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Is your company engaged in building, remodeling, modeling, interior design, or architecture for homes? You should take a look at a home maintenance website template. This awesome template has many built-in tools and features. With its help, you can easily cope with creating the site of your dreams without wasting money, time, and nerves.

Home Maintenance Website Template by MotoCMS

If you are still wondering if you or your company need a website, then, in fact, the answer is obvious. With the attractive design and user-friendly functionality of your website, you can receive much more expensive orders. You will also get new regular customers or look for workers or even shareholders for your company. You can achieve all of these benefits with just one website made with our home maintenance website template.

Suppose you have already decided on the answer for yourself. In that case, it's time to know better about the benefits of MotoCMS templates. Compared to other website builders or building a website from scratch, our templates are second to none. You will be able to create a ready-made website within a few days using an unlimited, unique, and at the same time, multifunctional design.

Technical Aspects

All templates made by our technicians with vast experience have fantastic optimization. The home maintenance website template is not the exception. With its functionality, you will create a website worthy of your clients and company. On any device, regardless of its specifications and display size, your website will open in less than a second. Besides, you can create an excellent website design and fill it with content yourself without resorting to the services of a team of developers, designers, and other specialists. It will allow you to get a website that has impressive optimization and meets all your criteria. Only you will decide the best way to create a reputation for your company, which pages are needed for this, and which can be removed. Our job is to provide all the possible tools to customize, configure, and promote your website online.

Please take a look at templates from MotoCMS that will surprise you with their functionality and similar design. Plumbing services website is one of such offers.

We also guarantee the performance of any transition, button, page, or other elements of the finished website. You will have a convenient feature built into your control panel. It allows you to see precisely how your website will look on different devices such as a tablet, phone, or personal computer. This way, you will be sure of the website's excellent optimization and performance without launching it. When you launch a website, you can make various adjustments or additions to increase its profitability. MotoCMS offers complete functionality for these configurations, so let's have a closer look at them.

Fast SEO

Do you want to promote your website online quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively? With the home maintenance website template, you can get free customers from Google searches without spending extra money or time. You will find exceptional functionality, using which you can easily cope with even such a difficult task as SEO. How successful it will be is entirely up to you. Still, we provide a fantastic opportunity to structure your content on your site using headings and subheadings. You may highlight different parts of the text with a variety of comfortable and eye-catching fonts. The most important thing is adding your meta titles, tags, and alts to each site's image or page. To do this, you can enter the text you want in the appropriate window. Forget about the website coding or markup courses. All you need to do is get familiar with our home maintenance website template, and we will help you do it as well.

Support Services

We're not just going to sell you a home maintenance website template and forget about your needs. We will be happy to help you at any website creation stage, starting from a 14-day free period. Using a free trial, you can ask any questions regarding our templates' functionality. Also, on this page, you will find a demo function. With its help, you can learn about the home maintenance website template's main features and even try some of them. In addition to the fact that support workers are well aware of the functionality of any template on the Moto 3 and Moto 4 platforms, you can still count on their help 24/7. To get a detailed consultation, you can use live chat.

Unique Features

The features built into the home maintenance website template and the number of them will surprise you. First of all, it's a convenient block design that will help you customize your site step by step and not miss things. To set up, delete or add text to the site, you need to click on the appropriate block and move, delete or change the text or background in it.

Also, many convenient functions for creating page designs are built into the admin page interface:

  • You can change the color scheme on each page and separately;
  • Create various transitions;
  • Use the presets we have created to form the main design, change parts of them or make them from scratch;
  • Add your photos or use our stock images in the Media Library section.

Besides design, you can also integrate the home maintenance website template with other platforms. A great example is the built-in Google Maps widget. By adding it to your contacts section, the home page, or anywhere else on your website, you can help clients find your office and get to it quickly. It is just one of the hundreds of possible examples for integrating your website.

Advanced Configurations

You will also find the ability to change our code according to your goals and needs. Use dozens of built-in widgets, audio, video players, and much more. You can not only customize the pages created by us but also delete them. You can also easily configure new ones from scratch and show a notification about the use of cookies. Still, we can talk about this for a long time. It is better to see it with your own eyes and be convinced of our offer's uniqueness.

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Bengrinder Verified buyer

I've found out that the Blog plugin is quite useful and the regular posts really improved the rate of incoming readers. Now I’m using it in all themes

Marylancet Verified buyer

This company cares about their customers - they’ve offered me good exchange solutions with a reasonable discount and further assistance


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