need to choose a web host to place your website online. Please note that you don’t need to share any private information, MotoCMS doesn’t require this. To get a free trial of construction website builder, you only need to provide a valid email address. Then we will send you the link to your demo.

Now we advise you to go to the collection of MotoCMS construction website templates and see them in action. We are sure you will love it. Create a professional website presenting your construction company online and be ahead of competitors!

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