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.NET Developer Skills List – Full-Stack Developer Skills For 2020

Ravi Sharma 28 August, 2020

.NET is one of the highly used frameworks for creating different types of applications or software. To access the framework and develop a software application, you have to hire the best .NET developer. You should focus on the .NET developer skills while hiring the full-stack developer. While using this particular framework, you can use any programming language. Here, you will get complete information skills that a full stack developer should have and some other associated factors.

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.NET – An Introduction

The framework was initially released in the year 2002. Microsoft was the developer of the .NET platform. In the beginning, it was available only for the Windows platform. But now, it can work on different platforms. If you focus on the platform functionality, then it bases on two main factors.

  • Framework Class Library (FCL)
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Framework class library can help you in accessing different types of codes and reuse these codes for running an application without an error. Common language runtime can manage the programs that are already in use and maintain things perfectly.

For the optimum utilization of the framework, you should try to hire a professional with all full-stack .NET developer skills.

Who Is A Full Stack Developer?

Before understanding things about a full stack developer, you should have some knowledge about web development and its basic components. Mainly the development tasks work in two major layers or parts.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

Frontend development includes the tasks by which a professional can prepare visible elements of the website like website design, layout, and all other factors where visitors will interact. These are the only visuals. Actual thing happens on the backend where the developers start coding and build your software.

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Some companies are recruiting developers separately for both types of tasks. The combination of both ends creates a full development stack. Full-stack development includes various layers and elements such as:

  • Operating system
  • A server
  • A database
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries
  • Environments

Operating and managing all these things include in the .NET developer skills. If we talk about a full-stack .NET developer, then the professional is capable of working on both frontend and backend tasks. These developers have expertise in working on both types of tasks by managing and accessing all functional layers.

Becoming a full-stack developer cannot be an easy task for anyone. For it, there are some specific .NET developer skills required. These professionals also have good value in the industry and the majority of companies love to hire these developers.

Uses Of .Net Framework

The .NET framework uses for different types of web development tasks such as:

  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Internet of Things
  • Manufacturing

.NET framework is used for developing different types of applications or software. It does not matter for what purpose you want an application. The important element is related to the professional you are going to hire for accomplishing the task. A good developer can be chosen by checking out the .NET developer skills and some other aspects.

.NET Developer Skills that Professionals Should Have

A good developer has to focus on mastering their skills. No one loves to hire a novice or in-experienced one for developing a business application. Some basic skills are –


HTML and CSS are two basics of the development world. All developers have to put effort into mastering these two elements. HTML (hypertext markup language) works as a medium for adding content on the web. CSS (cascading style sheets) is a kind of personalization tool that can use for the styling and designing of the website.

With the help of both sources, a professional can work on the appearance or interface. Both things are related to different parts, frontend, and backend. A full-stack developer has to master their skills in both HTML and CSS. With the help of these .NET developer skills, a professional can easily design an interactive, engaging, and impressive application.


JavaScript is one of the highly used programming languages. It is associated with multiple features such as – prototypes, closure, and higher-order event delegation. These features are useful in getting responsive development results with several benefits. If you are focusing on the skills of the full-stack developer, then he/she should be aware of such language in-depth with all associated factors, Angular and React.

JavaScript is used for writing codes on both ends, frontend, and backend. For a full stack developer, it is necessary to master the frontend and backend .NET developer skills with proper knowledge about this language and its usage.

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Backend Languages Knowledge as .NET Developer Skills

We discussed facts earlier about frontend languages or essentials, HTML & CSS. When it comes to the backend tasks, then the developers need to focus on some other programming languages. In the case of backend development, you have options regarding multiple programming languages.


Java is a common programming language that can be used for different types of purposes such as – mobile, web, and desktop application development. It also has various frameworks by which you can easily complete the backend development tasks.


Ruby appears as a great option to pick as a programming language for backend development tasks. It is available with a big community of professionals where you can find out solutions to all types of problems.


If you are searching for a programming language with cross-platform compatibility, then you can choose PHP. It can be used for working impressively on different platforms like Windows, Unix, and macOS. Another most important thing, it is an open-source programming language.

You should find these programming languages in the list of .NET developer skills before hiring.

Web Architecture

Full-stack developers are the masters of different types of skills for accomplishing both types of tasks seamlessly, frontend, and backend development. The professionals have to use their specific skills for creating a well-structured web architecture.

It is the expertise of the professionals, they have to use scratch codes and build a complex software or application with its help. They know how to categorize and arrange all required files and structure the complete database for performing all types of tasks with perfection.

Database Storage

All applications perform activities and serve perfectly on the basis of a specific database. The database is the hub of application where the complete data is stored and structured as per the requirements. Structuring data in the database is the most important factor from the efficiency point of view. In case data structuring does not complete professionally, then you can detect some errors while using the application.

  • Characteristics of non-relational and relational data
  • Knowledge of database sources
  • Expertise in web storage

These are some basic things and the most important .NET developer skills by which a professional can easily work on your project and complete it efficiently.

Designing Skills as Part of .NET Developer Skills

We already discussed earlier, a full stack developer has to deal with both frontend and backend work. For completing the frontend development tasks, the professionals must have basic designing skills. Using such skills can help you in creating an appealing and attractive web design.

A good website, application, or software needs to be user-friendly by which they can easily impress the visitors and encourage them for conversions. It can be possible by following the important designing fundamentals or principles such as – scalability, prototypes, UI & UX design, and so on.

designing and NET developer skills

Soft Skills

Only by mastering the technical skills, you cannot become a full stack developer. In the .NET developer skills, both technical and soft skills are required.

  • Time management skills
  • Creative vision
  • Patience
  • Attention to details
  • Learning curiosity
  • Analytical bent of mind

With all these skills, you can maintain a proper balance that can be useful in becoming the best full-stack developer. People who have an interest in becoming a full-stack developer need to keep themselves always ready for learning new things.

In the market, there are several new updates introduced by different platforms. The developers need to study these updates carefully by which they can provide services as per the new trends.

Communication and .NET Developer Skills

An application or software developer has to be good at communication. The developer needs to make a connection with both the client and the application user. It will help them in understanding what kind of application they have to develop. By using good communication skills, the experts can easily rely on all details to the clients and make them understand everything about the project progress.

communication as a part of NET developer skills

It is the complete .NET developer skills list that you should keep in mind while hiring a developer or trying to become a professional developer.

What Makes .NET So Advantageous?

.NET is mainly used for developing different types of applications for business purposes and serving clients in a perfect manner. The use of .NET helps in reducing the time and effort requirement by offering proper flexibility.

Less Coding

If you are using the .NET framework for developing an application, then you don’t need to focus on generating some new codes. It offers complete flexibility by which you can get help from the previously used codes. It means you can develop several software applications without facing any trouble regarding new codes. Consequently, it will be useful in saving lots of time.

Fully Compatible

Compatibility is the biggest factor when it comes to the usability of such a platform. In the beginning, the .NET is only available for Microsoft and associated platforms only. Later, Microsoft figured out its usability and popularity for development tasks. As a result, they launched the .NET for other platforms as well.

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Apache
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS

For developing a perfect application, you should hire an expert who has deep knowledge of multiple operating systems and their functionalities. It helps you in having a fully functional application.

Big Support Community

.NET is available with a big support community. In the community, there are numerous full-stack developers available with lots of skills. You can also be a part of this particular community. It will help you in getting a solution to all of your .NET development-related problems with the experts’ vision.

community supporting developers

The community is available with lots of options or sources such as discussion boards, knowledge-sharing websites, online forums, and so on. You can pick the suitable one as per your comfort level.


Security is the first concern of all business owners. Everyone wants to develop software by keeping all security measures in the mind. Hiring a professional with all .NET developer skills will help you in getting an application as per the requirements and without any kind of flaws in security. .NET framework is available with advanced security features by which you can easily keep your sources protected and prevent all possible issues.

No Fee

.NET is an open-source platform. It means you don’t have to spend a single penny. .NET can help you in saving money in two different ways such as – free services and consuming less time.

These are some major benefits that you can experience while using .NET framework for development related tasks. It is also useful in getting high returns and growing the business perfectly.

Full Stack .NET Developer – Choose the Best One

By focusing on the previous details, you can get introduced to several facts about .NET and professionals. In case you are interested in developing a business application, then you have to be careful while choosing the service provider. The selection of a wrong developer may create some major issues.

full-stack NET developer skills

Due to these issues, you may not get the desired application. Firstly, you have to choose an experienced full-stack professional. With it, you should inspect the full stack .NET developer skills of the available options. In case you find everything perfect, then you should check out the portfolio to analyze the previous work.

With the portfolio, you should pay attention to the reviews and ratings that are given by the previous clients. Last but not least, you should be focused on the charges. Try to find a good developer who is capable of completing work with perfection and charging reasonable money.

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