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In the modern world, staying up-to-date is one of the key elements of success. There are numerous ways of sharing knowledge. Conferences and other mass events have been an efficient way of spreading knowledge and experience for a long time. If you want to create a site for different events, such as conferences, we are happy to present you an incredible conference website builder from MotoCMS. Thanks to a variety of conference website templates with a selection of up-to-date features, MotoCMS is your best solution to build a website.

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Who Can Benefit from MotoCMS Conference Website Builder?

The conference website builder from MotoCMS is an intuitive creator of websites that you can use for different events. Thus, various institutions and organizations can benefit from this builder. Let’s see who can create conference website with the builder from MotoCMS.

Educational Establishments

Different educational establishments are leaders in organizing scientific events and conferences. Most likely, you have already got a site of your educational institution. Probably, you have used a college website builder or one of powerful education website templates to build your webpage.

Still, you may want to launch a separate site for conferences to make the managing of events easier. In this case, our conference website builder will come in handy for you. You only have to choose a conference website design you like most of all and start arranging your content.

Event Agencies

There are different agencies who specialize in arranging various events. If you represent such an agency, you can also benefit from our conference website builder. You can get the best conference website design and showcase all the events you have planned. These events can include charity fairs, summits, seminars, workshops, masterclasses, corporate parties, etc.

Using conference website templates from MotoCMS, you can make a general page where you’ll list all the events organized by you. Moreover, it is possible to create separate pages for describing each event in detail. With our conference web design templates, such as an event management company website template, this will be simplicity itself. If you haven’t found an ideal design for your event among conference templates, you can browse our collection of entertainment website templates.

Organizations Connected with Technology Industries

Internet technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Following current trends in technologies is a must if you work in this sphere. Thus, an infinite number of conferences connected with technologies are held every day. If you are planning an event connected with technologies, the conference website builder can offer you easy ways of creating a captivating website. You can rely on us if you want to launch a webpage for technology summits, innovation festivals, design and development trainings, and so on. For instance, you can use a tech website template and make your technology meeting unforgettable.

If you are a company that deals with Internet and is just going to launch a website, you can look at our Internet website templates. These conference website templates are appropriate for organizations that provide Internet access or domains, website security solutions, and other services connected with the Internet. In case you wish to hold an event for promoting your services, you can use our conference website builder.

Companies Organizing Presentations of Their Business

Sometimes companies are looking for a fast way to launch an event website to plan corporate meetings or occasions. If you are planning a general event to demonstrate or advertise your business, a event landing page template will be suitable for you. You will let people know about the event and provide necessary details about it.

Explore the Advantages of Conference Website Builder from MotoCMS

Designed by professionals, our website builder has a number of features that make it easy-to-use and unparalleled. Explore the peculiarities of the builder to make sure yourself.

Comprehensive Collection of Conference Website Templates

Our professional web designers and developers take into consideration the peculiarities of various business niches while creating templates. After a careful analysis of the market and needs, our experts create well-structured pages suitable for conference planning. A huge collection of templates powered by MotoCMS conference website builder will give you the possibility to choose a conference web design.

You can be sure that the conference website templates powered by the builder from MotoCMS will meet all your requirements. Moreover, you can always get the conference website templates free trial to make sure that you have chosen a perfect template.

Drag-and Drop Functionality of Conference Website Templates

When you choose a conference website design template, you can be sure that the process of creating and editing your website will be simple and intuitive. The conference website builder can boast of efficient drag-and-drop functionality. This means that you will get a clear admin panel that will assist you in adding necessary elements to your website. There’s no need to acquire coding skills. The MotoCMS builder ensures that you will instantly see all the changes you make.

Responsive Design of Conference Website Templates

The conference website builder from MotoCMS lets you create a responsive website. This means that your page will automatically adjust to various screens. No matter what device your visitors use to find out the details of your event, your website will be displayed properly. By the way, responsive design is one of the major factors for high rankings in the search engines results.

Terrific Speed of Conference Website Builder

Web pages created with conference website templates will have remarkable speed. You can be sure that your visitors won’t have to wait for your website to load. Indeed, waiting can be irritating. If your site provides information about an important event, these details should be accessible easily. The fast speed of a site launched with the conference website builder is a sure way to satisfy people.

How to Create Conference Websites

Do you doubt that you can create a conference website on your own? We can assure you that launching a site with the MotoCMS conference website builder is an enjoyable process. Just pay attention to the tips below and delight in your site’s creation.

Choose Your Design from Conference Website Templates

A remarkable collection of templates created with the conference website builder will let you choose the one that meets your expectations most of all. Browse the collection and decide on the template that will illustrate your event. Remember that you will be able to adjust the template and customize it according to your preferences.

Create an Inviting Landing Page

No matter what event you are organizing, a landing page is the major place where visitors can get basic information. So, arranging an appealing landing page is essential for catching people’s attention. A well-structured landing page will let your visitors find information quickly. Choose any conference landing page design built with the conference website builder and start advertising your event.

Explain the Reasons to Attend

Probably, you are hosting a conference about which everyone has already heard. Then, your presentation of the event may be quite short. If you are holding a conference that is not known all around the world, you should do your best to present it. With the conference website builder, you will be able to describe your event and its peculiarities.

Thus, people will get an idea of what your conference, summit, festival, workshop, etc. is about. Moreover, you can give information about the main reasons for visiting the conference. Your target audience will understand these reasons and make their decision about the participation.

Showcase Your Speakers with Conference Website Builder

No conference can take place without speakers. Thus, presenting your speakers is one of the most important steps of creating a site for your conference. The conference website templates provide you with an excellent opportunity to map out information on your pages.

When you showcase your speaker, you may provide catchy information to visitors to drag their attention. You can add pictures of the speakers, too. Moreover, it is possible to indicate the company they work for and their position. Additionally, with conference website templates, you can connect the information about your speakers presented on your page to their profiles in social media. Thus, people will be able to learn more about the speakers.

Sometimes, when you are organizing events, you may give people a chance to express themselves. With the conference website builder, it is easy to look for speakers. You can encourage people to become your speakers with catchy designs included in a website template for public speaking events. It is possible to prompt people to contact you in a suitable way to find out the details.

Design Productive Schedule

Usually, conferences and other gatherings imply that several presentations or speeches can be happening at the same time. So, to make everything ordered, it is necessary to plan a detailed schedule in advance. Publishing the schedule on your site will guarantee that your attendees will be able to access the timetable at any point. Furthermore, people will be able to plan which events they want to visit and thus prioritize their plans.

Effective presentation of conference events with the help of the conference website builder saves space on your site. Moreover, it makes the organization of schedule more pronounced. You can create attractive tabs to switch between conference days. Thus, people will choose the information for the day they want to attend easily. In addition, you can highlight speakers in the schedule to grab participants’ attention.

Demonstrate Pricing Plans with Conference Website Templates

As a rule, conference participants may choose how many events they would like to attend. Depending on the number of occasions, there can be different pricing plans. You may introduce the possibility to visit a single event, participate in 3 chosen activities, or to get full passes that include a free choice of any events. It’s up to you to decide which option is better. In any case, the conference website builder lets you create clearly structured pricing plans.

You can present registration fees and plans in detail efficiently with charts included in conference event website templates. It is possible to encourage participants to get registered early by charging the smallest cost for early registration. Equally, you may create various pricing plans for those who register before and after a particular deadline. Moreover, conference website templates will help you to create appealing lists with the help of which you can enumerate what is included in the registration fee.

Describe Exhibitions with Conference Website Builder

If there is an exhibition taking place within your conference dates, you can also inform participants about it. Our conference site builder gives you an opportunity to tell more about the brands and vendors presented at the exhibition. You can also describe what products people will see during the event. Furthermore, using conference website templates, you can state the opening hours of the exhibition.

Present Travel and Venue Details

The organization of such events as conferences is usually connected with taking care of the place where it will happen. Additionally, the conference organization implies dealing with travel details. Your website created with the MotoCMS conference website builder can give your attendees information about the venue where the event takes place. You can write the address and include detailed instructions on how to reach this place. Moreover, with conference website templates, you can show the location of the venue on the map. Incorporating the map makes finding the location for people much easier.

When you describe the travel and venue connected with your event, it is also wise to provide accommodation details. You can state if you book certain hotel rooms for the participants. Alternatively, you can enumerate the most appropriate hotels for participants to choose from.

If you order catering at specific companies, you can show these details on your site. It is also possible to assist participants by stating various places to eat out. Similarly, with the website builder, you can provide the contacts of taxi companies. People will appreciate the possibility to save the number and use it when necessary, without having to look for the phone number themselves.

Advertise Your Sponsors and Partners with Conference Website Builder

Normally, conferences get substantial support from various sponsors and partners. Your website is a perfect place to demonstrate who you work with. You can provide information about your sponsors and partners who assist in making the event possible. Furthermore, you can integrate links to their pages, so that people could read more.

Include Registration Form

An effective conference website gives participants an opportunity to get registered easily. You can include an easy-to-use registration form with conference website templates. You can ask participants to provide their full name, the name of the company they represent, and their contact details.

Give Communication Possibilities with Conference Website Templates

To let people find out more about specific points, you should include different ways of staying in touch with you. On your site created with the conference website builder, you can include an appealing contact form. With the help of this form, conference participants can request a callback or leave a message for you. Furthermore, you may include frequently asked questions to provide any specific information about every event for your visitors. Both the contact form and the FAQ serve to ensure a constant connection between conference organizers and participants.

Run Informative Blog

You can use the blog on your conference site to announce upcoming events or describe the preparation process. Moreover, you can use the blog to assist people with submitting papers for the conference. You will also be able to describe the necessary steps to take when preparing the speech. After you have held the conference, you can share your impressions and experience, encouraging people to stay with you for further events.

Show Astonishing Galleries with Conference Website Templates

If you hold a certain event regularly, you can demonstrate photos from your previous conferences. Moreover, with the galleries created by the conference website builder, you can showcase your speakers. Galleries are also very beneficial for different event agencies. If you are a company that helps to organize various events and conferences, you can showcase the events you have arranged. The work with MotoCMS Media Library is exceptionally easy, and you can always get professional support if needed.

Insert Countdown Timers

When you are getting ready for events, every second is important. With amazing countdown timers included in the conference website templates, you’ll keep track of time easily. Moreover, you can encourage participants or warn them about upcoming deadlines effectively with these timers. In short, the conference website builder will help you to showcase your event efficiently.

You will be able to include detailed schedules, present information about your speakers, and provide visitors with various pricing plans. Furthermore, conference website templates will assist you in caring for your participants. It will be possible to demonstrate your partners or sponsors, as well as familiarize people with venue and travel data. Get your free conference website builder trial today and choose a conference template that you will love!

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